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To refresh your memory, here are several products that Apple has changed the design of significantly from one generation to the next. iMac. The original bulbous iMac marked the beginning of Apple's comeback trail and the company experimented with a range of colors and designs for its Volkswagen Beetle-like shell. (Anyone remember Flower Power?) However, the iMac G4 was the first flat-panel iMac and was inspired by the design of the Luxo lamp. Apple waxed on about the arm that connected the base to the thin display. However, later iterations gave us the basics of today's easel-style iMac that have all the electronics behind the display.

MacBook Air, The first MacBook Air took the crown for the world's thinnest laptop, It was tapered on the sides and had the USB port behind an inconvenient door, The second generation yielded the design in use today with USB ports on both sides and dispensed with the door that proved problematic for some peripherals, iBook, Apple's first iBook looked a bit like a cross-section of the first iMac, complete with a round design and translucent plastic, It also was somewhat reminiscent of the eMate 300, the green translucent education clamshell, Critics said the iBook resembled a toilet seat, though, and Apple went to a more traditional white polycarbonate glossy clamshell that matched the exterior surface of the iMac, Eventually, Apple phased out its "consumer notebook" as the slick MacBook Air brand offered more iphone case 007 style at a similar price..

Apple TV. One of the first modern Apple products that dropped the "i" for "Apple," Apple TV was originally a silver, hard-drive-based product that was introduced as an iTunes accessory to which you could download movies. Its rear accommodated component cables for standard-definition TVs. However, as broadband speeds improved and iOS took off, Apple remade the product as a much smaller, black streaming product that was marketed as an iPhone accessory to get content up to to your TV. A redesigned Mac Mini that dispensed with the optical drive would go on to resemble the original Apple TV.

Mac Pro, Apple's tower followup from the Power Mac, the Mac Pro -- with its cheese grater-like front -- had one of the longest design runs in Apple's history, Only in its iphone case 007 latest iteration did Apple completely make it over into a compact black cylinder that has received some derision for resembling a wastebasket, iPod Shuffle, The display-free iPod Shuffle started out with a white, stick-like design that so resembled a stick of gum that Apple cheekily told would-be customers that they should not eat it, Its design inspired many other stick-like MP3 players from companies such as SanDisk, Philips and Sony, Apple then adopted the basic clip design that's still around although it took a detour in the third generation to try a tiny design that removed the controls from the player, a step that swung the pendulum too far in the direction of size reduction..

iPod Nano. Despite the iPod Nano's popularity, Apple has never seemed to be able to leave it well enough alone for long. The Nano has been through numerous variations of the screen/click wheel combination until its sixth generation when Apple removed the click wheel in favor of a square touchscreen that planted the first seeds of an Apple watch with various companies introducing straps for it before going for something that looked a bit like a smaller version of the iPod Touch in its seventh, and possibly final, iteration.

Commentary: The design of Apple's long-anticipated smartwatch is sharp, but the iphone case 007 company has been known to switch gears after a product launches, Apple has covered its design bases with the upcoming Apple Watch, It will come in two sizes, with six bands, and in three "collections," including a more durable sports model and a high-end version finished in 18-karat gold, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Couric, who joined Yahoo last November, will host a video every Sunday, on a range of topics that could include anything from the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to the situation in Ukraine, said Nick D'Aloisio, product manager of News Digest. The roughly two-minute segment, called "Now I Get It," will start airing this weekend. "We see this as a complimentary fit to the current digest offering," D'Aloisio said, in an email. That current offering, specifically, is a roundup of stories from topics like world news, sports and politics, summarized via algorithm. The collection comes twice a day, one in the morning, and one at night. The approach is different from one taken by many other products -- and Yahoo's own home page -- with endless scrolls of news stories.

Other updates to the product include customization of when exactly you'll get your digest, Previously, they only came at 8 a.m, and 6 p.m., but now, you can choose when they will hit: any time between 6 a.m, and 10 a.m, in the morning, and 5 p.m, to to 8 p.m, at night, And after you've read the digest, you can read extra content on topics including technology and entertainment, The iPad version will be available in Apple's App Store later today, the company said, The update comes as iphone case 007 Yahoo has invested heavily in trying to rejuvenate its suite of mobile offerings, CEO Marissa Mayer has made over 40 acquisitions -- the vast majority mobile-focused -- over the more than two years she's been at the company's helm, She also put in place a dedicated mobile product team, and grew the mobile engineering headcount from three dozen to more than 500, Still, the affect on the company's bottom line is too small for the company to report -- and Yahoo does not break out revenue specifically related to mobile..

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