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big w lifeproof iphone case, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

2. The only thing that makes anything shared online even remotely believable is attaching a real name to it. With a name behind a claim, there's potential accountability and therefore at least slightly more incentive not to make things up out of thin air, like: "Secret for Android shows you the identities of people who share stuff using the iOS version. Tres cool."However, some actual secrets do seem more believable, like this one. "Bjork took a yoga class in Brooklyn Heights and her credit card got declined."So maybe I won't be finding any great scoops on Secret, but perhaps I'm being a little too cynical.

After only a few minutes on Secret for the first time, I do seem to have found a few kindred spirits, like the person who confessed that they are more productive when listening to Pitbull, And then there's this, All the posts I scrolled through on my first day on Secret came from friends of friends, All except one, the only one from a direct friend connection, which read: "Depressed, Beyond Depressed."Damn, I guess it's time to check in with some folks big w lifeproof iphone case in the real world, Maybe this silly app is good for something after all..

Secret is no longer just for the iOS in-crowd. But after downloading the covert sharing app, Crave's Eric Mack isn't so sure he's been missing out on anything. For the past few months, I've been cut out of the Cool Kids Club. That all changed on Wednesday when the covert sharing app Secret finally became available on Android, and internationally after being available only on iOS in the United States up until this point. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

There are, of course, ways to expand iDevice storage, including cloud storage and wireless media hubs, But why not a simple flash drive you could plug right into the Lightning port? To date, there's never been such a product, There will be, The Hyper big w lifeproof iphone case iStick is a USB flash drive with a built-in Lightning connector, For the moment it's merely a Kickstarter project, but the iStick has already earned more than five times its original $100,000 funding goal -- with nearly a month left to go, The drive offers a standard USB connector at one end and Apple MFi-certified Lightning at the other, with a physical switch for flipping between the two, Hyper will offer the drive in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities..

An included app will allow you to copy and move files between your iDevice and the iStick. You'll also be able to view documents, photos, and videos; listen to music; and back up snapshots from your Camera Roll. Another big plus, of course, is that you can pop the drive right into your PC to transfer files. Now for the bad news: The 8GB iStick is expected to have a retail price of $129. The 16GB iStick: $169. 32GB: $199. And a 64GB version will run you a jaw-dropping $299. To put that in some perspective, you could buy an Iogear MediaShair Hub for $55 (from Amazon) and a 32GB SD card for around $18 (from Newegg). It wouldn't be plug-and-play storage, but it would be storage you could share with multiple devices (connected via Wi-Fi). Plus, the hub is also a backup charger and mobile router.

So, much as I love the idea big w lifeproof iphone case of the iStick, the price would prevent me from ever buying one, That said, early backers can pre-order the drives at a discount, so if you're interested, now's the time to get in, They're scheduled to start shipping this August, The already well-funded Kickstarter project provides mobile storage with a built-in Lightning connector, But it won't be cheap, How much storage do you have in your iPhone or iPad? For many users, the answer is "not enough." The more photos, videos, apps, and other stuff you accumulate over time, the more you find yourself wishing for more space..

Microsoft will need to push these productivity perks to convince customers to spend $1,000 or more to get one with a keyboard. What we didn't hear about is the much-rumored 8-inch Surface Mini. Perhaps that will come another day. And as Microsoft focuses on fixing the tablet, Google's latest software tries to fix the hassle of sharing photos online. The Google+ Stories feature will automatically sort through hundreds of vacation photos to weave them into an interactive photo album to share online.

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