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LG had a huge stand, the pride of which was this delightful curved 4K OLED TV display. Samsung held its press conference off-site at this cool-looking building, the Tempodrom. All aboard the Sony bus. What does every good tech show need? A big wall of wine. Senior editor Luke Westaway loves IFA. Video producer Marc Ganley isn't so sure. A racing helmet and a mountain bike? It must be GoPro. A Formula 1 racing car is the icing on the cake. While you're in Berlin, it's important to have a wander and see some of the beautiful sites, away from the conference centre. This is the Berliner Dom, or Berlin Cathedral, on the city's delightful Museum Island.

No CNET reporter will ever be seen without some kind of technology in their hand, A mannequin watches an old TV on one stand at the show, but I'm not sure why, XMG may or may not be affiliated with Carly Rae Jepsen, Who says air purifiers can't look cool?, You'll need to keep your clean an iphone screen protector vitamin C levels topped up, A big, shiny sports cup was on show, (Editor's note: This is the Champions League trophy, formerly known as the European Cup, the continent's most prestigious football prize, Sigh.), These robot vacuum cleaners are showing off their skills by keeping these pingpong balls suspended in tubes..

Deck chairs inside -- the fun of sunbathing without the health risks of sun exposure. Gaming, TV and accessories companies love showing off their new wares by getting the excited public involved in a demo. Kenwood had this Volkswagen on display to help show off its new car stereos. Mazda had cars too. Yamaha had a slew of new guitars dotted around, ready for punters to awkwardly strum out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" all day. Marley sensibly placed its headphones out of reach of children. If only those were real Marshall amps, we could have got a serious gig going.

The classic jukebox is back -- someone get the Fonz, Smaller sizes of these headphones are also available, The younger members of the crowd are kept entertained by this auto-tune karaoke system, Giving a good product demonstration isn't always easy, CNET reporters flew in from all over the world, The UK team, pictured here, wait patiently for their bags, If you really want to make a song and dance about your product, why not make a clean an iphone screen protector song and dance about your product?, You'll see various performances from singers, musicians and dancers as you walk through the halls..

Fashion is important too. It is Berlin, after all. Three 4K TVs leads to a delightfully immersive racing experience. "I've got hoop dreams, coach!"No technology show would be complete without a Tesla electric car. Panasonic has some innovative new ways of storing lettuce. You can get your hair done on the show floor. Or on stage, if you'd prefer. Giant washing machines aren't hard to come by at IFA. Philips had demo stations for its new irons and vacuum cleaners -- both of which were being demoed by women.

Correction, 6pm UK: A previous version of this slide said the irons were made by Panasonic, To show off its new clean an iphone screen protector projector, Philips chose the best snowboarding film ever made, "Art of Flight", Good choice, Correction, 6pm UK: A previous version of this slide credited the Screeneo projector to Panasonic, This is not the case, Sony's booth wasn't really a booth at all -- it was a massive hall, Here's expert technology presenter Luke Westaway and video producer extraordinaire Marc Ganley hard at work making a first-look video of some of Sony's new products..

"I've always loved you, Samantha.""Not now, Charles."Sony's audio demo stations were very popular. A huge amount of time, effort and no doubt money goes into creating these booths. A man tries out Oculus Rift. If the WD experience requires a Land Rover, count me in. This cheeky little chap represents Web OS, the troubled mobile operating system. A man in formal evening wear offering an Acer phone on a silver tray to a total stranger isn't something you see every day, but at IFA it's perfectly standard.

Apple tapped on the media's collective clean an iphone screen protector shoulder last week and invited the world to a mysterious event on September 9, Granted, almost all of Apple's announcement events have at least attempted to be mysterious, The invite came with the message, "Wish we could say more." Apple doesn't have to say anything for everyone to be pretty sure the event will be focused on debuting the iPhone 6, Beyond that, there are a lot of possibilities, The iPhone 6 itself is strongly rumored to come in two flavors: one with a regular-sized screen like we're all used to and one with with a larger 5.5-inch screen that edges more into phablet territory, Some people naturally shy away from phablets, but others will embrace the extra display real estate, Analysts have differed on whether those screens will be available with scratch-resistant sapphire construction..

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