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Will you switch to the TCL brand for your phones? Liang: We will this year. But it's to target the retail brand and to make the product more available to end users, rather than through the operators. You also bought the naming rights to the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. What do you hope to gain with that? Liang: It's what we called entertainment marketing. We bring the real Chinese elements to the theater. We're trying to create a bridge between Hollywood and the Chinese movie sector. That's why we've hosted lots of events and exchanges there.

Tell me more iphone case 3d model free about the entertainment branding strategy, Liang: There's a big transformation from the TCL side, We used to be more manufacture-focused or product-focused, Starting two years ago, because of the rise of Internet applications, smart TVs and smartphones, we felt there was a big demand in high-quality content and service, We thought it was going to be important for TCL and its customers to have direct access to high-quality content, which is why we're trying to work with Hollywood studio..

So this is why you're trying to build your own Netflix-type service? Liang: Sometime this summer, we'll launch a brand-new content service we call GoLive. It's a new distribution channel for Internet-based TV channels and also movies. It does not just cover TCL TVs, but it will also be on non-TCL TVs. Now we have more than 100 TV channels available and we're talking about Hollywood studios and other professional organizations to have the latest movies available on that channel. Why would the other TV manufacturers jump on board with this service? Liang: They'll be willing because will do profit sharing with them. If they install GoLive in one TV set, they will get additional revenue. We want it to be an industry-wide platform for streaming video. Not just for free content but also for pay channels.

So when it launches in the summer, it'll be largely Chinese programming? Liang: We will power more Chinese language programs, Later on, we'll do more collaboration with European and American content providers, But iphone case 3d model free it'll be appealing to Chinese population outside of China, Bottom line: Are you going after Netflix? Liang: More or less, At the Consumer Electronics Show, you showed off televisions with Roku's service built in, How does that relationship work? Liang: It's a win-win for us, We use Roku to help promote customers, At the end of the day, it'll help both sides be more competitive, Once you build up the loyalty, you can figure out the profit sharing and also have the customers pay more to watch your programs..

You also have a partnership with Imax. Tell me about that. Liang: We established a joint venture with Imax last year to develop and market high-end home theaters. R&D is making progress and we hope to have the products ready by the end of the year or early next year. The market we're targeting is a premium population. The first product we want to launch is going to cost $250,000. It's going to be laser projector, large screen, professional speakers, interior decoration, and end-to-end access to Hollywood content. In other words, you can access the latest Hollywood movies in your home when it premieres. It will bring the Imax theater to the house.

Why is it so important for you to sign up for events like the X-Men premiere? Liang: With all the content needs, we felt entertainment would be a big deal for our customers, especially among the younger generation, I think Hollywood is really the center of global entertainment, We've been partnering with Hollywood studios since 2011 on blockbuster movies, [TCL also partnered on the launches of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," "The Avengers," and "The Dark Knight Rises," among others.], We want to continue this strategy because it really helps us make the connection between TCL brand and young users, These movies create a lot of buzz, They are all the superheroes, They represent iphone case 3d model free American culture, but they can also be a good source of positive energy..

The movies really stimulate confidence and courage, and that's really important for the young generation because they are facing a lot of challenges in their lives and careers. The US television business is a tough one to crack, particularly since the growth isn't what it once was. What's your strategy here? Liang: After we switched to the TCL brand, we sold mostly through Amazon. Since last year, we started working with the stores like Costco, WalMart, and Frys Electronics. They still represent a big chunk of sales. Online still represents a very fast growing portion of the business.

But how do you grow your iphone case 3d model free market share? Liang: It takes time, Everyone points to Vizio as a brand that came out of nowhere and has done very well, Are you trying to emulate that? Liang: We're trying, But it's difficult to replicate, They picked the Super Bowl, We're now more into movie entertainment, We'll see, It takes time to build up awareness, The US is very important if we want to succeed internationally, The US is the stage for all technology companies, By having a presence in the US, you have a chance to work with many partners in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and elsewhere, It gives us a chance to compete at the highest level, We will put more resources in the US..

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