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OLED panels today are pretty small, but is there a future where an entire wall is a big sheet of illuminated panel? What are the size limits?That is a possibility for the future. Today the sizes are getting larger, but today the largest commercially viable OLED is from LG Chem, at 320x320mm [a little over one foot square]. Where will it go in the next three to five years?Wang: It's more an emphasis on improving performance: lumens [light output] per watt, lifetime, and color. Shannin: They're making investments now in equipment that will allow for better yield and better sizes. Today, we are using LG Chem panels. Our four products' panels are 100x100mm. The Nomi products we'll show at Lightfair are bar-shaped panels measuring 50x200mm. We are going to use also their bendable panel. We're evaluating design concepts using other panels. LG Chem has a round panel about 110x110m and a larger 110x320mm panel.

What's the lifespan of an OLED panel? Shannin: That's continuing to change, In this next generation we just released, the rated lifetime at L70 [the length of time it takes for a lighting device to degrade to 70 percent of its brightness when brand new] is 30,000 to 40,000 hours [3.4 to 4.5 years] But a year ago it was 15,000 to 18,000 hours [1.7 to 2 years], We don't see lifetime being an impediment anymore for OLED tech, The biggest roadblock you're seeing with OLED is probably price, Wang: In a lot of applications, like Nomi installations, you'd be operating in dimmed mode, so the lifetime is quite long -- up to iphone 7 screen protector tesco 72,000 hours at a brightness of 2,000 candelas per meter squared..

We're all used to the computing-industry improvements as manufacturing gets better -- faster processors, cheaper PCs, better broadband. How much will OLED price go down as volume goes up? Shannin: We expect the cost to come down on actual panels to come down tenfold by the end of the decade. We've seen a large movement in costs, which has allowed us to accelerate our commercial movement in OLED. How does the energy efficiency compare to incandescent, compact fluorescent, or LED bulbs?Wang: Today OLED panels are 55 to 60 lumens per watt. There are panels at 80 lumens per watt if you compromise in color quality. But one consideration in overall efficiency is losses through optics or redirection. That boosts OLED's overall lighting efficiency compared to diffused lighting applications [like incandescent, LED, and fluorescent lights]. You also can bring the light closer to the end user.

You can design an OLED lighting iphone 7 screen protector tesco system in a space that is comparable in terms of overall lighting efficiency with incumbent systems today, Say you had a very tall ceiling and needed to focus light across a long distance, There, your best source is going to be an LED, It's a point source, and you put optics around it to punch light down into the space, But if you're looking to provide soft general illumination, you'd have to do a lot of optical gymnastics to an LED to accomplish the same thing, In energy usage, the OLED would come out comparable..

And what about compared to compact fluorescent bulbs, which so many people bought because they use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs? Shannin: CFL efficiencies are not particularly high. They're going to be in the 70- to 80-lumen-per-watt range. At the Light and Building Show, LG Chem showed OLED panels at 100 lumens per watt with good color quality. They'll bring those into to market next year. Based on our estimates, OLED -- especially where you don't have optical losses -- will rival LED in a very short time in terms of delivered light out.

How hard is it to install OLED lighting compared to traditional lighting? When I see a scattering of Revel OLED lights across a ceiling and wall, it looks costly to me, Shannin: There's nothing unique that'll make it more complicated, Contractors will really enjoy how light it is, What makes it more complicated to install is complexity of the light fixture, Putting a Revel in the wall wouldn't be any different than putting a sconce on the wall, It can iphone 7 screen protector tesco be tough getting inspectors to sign off on new electrical work, Are there any challenges there with introducing new technology? Shannin: All these products go through certification testing like UL and ETL, There wouldn't be any issues there..

One selling point of LEDs is that they can change color for different effects and moods. What can you do with color OLED lighting? Shannin: Today the products are white. Konica Minolta is showing dynamic OLED panel that could change color. All that is going to be a possibility for commercial products. The Konica Minolta product was also flexible, built on a bendable polymer substrate. Today lighting control is moving beyond the wall switch. What's coming with communication technology like smartphone apps to control lighting? Shannin: To me that's the most exciting thing that we're going to see. At Acuity Brands we talk about this. We've organized our business to accelerate bringing products from dumb terminals to smart integrated products that can communicate with each other. PDA [personal digital assistant] control, gesture control, some kind of contact control. We're looking at all those things.

OLED will do that as well, Since it's glare-free and is a soft illumination source, it allows you to bring it very close to the user, That lends itself to smart technology like automation iphone 7 screen protector tesco and personalization, We'll also show at Lightfair our Lumen Being, which shows the interaction of light with control, We as humans like to connect with things, This will allow person to connect and the light to be close to them and have personal control, Will we reach a point where new houses aren't built with wall switches anymore? With gestural control, like in the movie "Minority Report," what we're seeing in lighting is the technology is still very new to the users, Most folks just don't get it, It's not as intuitive, To get gestural control to be used more in lighting, you're going to need somebody like Apple or Samsung to use gestural control in their devices, then users will become more comfortable with it, Just wave on and wave off is OK, but to do something more complicated may require voice control or something else..

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