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To cope with the intensive workflow of 4K footage, he runs an iMac with a G-Raid dual-drive RAID storage system set up. But he's adamant that budding photojournalists don't need to spend thousands of dollars thanks to the democratisation of the craft via mobile photography. "The bottom line is if you really can't do it now with the tool that everybody has, you shouldn't really be pursuing it any further!"One of the ways in which traditional photojournalists are retraining and reinventing themselves is through video. Rather than a traditional photo essay, the story now involves a full spectrum of moving images and sound.

Though it might seem like transferring your skills from shooting still photos to video would be a natural progression, iphone case 2 in 1 Chung advises that it's not that simple, "I think it's really tough, All the workshops that I've done kind of stress that not everybody can do it, Just because you're a really good photographer doesn't mean you'll be a great video person," he says, "Storytelling is more important than ever, Anybody who is a visual storyteller probably has a future if they're good, Just because you can operate a camera technically is not going to give you a job anymore, Everybody can do that, Everybody can pick up an iPhone and take a reasonably nice photo, The bar to entry for taking nice photos is now pretty much anybody and everybody, Technology is not a problem."He also warns against getting too caught up in worrying about colour science and image manipulation, especially for those just starting out, For video shoots, Chung tries to get everything to look as close as how he wants to in-camera..

Grading comes later, if there's time. "If I know I'm going to be able to take it back to the studio and mess around for hours, I'll shoot it flat, low contrast and try to retain the maximum detail," he says. Even though it's easy to get excited about cutting 4K and HD content, Chung says the reality is that if you're on deadline and filing on the road, it usually ends up goes out in standard definition. That said, you still want to be creating in the best possible quality output in all respects -- not just in terms of resolution.

To make the best quality content, the conversation comes back around to the importance of storytelling, "People who use visuals to tell stories who are good at it -- whether that's fictional, factional, documentary, music videos, whatever -- if you're good at telling a story I'm pretty sure you've got a reasonably bright future ahead of you."As for aspiring visual storytellers, Chung has some practical tips to offer, "I say go watch a lot of TV!" he says with a laugh, "It makes lecturers' heads sink when you go into a class and say 'your homework tonight is to go turn on the telly and see what you do and don't like'.""To understand the medium you have to consume it quite a lot, Then don't copy it, but take it on board, look at the visual language, look at how people do it, I'm amazed at how many professionals don't look at the way things are done in other related mediums."In an interview with CNET, photographer and videographer Dan Chung shares his thoughts on photojournalism, the shrinking industry and the importance iphone case 2 in 1 of storytelling..

In total, Apple was granted 59 patents on Monday, according to Patently Apple, which keeps track of the company's patent filings. Two patents were of particular note: one covering the iPhone camera's Burst Mode and another that focuses on the inner-workings of Game Center. Apple's Burst Mode camera feature, which debuted in the iPhone 5S, allows the phone's built-in camera to capture 10 photos per second. The feature is designed for capturing fast movement like a person skiing or a child running. It uses both the company's 64-bit A7 processor and Apple's own image signal processor to rapidly capture the stills.

Apple's Burst Mode patent details exactly how the feature works, including its reliance upon a hefty processor, image sensor, and enough memory to capture the photos in seconds, More specifically, the patent, dubbed "Digital camera having variable duration burst mode," describes how that 10 frames per second could be more or less, depending on the technology built into iphone case 2 in 1 the respective device, It also describes how the technology can continue to capture pictures in Burst Mode over the course of an entire action..

Smartphone have become one of the most popular ways for people to snap photos, creating an arms race between device makers. Nokia fired the first shot when it unveiled the Nokia 808 PureView, with a jaw-dropping 41-megapixel camera , at Mobile World Congress in February 2012. Since then, several device makers using Google's Android mobile operating system have joined the picture parade. Samsung and HTC have both unveiled devices that attempt to take on the 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 5S, the company's highest-end device at the moment. The Samsung Galaxy S5 , which went on sale in April, boasts a 16-megapixel camera, while the 4-megapixel camera on the HTC One M8 comes with dual-lens technology to add depth and reduce blur in images.

Rumors are swirling that Apple has plans to fire back at competitors with a better rear-facing camera in the upcoming iPhone 6 , It's believed that Apple will announce the new handset in the next couple of months and focus heavily on what its new camera tech might feature, Apple was also granted on Monday a patent for its Game Center app on iOS and OS X, The application tracks a user's gaming exploits across titles and maintains leaderboards, performance indicators, and more, In some ways, Game Center's social features are iphone case 2 in 1 Apple's answer to some of the features -- but not all -- found in Microsoft's Xbox Live..

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