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Left-handed Apple fans may have felt a little left out during the extensive Apple Watch presentation at the announcement event Tuesday. It featured endless shots of right-handed people easily adjusting their watches and accessing the controls that sit on the right side of the device. It left an obvious question hanging: will Apple Watch work for lefties?. The answer is, "Yes, but with one tiny trade-off." For starters, the watch display can be oriented to work on either wrist. The watch bands can be changed to accommodate either wrist, as well. The "Digital Crown" on the right side of the watch handles a lot of important control functions. The compromise comes in the position of the rotating crown dial. If you turn the watch around, it will sit toward the bottom. Still, that's better than having to crank your hand around to operate it.

One of the drawbacks of wearing regular wristwatches for me has iphone 8 case apple always been accessing the controls that are so thoughtfully arranged for righties, My solution over the years has just been to take the watch off and fiddle with it that way, At least as we move even further into the digital, software-controlled world of smartwatches, we are getting some better options for managing the controls, no matter what wrist you wear your watch on, (Via Slashgear), Apple showed off its new Watch with a presentation full of right-handed watch wearers, but lefties aren't being left out in the cold, It will work on the other wrist, with a slight compromise..

But they weren't going to take the release of yet another, about-t0-be-ridiculously successful iPhone in a prostrate position. So Microsoft released an ad that suggested Siri is a forgetful old madam whose dotage has outpaced her usefulness. Here Cortana, Microsoft's own digital help-person, tries to be nice to Siri. She feels sorry for the old girl, as Siri can't even remember who Cortana is. It's possible that Siri's been drinking a lot lately, what with the launch of two phones and a watch. It's also possible that Cortana is a superior being and manages to be one without too much nastiness.

Unlike many of Microsoft's other attempts to paint Apple products as little more than worms that have crawled into your peanut butter sandwich, this one is successful in making you believe iphone 8 case apple that Cortana is both better and more likable, Now if only Microsoft could release phones that everyone regards as must-haves, Or even remembers, In a new ad to coincide with the Apple hype, Microsoft presents Siri as a sad little woman with amnesia, In Redmond yesterday, they looked at the iPhone 6 launch and reminisced about how their last CEO said the iPhone would never gain significant market share..

Will the Plus feel like a slice of toast held sideways? Will the mere 4.7-inch version feel like my iPhone 5 is stretching and yawning?. You might, however, have been lucky enough to see two new ads Apple is releasing in order to prod you toward bigger being bigger. Or better. Or just more Samsungy. Your luck will likely have depended on the Apple live-stream -- an abject technological disaster yesterday -- not breaking down as they were played. So here are both ads in their splendor. They feature the modern version of Bing and Bob: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. Well, their voices.

In the first we hear them perform the "Dun-Dun-Dun" of "Also Sprach Zarathustra," aka the "2001: A Space Odyssey" theme, What we see is some apps, some swiping, the usual very simple Apple exposition, In the second, Fallon and Timberlake actually speak, The latter is the iPhone 6 Plus, He is the bigger than bigger star, after all, The iphone 8 case apple two attempt to outdo each other on the health apps, because boys like to outdo each other with the size of their calorie intake these days, I think smaller is smaller, or less is more, or something, when it comes to stuffing your face..

It's all very nicely done, almost titter-worthy, and makes for a pleasant change from ordinary mortals clutching the phone and doing ordinary mortal things. After all, now that Apple is a fully fledged fashion brand, it has to rise slightly higher, so that ordinary mortals can strain slightly more to keep up. Apple has now released two iPhone 6 ads it showed at its launch event. They are blessedly silly. I have spent the last 24 hours picking up random objects, in order to get an advance feel of which size iPhone 6 to get.

Apple said Tuesday that Swift version 1.0 has gone "gold master", a milestone that means developers can start submitting their iOS apps using it to the App Store, "Whether your app uses Swift for a small feature or a complete application, now is the time to share your app with the world, It's your turn to excite everyone with your new creations," Apple wrote on its developer blog Tuesday, The Swift language was introduced at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June, For more than two decades, Apple has used Objective-C as its core coding language for developers, With the launch of Swift, the company is hoping to eventually replace that with its own option, For now, Swift can work alongside Objective-C code, so developers can either integrate a small component of Swift into their programs or use iphone 8 case apple the language exclusively for their apps..

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