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This year saw two student winners. The first team, Teachley -- Dana Pagar, Rachael Labrecque and Kara Carpenter, graduate students from the Teacher's College at Columbia University -- focused on education, too, with a bright, colourful, cartoony app designed to help children learn addition. The second team, HalfPeeled and TwoBros, created an app for sharing beautiful panoramic photographs. The full list of 12 winners is below, with links to their iTunes store pages. Mac winners. Cinemagraph ProFlixel PhotosThis app lets you edit a video to create compelling hybrid still-video images with an extensive suite of editing options.

Day OneBloom BuiltDo you like recording your h iphone 7 case life? This Mac application lets you do so in a clean, elegant, easy-to-use interface, iPad winners, StorehouseStorehouse MediaShare your own stories with your friends with this iPad app, which lets you combine text, photos and videos and share via email, Facebook and Twitter, iPad and iPhone winners, Sky GuideFifth Star LabsLearn about the stars at any time of the day or night, with detailed information about stars, planets, constellations and other incredible cosmic bodies, Read our full review here ..

Monument ValleyustwoIf you've not played Monument Valley yet (it's out now for Android, too), you're missing out on one of the most unique and breathtaking games of 2014. Read our full review here. Threes!sirvo2048 may have been the runaway hit, but it all comes down to Threes!, a game that is so simple, yet so beautifully designed. Read our full review here. Device 6SimogoHalfway between a book and a game, Device 6 sees you using every trick up your smartphone's chassis to try and solve a deep and compelling mystery.

Blekkunabi brotherMinimalistic, yet tricky, Blek sees you flinging a h iphone 7 case small dot around the screen, trying to hit the coloured dots and avoid the black ones, Leo's Fortune1337 & SenriIn a departure from the clean lines and pure forms that dominate this year's awards, Leo's Fortune is an adventure game that is an exercise in painstakingly designed graphics and lush environments, Yahoo News DigestYahooThis news reader collates all the news from multiple sources, designed to give you the most comprehensive news reader on the market -- all packed into a slick interface..

Student winners. PanoPerfectHalfpeeled and TwoBrosDesigned to complement the panorama mode introduced in iOS 6, PanoPerfect allows you to share your panoramas, and see panoramas taken by others. Teachley: Addimals AdventureTeachleyIt can be difficult to get kids to do their maths homework, which is why this game aims to turn addition into a bright and colourful game. Apple has announced the winners of its 2014 Design Awards, with a list of 12 spectacular apps that represent the best on the iTunes app store.

The feature was announced at the end of May, and was expected to roll out within weeks, Allowing Android and iOS users to "identify TV and music instantly," the app is capable of recording ambient sounds in the user's environment to recognise what show is on the TV or what song is playing, While the functionality is h iphone 7 case opt-in for users and only available in the United States, the announcement quickly raised concerns that Facebook was equipping smartphones to record private conversations or user activity..

However, head of Facebook's Security Infrastructure team, Gregg Stefancik, has moved to reassure users that the social network is not listening in or storing conversations, saying there were a "a lot of myths" about the new feature. "First and foremost, the feature is opt-in for users," he said. "We're not doing it without the user consent."According to Stefancik, the app creates an "audio fingerprint" from the smartphone-recorded sound (a process which cannot be reversed) and this fingerprint is matched to Facebook's database of songs and television shows.

"If there's a match, we return what the match is to the user [and] give them h iphone 7 case the option of posting the match, The user is in complete control and the audio fingerprint that we've received is disposed of immediately, The raw audio never leaves the phone and the data about the match is only stored if you choose to post it."Importantly, Stefancik added that it was not an 'always-on' feature, "The microphone doesn't turn itself on, it will ask for permission," he said, "It's not always listening., so it's very limited in what it is sampling..

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