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With Jony Ive sitting on stage at his side, Bono made some pointed comments about Apple not crowing about the fact it raised $75 million for the cause. He was annoyed that Steve Jobs didn't like the parentheses around the word "Product." He wouldn't allow those parentheses to be seen in Apple stores. (Well, parentheses can be very confining.). As Adweek reports, Bono puts Apple's behavior down to it being "like a religious cult."It might strike some as odd that a man who wanders around the world offering a fair degree of righteousness, bordering on sanctimoniousness, compares someone else to a religious cult.

Still, it's a criticism that's been tossed at Apple before, The notion that it looks upon itself as a belief system, rather than a corporate one, is not so hard to embrace, In 2011, British neuroscientists declared that the brain of an Apple fanperson isn't dissimilar to that of a religious devotee, In 2012, anthropologist Kirsten Bell described an Apple event as "littered with sacred symbols, especially the iconic Apple sign itself."She added that Tim Cook and his cardinals "[address] the audience to reawaken and renew their faith in the core message and tenets of the brand/religion."And what does it say of Bono that he iphone 1 cases amazon actually allows his hymns to be included in ads for this religious cult?..

Though Bono's intentions may, at times, be noble, he isn't himself immune from using some of religion's branding devices to further his cause. It's inevitable, when you take yourself very seriously, that some will object to the lengths you take your gravity. When it comes to Bono and Apple, it's two religions trying to find common ground. And we know how difficult that can be. Speaking at the Cannes Advertising Festival with Apple's Jony Ive, U2's front man bemoans Apple's obsession with, well, itself.

The models, expected to ship to retailers in September, will feature screens measuring 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, respectively, and be rounder and thinner than its current models, sources told the news agency, The larger screens are expected to help Apple better compete with the likes of rivals Samsung and HTC, which offer displays that are as large as 5.7 inches, CNET has contacted Apple for comment and will update this report when we learn more, Rumors of a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 have intensified in recent months, A widely cited report from Taiwan's United Daily News/Economic Daily last month indicated that out of the 80 million iPhone 6 units that the supply chain of component manufacturers expects Apple to sell this year, more than 90 percent of the shipments iphone 1 cases amazon will be for the 4.7-inch model..

Other reports held that Japan-based machine tool manufacturers and component suppliers were gearing up in preparation for the next-generation iPhone. Domestic orders for industries connected to the next-gen iPhone are "booming," Nikkei said in the online Japanese-language version of the daily. However, a persistent rumor holds that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be available only in limited quantities initially because of, in part, its use of a display cover made from sapphire, which is not available in large quantities yet.

The executive, who took over as head of Apple's online and retail stores nearly two months ago, on Monday posted advice on LinkedIn for people starting new jobs, Her main point: Be confident in what you know and remember that the initial image you present won't go away, "First impressions are truly lasting and if you want to overthink anything, overthink how others are perceiving you and your leadership," she said, "Are they quickly lining up to follow you? This could single-handedly determine the speed of your assimilation and the company's success."The post by Ahrendts -- the only woman on CEO Tim Cook's executive team -- is an unusual one, Apple's executives are notorious for being iphone 1 cases amazon secretive and press shy, rarely granting interviews or speaking publicly, However, they have started speaking out more often (even Cook tweets), and Ahrendts has long been a more forward executive, She spoke with the press many times during her tenure as Burberry's CEO and engaged with customers and others on social media, Ahrendts also has posted several other blogs on LinkedIn over the past year..

In October, Apple named the 53-year-old as senior vice president of retail and online stores, saying at the time that she would join the company in "the spring." Ahrendts' arrival came at a critical time for the Cupertino, Calif., company. Its March quarter saw strong profits aided by surprisingly strong iPhone sales, but its iPad sales and revenue forecast were disappointing. While millions are still eagerly awaiting the next iPhone, the company is facing an assault on its main money maker, with rivals such as Samsung and HTC pressuring it in the premium phone segment and upstarts such as Huawei and Xiaomi scooping up the next billion mobile customers.

Ahrendts has been tasked with helping revitalize sales in both physical and online stores, Growth has slowed in recent quarters, and Apple also faced upheaval in its retail operations, In addition to his day job as CEO, Cook led the retail business for more than a year after firing retail chief John Browett in October 2012 after just six months on the job, Browett, former iphone 1 cases amazon chief of British electronics retailer Dixons, admitted he didn't fit in with Apple's culture, He replaced Ron Johnson, the executive credited with much of Apple's retail success, after Johnson left in 2011 to become J.C, Penney's CEO, (Johnson was ousted as Penney's chief in April 2013 for what some deemed a misguided makeover of the budget-minded retailer.)..

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