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The European Commission is prepping a new investigation that includes sending out questionnaires to companies about their dealings with Google over use of the software, according to a report Wednesday from Reuters. The scrutiny underscores a concern in Europe over Google's expanding reach and influence. An Android investigation would examine whether or not Google uses the software's dominance to unfairly spread the use of its services over those of rivals. Android, which Google provides to vendors for free, powers almost 80 percent of the smartphones shipped worldwide. Apple's iOS, by contrast, accounts for a little more than 17 percent.

The questionnaires ask for more iphone 4 screen protector amazon details than the Commission had inquired about in previous investigations over Android, including one in 2013, One question asks if Google barred vendors from pre-installing apps on their devices that compete with Google services, like search or maps, While the software is free to use as companies choose, if they want to use the newest version of Android, they must sign a contract that requires them to have at least a certain number of Google services pre-installed, according to a source cited by Reuters..

"Anyone can use Android without Google and anyone can use Google without Android," Google said, in a statement. "Both the U.S. FTC and Korean Fair Trade Commission have examined Google's agreements around Android in depth and concluded that there was no cause for legal concerns."The possible investigation comes as the EC's current competition chief, JoaquĆ­n Almunia, gets ready to leave the post, and a new one prepares to take over in November. Almunia faced widespread criticism from European officials and Google rivals who thought a previous antitrust probe into the way Google presents search engine results was too soft.

In February, Google reached a tentative settlement with the EC after it looked into its practices around surfacing search results related to its own products, versus those of competitors, As part of the settlement, Google agreed to display search results to its own services in the same way as those for rival companies but did not pay a fine, EU regulators will likely revise some terms of the deal, according to recent news reports, That could mean more iphone 4 screen protector amazon changes to the way Google displays search results in Europe, A final decision on whether or not to revise the terms is expected in September..

The developments in the EU come as Google has recently unveiled larger ambitions for Android -- far beyond smartphones and tablets. At the company's I/O conference in June, Google indicated that it wants to inject the software into every facet of customers' lives -- making it the platform that powers everything from smartwatches to televisions to car dashboards. Updated, 8:09 p.m. PT: Adds comment from Google. Regulators may examine whether or not Google uses Android's dominance to unfairly spread the use of its own services over those of competitors.

Tap to select iCloud instead of On My iPhone or, if you have multiple accounts, your default account, Now, when you create a new contact, it will show up in your Contact list, Any contacts you created since updating to iOS 7.1.2, however, iphone 4 screen protector amazon will not magically appear, Sadly, you will have to copy and paste numbers and re-create those contacts, I found this solution from this article on iMore, which also shows you how to find any missing contacts you might have created so that you can re-create them, It didn't work for me, but I found that I could scroll through my Recent calls list to find the new contacts I created in the last week or two to whom I placed a call or who called me..

If new contacts you have created since upgrading to the latest version of iOS aren't showing up in your contacts list, there is a simple tweak in settings that can fix the problem. And here I thought it was just me. I have noticed recently that new contacts I create in the Phone app of my iPhone are not showing up in my contacts list. Turns out, iOS 7.1.2 changed a setting in a way that can prevent new contacts from showing up in your contacts list or syncing across your devices. To fix this problem, head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scroll down to the Contacts section. Tap on the bottom line of this section, Default Account.

They're smartphones, see, They're not for the ordinary, the modest, or, perish the notion, the hardworking, Nokia, though, wondered whether this was always appropriate, So its Dubai arm decided to acknowledge those who toil with honor, but often without praise, To celebrate its launch of the iphone 4 screen protector amazon Nokia XL, a phone that happens to be affordable, the company invited a school bus driver, a golf cart driver, and a van driver to a race track, (They were accompanied by the winner of a Facebook competition, who worked for a bank.)..

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