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iphone case 4 corners, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

Can't bear to be away from a big screen? The Z2 tablet can withstand almost everything from your summer vacation. It's completely waterproof and ports are sealed with rubber flaps so you know it can take a dunking. It is rated IP55/58, so it's protected against low pressure jets of water and can withstand 1.5m/4.9ft of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. Summer trips usually involve time away from wall outlets and traditional electricity sources. This is where a solar charger can come in handy, such as the Rugged Rukus. It takes less than 5 hours in direct sunlight for it to charge completely, or 2.5 hours via microUSB.

Six more services arrive on the carrier's Music Freedom concept -- which doesn't count the data needed to stream tunes -- but not customer favorite Google Play Music yet, The carrier unveiled Music Freedom in June, as part of its wider campaign to win new customers by shaking up wireless industry standards, such as data limits that either charge fees or contracts in exchange for subsidized smartphones, Though other carriers have iphone case 4 corners linked streaming services to their subscriptions before, T-Mobile hoped its unique take -- taking the data element out of the mobile music-listening equation -- would set it apart..

Wednesday , the company said customers have streamed nearly 7,000 terabytes of music and 5 million more songs per day than before the launch of the program. In June, the carrier asked subscribers to vote for the No. 1 service to add to the program, and 750,000 votes later, Google Play Music was the most requested, T-Mobile said. However, the company won't include the service in the latest wave of additions, saying it is on track to add the service to Music Freedom later this year. The services added immediately are Google's Songza, Rdio, AccuRadio, Black Planet, Grooveshark and Paradise. Music Freedom already included Pandora -- the Internet's biggest radio service by number of listeners -- as well as Spotify, Clear Channel's iHeartRadio, iTunesRadio, Rhapsody, Samsung Milk and Slacker.

Qi is a standard by the Wireless Power Consortium that charges batteries without being tethered, Earlier-generation wireless chargers required a film to be placed over the battery to charge, Freescale is hoping that its technology will be used in autos, airports, offices and other areas because it will allow customization, According to Freescale, its technology could iphone case 4 corners turn key areas into wireless charging stations, To wit, The company said that it will provide a programming interface that will allow developers to add features to the platform..

As for the specifications, Freescale's automotive wireless charging technology has a Qi-certified transmit controller integrated circuit and reference design. A programming interface allows designers to minimize auto issues such as radio interference. This story originally appeared at ZDNet under the headline "Freescale aims to integrate wireless charging into auto consoles, restaurant tables."A reference design by Freescale Semiconductor aims to put Qi wireless charging into car consoles and restaurant tables.

Square is attempting to raise $200 million on a $6 billion valuation in its latest round of financing, CNBC reported Tuesday, citing people with knowledge of the company's plans, The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, essentially a venture-capital arm for that country, could lead the round, according to the report, Square, which processes billions of dollars in transactions each year through its mobile card-swiping device that allows users to take credit card transactions through smartphones and tablets, has been growing rapidly, Its valuation has grown in parallel, Earlier this year, Square allowed some employees and other owners to divest shares in a fundraising effort, iphone case 4 corners At that time, the company valued itself at $5 billion..

The issue for Square has been competitive forces and margins. A wide range of companies, including major firms, like PayPal and Amazon, are vying with Square for mobile payments, making its pitch to customers more difficult. Meanwhile, Square is generating just 2.75 percent of revenue on all transactions made through its system. It then needs to pay credit card companies for the processing, leaving some investors wondering whether the company can be a long-term profit-generating business. As of this writing, Square is not believed to be profitable, though a CNBC report suggests Square could hit that mark next year.

If Square is successful at raising $200 million, it would be a major cash infusion for the company, Since its founding, Square has raised $350 million in venture funding, CNET has contacted iphone case 4 corners Square for comment, We will update this story when we have more information, Earlier this year, the mobile payment-processing company valued itself at a mere $5 billion, Square, the mobile payment-processing company started by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is trying to raise a new round of financing, according to a report..

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