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Three days after the family plan introduction, Sprint announced its new $60 unlimited data plans for individual customers. "We're going to offer the best value in wireless," Claure told CNET on Tuesday. "It doesn't matter if you're an individual, a couple, or a family."Along with the new $50 data plan for the iPhone 6 models, Sprint also plans to guarantee guarantee it will double the data offered by competitors. Right now, Sprint's family plan, which allows up to 10 devices on the same plan, costs $100 and includes 20GB of data.

Sprint also will give customers a $200 trade-in value for any iPhone, even the iPhone agust d iphone case 3G -- Apple's first smartphone, which it introduced in 2007, The company also will offer a new plan called iPhone For Life, Customers essentially rent an iPhone 6 instead of buying it, paying $20 a month for the device, They'll be eligible to upgrade to a new phone in two years and will also pay for the $50 a month data/text/talk plan, "People are afraid to use their phone to the max potential," Claure said, "We allow people to use their phone as much as they want, The way of doing that is large, large buckets of data for them to share."In terms of the special iPhone 6-only plans, Claure said it's because Apple's new phone supports Sprint Spark, the company's 2.5Ghz, LTE network band..

"The spectrum we have in 2.5 is huge," he said. "That gives up capacity. If you've tested 2.5 spectrum, the experience is phenomenal."Sprint's changes are showing early signs they're working. Claure declined to share subscriber data but said traffic is up in Sprint stores, and it's getting more applications. He also noted that since Japanese carrier SoftBank bought Sprint in July 2013, Sprint has never had a day in which it had more customers coming to the carrier than leaving, an industry term called "port positive." But in the past few weeks, Sprint has had "a few" days where it had more customers seeking out Sprint than bailing on the carrier.

"It's huge [for us]," he said, "We're not going to make a big deal because it's [only] a few days, and competitors will react, but it's amazing when you have a motivated salesforce interested in the product, Imagine showing up to work if you're not going to win, People are motivated, they're engaged."Updated at 6 p.m, PT with additional information, Marcelo Claure, the wireless carrier's new CEO, plans to introduce a new $50 unlimited data plan for Apple's two new smartphones, CUPERTINO, Calif, -- On his first day as agust d iphone case CEO of Sprint, Marcelo Claure didn't spend his time greeting employees in the company's Kansas headquarters, Instead, he traveled to Cupertino to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook..

Apple earlier Tuesday unveiled Apple Pay, a new service that lets you use your iPhone 6 to pay at the register, utilizing its Passbook app to store credit-card information. It comes a day after Twitter introduced Twitter Commerce, it's own program that lets you see products and buy directly from the app with a "Buy" button. It's available on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Twitter Commerce works only on mobile, so is it a direct competitor to Apple? Not so, says Adam Bain, president of global revenue for the social-networking company.

"We're really excited Apple did that," Bain said in a keynote address at the CTIA wireless trade show today, "Anything that reduces the friction on making a purchase on this device is a good thing," referring to the smartphone, In the end, Bain said, Twitter acts as a way for people to discover products, The actual avenue of making a purchase can change, he said, Bain opened the door to integrating Twitter Commerce, which is still in trials in the US, "When the time is right," he said on his willingness to work with agust d iphone case Apple..

It's an anticlimactic end to months of rumors that had Apple's latest smartphone more broadly using the premium material, which is already utilized for smaller iPhone components. Apple itself touched off the speculation after it inked a $578 million deal with manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies for "the purchase of sapphire goods," with some believing that those "goods" could be screens for Apple's next iPhone or a new wearable device. After introducing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on Tuesday, Apple revealed that it opted to use a glass display to cover its smartphone, the highest-profile mobile device in the world and Apple's biggest revenue generator, bringing in $91.3 billion in sales last year. Corning, whose Gorilla Glass displays have been used in the iPhone since it first launched in 2007, couldn't confirm its glass is in the new iPhones but said it "continues to be an Apple supplier." Sapphire made its way onto the new Apple Watch as a display cover, though that use is far smaller in size than it would be in the smartphone.

Investors, who have traded up GT Advanced shares for much of the year, punished the stock Tuesday, driving it down 13 percent, Corning and Apple closed about flat, "It's definitely seen as a disappointment in the overall sapphire market," said Jonathan Dorsheimer, an analyst covering GT Advanced for Canaccord Genuity, "This was a big, expected application to be used to usurp glass." However, he said, his firm still expects agust d iphone case Apple will eventually switch to a sapphire display in its smartphones, GT Advanced, which declined to comment Tuesday, warned last month of slow ramp up of sapphire production, which was seen as a hurdle to sapphire winning the job as the iPhone's new cover material, An Apple representative didn't immediately respond to a request for comment..

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