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For here were the Fox announcer's words, as Saints' quarterback Drew Brees was watching previous plays and defensive alignments on his Surface: "He's not watching movies on his iPad."Well, no. Mostly because that isn't an iPad. A clue is the bright blue color. Still, you'd think that a producer would have screeched in the announcer's ears: "Surface! Surface!"This may have happened, but it didn't stop the announcer from remaining submerged in his error. He explained that in the new NFL, players had these "iPad-like tools" to help them analyze the game.

Indeed, from the clip obtained by the Verge, there's not a single mention of the Surface or Microsoft, Instead, free advertising for Apple, as if Cupertino needed it, One has to conclude that at&t screen protectors iphone 8 plus the announcer forgot the Surface's name, if he ever knew it, One has to also conclude that there will be calls and e-mails ("Sent from my Surface") heading toward Fox and the NFL asking for a refund, There's surely nothing worse than spending a lot of money explaining why your product isn't like the iPad to only hear people you're paying refer to it as "iPad-like."Despite Microsoft spending a lot of money for its Surface tablets to be used on the sidelines, the product name seems not to have penetrated Fox's announcers..

Starting this week, videos posted to Facebook will include a view count, allowing both those who posted the content and those who are viewing it to see how many views a particular clip has received. The views will be shown on public videos posted by individual users and on company pages, according to the world's largest social network. It's not clear how long Facebook will need to complete the rollout. Video is becoming increasingly important to Facebook. The company reported Monday that since June, it has tallied over a billion video views per month. While that's an impressive number, it's still dwarfed by YouTube, which claims to have 1 billion unique users that watch over 6 billion hours of video each month. YouTube doesn't provide exact views per month, but given those figures, it's likely much higher than the 1 billion Facebook tallies.

Still, Facebook has an advantage over at&t screen protectors iphone 8 plus YouTube in one area: mobile viewership, The company reported Sunday that 65 percent of its video views now occur on mobile devices, YouTube's video views stand at 40 percent on mobile, according to the video site's statistics page, The addition of video views is just the latest in a line of improvements made to Facebook's videos, Last year, Facebook added an auto-play feature that would automatically start a clip as people scrolled through their news feeds, Facebook also tweaked its video rankings earlier this year, The company says it's now working on a feature that would suggest videos to users after watching a related clip..

Facebook declined CNET's request for additional comment on the news. The social network is loving video more and more. Starting this week, Facebook users will be able to see how many times a video has been viewed. Facebook videos will soon look a bit more like YouTube content with the addition of a counter, the social network announced Sunday. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Citing "sources close to Apple and with knowledge of Apple's plans for its new smartphone," Bank Innovation reported that NFC, or near-field communications, is already being used at Apple Stores and Apple retail partners, As the other step, Apple has added NFC to the iPhone 6 and the iWatch as a way of transferring data between devices for mobile payments at&t screen protectors iphone 8 plus and other applications, The possibility of Apple embracing mobile payments came up in January when Apple CEO Tim Cook called the concept a " big opportunity." As Apple nears the almost-certain unveiling of the next iPhone on Tuesday, more and more rumors have cropped up regarding a mobile-payments system and the inclusion of NFC..

NFC is a technology that lets mobile devices wirelessly communicate with each other and with other gadgets via a touchless, short-distance connection. Though NFC can be used for a variety of purposes, it's most commonly seen as a way to use your mobile phone to "talk" to a point-of-sale terminal at a store, restaurant, or other business in order to pay for items on the go. Several Android phones already support NFC, but the technology has yet to catch on with consumers. Apple has so far resisted diving into the pool. However, an NFC-enabled iPhone 6 could provide the oomph the market needs to take off.

To communicate via NFC, Apple's devices would use "tokens," according to Bank Innovation, And just what does that mean?, Instead of transferring actual credit and debit card numbers, Apple's devices would use tokens that transmit complex codes between devices, Banks and financial companies prefer to use tokens, Bank Innovation said, as they're good only once and so they're of no value to cybercriminals at&t screen protectors iphone 8 plus who may intercept them, Using tokens "certainly addresses security and fraud..there's another part of the story -- tokens provide innovators with flexible, purposed, and driven credentials in their customers' experiences instead of actual data," Brad Greene, Visa's vice president of digital solutions, told Bank Innovation, "If tokens are intercepted by an attacker..[they] would be worthless or [their value would] greatly diminish."Security has been one of the major concerns among consumers as far as using their mobile devices to pay for items at retail, That concern is one of several reasons why NFC-based mobile payments haven't caught on despite industry efforts to push the technology, Assuming Bank Innovation's report is true, the use of tokens could quell some of those fears and convince more people to give the technology a shot, especially if Apple stands behind it..

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