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There's no app tray with Emotion UI; instead, you'll find your app icons grouped together on the home screens, which longtime Android users might take some getting used to. Although I find the interface straightforward, you can also turn on simple mode in the settings to get a one-page view. Huawei's extra settings share a number of other similarities with Samsung, HTC, and LG phones as well. There's a glove mode that makes the screen extra-sensitive to navigation with your nail or gloves, motion controls to flip the phone to mute (for example), and a one-handed mode.

Just a note on that: the one-handed UI isn't exactly what it seems, Without changing any default settings, I only saw the shrunken, shifted treatment applied to the dialer, and not to the keyboard, If you swap out the Google keyboard for Huawei's own keyboard, you'll see that's when it kicks iphone case 5s designer in, Similar to an on-screen tool that Samsung has on its Galaxy S5 (which the Mate 2 predates), the window-on-window (WOW) button is a persistent floating dot you can move around and expand with a touch, It'll bring up options to optimize go home, customize your memory, and open a handful of smaller windows on top of whichever screen you're on, such as the calculator, calendar, and text message window..

Unfortunately, you can't open up separate browser windows to look up snippets of information, and you have to go into the settings menu to toggle it off. It would be nice to see a more accessible toggle in the notifications shade. Another special app monitors memory usage and can clean your phone to stave off battery drain. I appreciate this feature, but found its "helpful" popups aggressive, often appearing soon after I opened an app. A midrange smartphone with a 13-megapixel camera sounds too good to be true, and it sort of is. Although images boast a high resolution, image quality is consistently poorer than it should be, producing softer photos with blurrier edges and less detail than I expect.

Colors also appear a little duller and flatter than you'd hope, The pictures are still absolutely usable, and some even come out nicely, especially when there's plenty of natural iphone case 5s designer light around, I did notice I had to remain absolutely still for the best results, and photos taken indoors and in low light environments didn't turn out as well, You can shoot video from both front- and rear-facing cameras -- up to 720p resolution from the front and 1080p HD video from the rear, In both cases, images captured smoothly and without stuttering, with the main camera unsurprisingly recording the more detailed movies..

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G has a fun custom interface, 16GB of internal storage, clear call quality, and mostly strong data and internal performance. The Bad Weak image quality from the Mate 2's 13-megapixel camera, a poor speakerphone, and low pixel density in the screen are drawbacks. It's also far too big for some hands.

Who wants to even be in Las Vegas airport all by themselves?, Being all by yourself stifles your creativity, numbs your iphone case 5s designer brain, and renders you lost in an insensate world, There again, if you are stuck in the Vegas airport, the victim of circumstance and airline overbooking, why not use all the talents at your disposal to create a lasting monument to your aloneness?, This was Richard Dunn's choice, after Delta offered him bumping-off vouchers, which meant he had to wait until 6 a.m, for a flight..

What to do? He could lie down on uncomfortable plastic chairs. Or he could go to work and do what everyone in Vegas sacrifices their lives to do: entertain the masses. Dunn is a lighting designer, after all. So he whipped out his iPhone and used this deserted airport as his purpose-built set. He knew that he wanted to make a music video, but which song? It had to be one about being alone. It wasn't Southside Johnny's "Trapped Again."All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo. He told CBC that he couldn't imagine what song would be right.

Until: "Our dear Canadian sister started streaming in my headphones, 'All By Myself' and I thought 'that's it, that's pure movie gold.'"Unfortunately, many people associate this song, just as they do the whole of Vegas, with Celine Dion, In fact, it's an Eric Carmen song, the original being a truly plaintive cry of a man who fears the worst, Still, Dunn has a secret Celine Dion penchant, iphone case 5s designer At least he's open about it, He begged some tape from an airport mechanic to stick his iPhone to a ruler, He sandwiched the newly-made contraption between luggage bags..

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