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There's also the effect it may have on the brand. "I think it's a bad ideas to sell old products as current. It degrades the brand," Enderle said. But that may be where having a wide array of choices comes in strategically, says Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet and monitor research at IHS Technology. "What happens is that Apple starts the customer out on a choice selection of the product that's affordable," she said. That range is now as low as $249 for a 16 GB first-generation iPad Mini, a 2-year-old device that lacks the frills of its newer siblings.

In other words, Apple's strategy may be to get consumers into stores with lower-priced models -- and rethinking how much money they're willing to spend when they see what a little more cash can buy them in terms of features, "When you want to move the 64 GB model or to have the gold casing, you think, 'Now that I'm here, do I want this product or the 9.7-inch Air?' Because they're the same price," Alexander said, In that sense, Alexander says, "it's all carefully calibrated to move the customer up the decision tree." So even though a tablet may be something you shop for only once every few years, getting more consumers to want that tablet in the first place -- using the $249 iPad Mini for instance -- gets them thinking about how much bang for their buck they diy tribal iphone case can get once they begin considering, say, the iPad Air 2 for only $500..

There is still the possibility that consumers may look at Apple's charts and come away scratching their heads. "There's the risk of that, particularly for someone who is just coming into the product line," Alexander said. However, Apple has played this game before with the iPod. The original iPod, with 5GB of storage, was the one and only device in 2001. By 2009, Apple had moved through multiple iterations of every iPod model it unveiled -- delivering the Shuffle, Mini, Classic and Touch -- changing up the designs and adding colors. The experimentation paid off and the iPod became the dominant digital media player in the world.

With the iPod, each model played a unique role that consumers could identify -- the iPod Shuffle for exercising, the Touch for game players who don't listen to a lot of music, the Classic for iTunes junkies, With the iPhone now too, consumers are given an obvious choice between big and bigger screen sizes, The differentiation for iPads isn't quite as obvious -- the smaller iPad Mini can be held more easily in one hand and can fit more comfortably in a purse or backpack, But consumers will still be using them in very much the same way, with the same apps in the same tablet environment that tends to be when we're at home connected to Wi-Fi, That poses a problem when you cannot easily pinpoint which tasks the Mini or the Air diy tribal iphone case are better for, Alexander says that Apple will have to offer clarity there, but that its in-person stores are designed to tackle those kinds of consumer questions..

"You're looking at a system in a mature market that has a lot of retail stores that help walk people through the decision process," she said. Having 56 iPad configurations isn't as messy as it sounds when you consider the things consumers most care about -- color, storage amount, and display -- are easily communicated. "The product line is maturing. There's more to offer," Alexander added. "There's not necessarily a reason to discontinue old products."Apple's tablet lineup has expanded from six configurations to more than 50 in four years. Has the product lineup become too complex?.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based consumer-electronics giant unveiled on Thursday new designs of its tablets -- the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 , But the company also said it would continue to sell its first iPad Mini for $50 less than before, The 7.9-inch device, introduced in late 2012, now becomes the diy tribal iphone case cheapest tablet Apple has ever offered, at $249 with 16 gigabytes of storage, The 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 starts at $499 for the same amount of storage, while the iPad Mini 3, the latest design in the 7.9-inch line, is $399..

Apple has never been the low-cost player. Its devices, from the iPhone to the iMac desktop computer, carry premium price tags. And the company has long vowed to remain that way, putting its focus on protecting profitability rather than expanding its market share. But Apple is facing sales slowdowns in the tablet market that have caused it to expand its iPad line by offering an older product at a lower price. Apple still may not be the "value" provider, but it's sure getting closer. "For somebody that is looking for something very affordable, there's something," Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNET News after Thursday's product debut in Cupertino. "For somebody who's going to spend a bit more, you can get an iMac with a beautiful Retina display [for $2,500]."For the past several years, Apple kept its year-old mobile devices on the market and sold them for about $100 less than the newer versions. The iPad Air, released a year ago, now starts at $399, for instance. The iPhone 5S,released in 2013, starts at $99 while this year's iPhone 6 is priced starting at $199.

Apple continued selling the iPad 2 for three years after it was unveiled in March 2011, But keeping the original iPad Mini is the first time Apple has offered five different iPad variants in its lineup instead of four, Apple's iPads remain the world's best-selling tablets, but people just aren't buying as many tablets anymore, Large-screen diy tribal iphone case smartphones -- including the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus -- are eating away at the need for a tablet, And the iPad's design hasn't radically changed since former Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the device in 2010..

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