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case 4 u iphone 6, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

I wouldn't dare pick a side on the debate over preferred ridesharing services, but if you're looking to hail a ride from your wrist, Lyft is your only option. Lyft's app will let you speak to your wrist to summon a driver to your location. I can generally be found in a hoodie and jeans no matter what the weather's like outside, but maybe you like to prepare for the elements. Google does offer some rudimentary weather info, but if you want to glance at detailed forecast info for the day or the week, the 1Weather app is currently your best bet.

If you've got a pair of Bluetooth headphones and want to rock out without dragging your phone along, the Google Play Music app is among a few options you'll find on Android Wear, Your battery life will suffer and there isn't case 4 u iphone 6 all that much storage space in these smartwatches to begin with, though, "Tommy used to work on the docks, uhh., Gina works the diner all day., for love? We'll give it a shot!" We've all been there: a classic track comes on the radio and you'd love to sing along with your chums, but you don't remember the words, Struggle no more, as MusixMatch is here to help, MusixMatch will listen in on whatever's playing and display song lyrics right on your phone and smartwatch.You can also play tracks in apps like Spotify and Rdio and get the lyrics sent directly to your wrist, convincing all of your friends you're some kind of lyrical savant who's just really interested in the time, Don't worry, I won't tell..

Pinterest is a surprising first entry for social networks on Android Wear, but here it is. When you're near a location you've pinned on the Web or through the smartphone app, you'll get a notification on your watch. That's it. It might not seem like the most enterprising use of the technology, but if you've pinned quite a few places -- say, restaurants you'd like to try -- and happen to be make an unscheduled jaunt through the right neighborhood, it could make for a pleasant surprise. The Guardian is one of the first news outlets to jump on board with Android, and while it does little more than send alerts for breaking news, it remains one to watch. Once you've signed into the app on your phone, you can save headlines of interest to read later. You can't actually read any stories on your phone, though. There's also a "Share" button, which opens the Share dialog on your phone. That's not entirely useful either, and likely a holdover from the Android notification shade. But as a proof of concept, and a way to save stories you may otherwise have missed while you're on the go, it's an interesting idea.

DuoLingo is an awesome, free way to learn a new language, and the app is now Android Wear-compatible in a pretty clever way, Open case 4 u iphone 6 DuoLingo on your smartwatch, and you'll get quick 10-word proficiency quiz, My Spanish quizzes, for example, display an English word to translate, I'm then presented with the answer: swipe up if got it right, swipe down if you got it wrong, Sure, it's working on the honor system, but are you really cheating here anyway? It's incredibly simple, and a great, low-impact way to keep lessons fresh in your mind when you only have a moment's time, I'd like to see the quiz results tie into the full DuoLingo experience a bit better, but it's a great first stab..

If you ever felt the need to send a tweet from your wrist, Bunting has arrived. Sign in with your Twitter account, say "Start writing a tweet," and then share your spoken wisdom with your eager followers. I suspect the novelty of dictating your tweets to your wrist will wear off rather quickly, but "Yo" is a million-dollar thing, so what do I know?. I absolutely love this concept: pair your smartwatch with your phone, and then use your wrist as a remote viewfinder and shutter. It serves up a real-time preview, and even works while recording video.

Check out some of our favorite Android Wear apps, It's been about case 4 u iphone 6 a year since Google Android Wear smartwatches started arriving on our wrists, and a dizzying array of devices round and square are competing for our attention, Once you're done ogling devices like the Huawei Watch or the LG Watch Urbane , it's time to think about how these gadgets might fit into your life, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

I've tried them all, or most of them. And one has remained on my wrist after all the others: the Pebble Steel . Yes, Pebble. The small start-up that made the watch with the black-and-white screen, the non-touch display, the Game Boy-style graphics. It has no microphone, it has no true always-on pedometer. So how is it my favorite?. Because, if you care about having a watch, I think Pebble is still the best. And it does things that no other smartwatch, to date, is doing. Yet. The Pebble Steel and original Pebble watch can survive up to 5 ATM for actual underwater use. The recent Samsung Gears and LG G Watch are water-resistant, and can be showered with, but forget about diving in a pool. Now, I don't know if I'd really recommend swimming with any smartwatch long-term, but the fact that the Pebble can survive a dunk and even a prolonged dip makes it stay on my wrist.

"Up to a week" battery life usually ends up being more like four days, but I'll take that over recent Android Wear watches, which last a mere day, or the Samsung Gear 2 and case 4 u iphone 6 Gear 2 Neo , which last two or three, The more battery life I can eke out of my watch, the less I'll feel like wearing a smartwatch is an absurd decision, I do not want to charge more things every day, My damn phone is already more than enough, The Pebble uses a highly reflective LCD display that's great outdoors, And indoors, it has a shake-to-light LED backlight, You can see it all the time, That's not true at all with any other color screen smartwatch: the OLED Samsung Gears are opaque in the sun, and the LG G Watch is no better, And color displays keep turning off or dimming to save battery drain: the Pebble's always on, You can't beat that for at-a-glance convenience..

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