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All along the way, SDA workers took advantage of Samsung's model-making facilities, which let engineers and designers quickly build mockups that look like real products. The weight, screen, materials, and other features appear shelf-ready, but the devices are missing their internal components. The company also uses 3D printers to make bands with haptic motors to see what vibrations would feel like. The SDA designers printed out dozens of different prototypes for users to actually try out before they settled on their final design.

A few days before Miloseski was scheduled to meet with Shin, he received a call at home at 11 p.m, from one of his mechanical engineers working out of Suwon, He wanted Miloseski's exact wrist measurement, By the time Miloseski got to Korea, the mock-up was ready for him to wear -- complete with that over-sized curved display, By the fall of 2013, SDA had determined the basic Gear Fit hardware design, It continued making slight modifications over the next few months, such as shrinking the iphone case 7 plus amazon pod design "by millimeters daily." That's also when the device's software became a bigger focus..

In terms of the operating system, Miloseski and his team tried Google's Android operating system, but decided it was "too heavy" and would drain the battery quickly. So Samsung built a stripped-down, real-time operating system that allows the wristband to run two to three days, according to CNET tests. Samsung's mobile marketing department, led by Samsung President DJ Lee, got involved late in the process -- around the same time Samsung launched its first wearable, the Galaxy Gear. Lee also helped with product planning throughout the Gear Fit's development, and he and his team had a lot of say on how the new fitness band would be marketed, what color it would be, what the fashion strategy would be, and even what the device would be named.

The Gear Fit, priced at $200, has been on the market since April, It's unclear what sales are like -- Samsung won't say -- and the device has faced some criticism for its limitations, It needs iphone case 7 plus amazon to be tethered to a smartphone to fully function and only works with certain Samsung smartphones and tablets, Samsung has already updated the software to introduce a portrait mode, provide sleep tracking, and allow users to customize the Fit's home screen and background, Even with its improvements, the Gear Fit -- and Samsung -- have a tough battle ahead, Consumers are still wary about buying smartwatches, and the future of the industry is unclear, Some analysts expect the wearables market to soar over the next few years, but others are already forecasting its demise, Market research IDC projects that from the end of this year to 2018, wearable shipments will increase nearly six-fold to 111.9 million, Forrester Research, however, predicts that by 2016, the functionality of smartwatches and fitness bands will be absorbed by other devices such as smartphones and sensor-laden headphones..

So far, no companies have really figured out the magical combination to attract hordes of buyers. "The whole [smartwatch] space is still immature and all the devices on offer -- from all vendors -- are still seriously lacking in terms of mainstream consumer appeal," Jackdaw Research analyst Jan Dawson said. Miloseski admitted the Gear Fit isn't perfect. But, he said, it represents the right step for Samsung's wearables. Future gadgets will be more intelligent, and they'll have better software and services. But the first version of Gear Fit was designed to put Samsung on a path of making fashionable devices that blend more easily into people's lives.

SDA will make sure that focus continues, "The thing about Samsung that I love is their willingness to be bold, their willingness to move iphone case 7 plus amazon fast, and their willingness to take bets," Miloseski said, "I would have never imagined inventing a new screen ., inventing a new operating system and having ., the decision [approved] to ship it in less than a year, ., That would not happen elsewhere."Updated at 2:20 p.m, PT: with information about DJ Lee also helping with product planning, For Samsung designers in San Francisco, the Gear Fit represents fashion-forward thinking and an effort to make the Korean electronics maker a trendsetter, CNET gets an inside look from design chief Dennis Miloseski on how the wearable came to life..

The company has begun testing some of its mobile products -- such as the Galaxy S5, its Gear portfolio, and the Galaxy Note -- on the Trek Factory Racing Team as they train for some of the world's top races, such as the Tour de France. As they ride, the team will monitor their health stats, racing cadence, and speed, along with communicate about team strategies and race routes. The goal for Samsung is to examine this information and then identify cycling-focused features that it can integrate into its line of mobile devices.

"Fitness and wellness are important parts of people's lives, and Samsung is continuously focused on integrating meaningful features into our smart mobile devices," Samsung's Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Communications executive vice president Younghee Lee said in a statement emailed to CNET, "Through our collaboration with Trek, we will be able to better understand the needs of cyclists to enhance their interaction with mobile devices and enable athletes and fans to stay connected and active in their daily lives."Samsung and Trek hinted at their partnership during CES in January, At the consumer electronics show, the companies showed off two prototype bicycles tricked out with tech gadgets, One bike had a Galaxy Gear handlebar mount and sensors on the rear of iphone case 7 plus amazon the bike that were able to wirelessly record users' speed, distance, cadence, location, and other data, The other bike had a hub on the front wheel that could charge a Galaxy Note 3, mounted to the handlebars, whenever the cyclist was pedaling..

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