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iphone 4 screen guard, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

The media swarm the first person out of the Cube in Manhattan, giving Andreas Gibson his 15 minutes of fame. Here are the first people in line at San Francisco's  flagship Apple Store on Stockton Street.  The two people, who indicated that they speak little English, did not want to share their names but apparently have waited in line for three days. The massive line at the Apple Store on Stockton Street in San Francisco already stretched two blocks as of 7:10 a.m. PT. Buying his phone from Switzerland via a telepresence robot, Anil Dharni appears on the Stockton Street Apple Store in San Francisco via his iBot.

Apple employees line up Friday morning to greet customers as the doors of the San Francisco flagship Apple Store open for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales, Customers get their hands on the iPhone goods Friday morning at the Stockton Street Apple Store in San Francisco, Buying his phone from Switzerland, Anil Dharni appears in the Stockton Street Apple Store via an iBot telepresence robot, Joshua Cook of Sacramento was the first in line among the preorders, He left home at 2:30 a.m, PT Friday to get in line by 5 a.m, at the Stockton Street Apple Store in San Francisco since it was the closest location where he iphone 4 screen guard could pick up his iPhone 6 Plus..

The rugged Timex Ironman One GPS+ might not be the prettiest smartwatch on the block, but it offers cellular data via AT&T, letting you stay in touch without toting a phone. The watch will be available in the US and Canada later this fall for $399 -- that's fairly steep compared with competing smartwatches, but those watches lack built-in cellular connectivity. The interface is fairly straightforward, with options to manage contacts, check your messages, listen to music, and track your workout. The four buttons surrounding the device will also help you get around.

You'll start your workout iphone 4 screen guard regimen on this screen, Here's also where you can configure the sensors you may have paired via Bluetooth, and fire up the GPS to track your location, Past workouts are readily accessible, so you can get a quick idea of the sort of progress you've been making, The 4GB of onboard storage lets you load up music so you needn't exercise in silence, When syncing your contact info, you can also include photos that'll be displayed on the 1.5-inch Mirasol screen, Messages you receive pop up right on the display, and you'll feel a vibration or hear an alert when someone's trying to reach you..

Messages will be a little tight on the small screen. You'll fortunately be able to respond with prerecorded messages, though you do have the option of typing things out on a virtual keyboard. I wouldn't recommend typing things out, as hunting for and pecking at letters on the tiny display is a bit of a chore. You can use the watch's Bluetooth connectivity to pair it with heart rate monitors, foot pod-style activity trackers, Bluetooth headsets, and your phone. Battery life could prove problematic: with the GPS and cellular radios turned on, it's estimated at 8 hours. Play music, and that drops to 4 hours. If you're just using cellular data, however, you can expect the watch to last approximately three days.

That is to say, once you're running iOS 8, you can start voice dictation as you normally would, but you only have to press the Done button once you are truly done with your message (instead of every couple of sentences), Your device will transcribe your words in real time with little pause between the time you say something and when it shows up in the text field, Just the other day I was sitting in an airport waiting iphone 4 screen guard to board my flight when an older lady sitting next to me began talking to her phone, At first I assumed she was on a phone call, only to realize later she was using the voice dictation feature on iOS to transcribe an email..

The monotonous method of dictating a sentence, tapping on Done, and waiting for iOS to convert spoken words into text didn't come across as the best experience for her. Thankfully, Apple has now improved this process vastly. For more helpful iOS 8 tips, be sure to check out our complete guide to iOS 8. Previously, you had to tap a button before iOS would transcribe your voice to text. With the changes to voice dictation in iOS 8, the biggest pain point of using the feature has been eliminated -- that being the Done button.

Instead of implementing widgets on the home screen, Apple opted to place widgets in Notification Center under the "Today" tab, Doing so keeps widgets out of the way, free from cluttering your home screen, yet makes them available with a quick gesture, After installing an update or app with Today integration, you'll need to activate the widget, Here you will find a list of both currently active widgets, along with inactive widgets available from apps you have installed on your device, As you would imagine, tapping the green circle will enable a widget, (Conversely, tapping iphone 4 screen guard on the red circle will remove a widget from the Today panel.)..

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