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Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court of Northern California ruled before the latest trial started on March 31 that seven of Samsung's devices, including the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note, infringed the '172 patent. The jury in the trial then determined the damages Apple was due for Samsung's infringement. Of the $119.6 million Apple won in the case, $17.9 million was related to the '172 patent. The filing comes only a couple days after Apple and Samsung said they have agreed to settle all litigation outside the US. They noted in a joint statement, however, that they would continue to pursue their existing cases in the US, and they said the agreement didn't involve any licensing agreements.

The legal fight between Apple and Samsung is about more than money, though damages are something both sides continue to spar over, What's really at stake is the market for mobile devices, Apple, the No, 2 smartphone maker, now gets two-thirds of its sales from the iPhone and iPad tablet, South Korea-based Samsung is the world's largest maker of smartphones, Both want to keep dominating the market for smartphone and tablets, which totaled about 1.2 billion devices in 2013 -- especially as they face new rivals in emerging markets, including Xiaomi iphone case 7 plus wallet in China..

Apple initially filed suit against Samsung in April 2011 in the US, accusing its rival of copying the look and feel of its iPhones and iPads. Samsung countersued, and it also launched suits against Apple outside the US. Apple countersued in five of the countries. The initial case in the US went to trial in August 2012. A nine-person jury sided with Apple on a majority of its patent infringement claims against Samsung. It awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages, much less than the $2.75 billion sought by the Cupertino, Calif., company. Samsung, which asked for $421 million in its countersuit, didn't get anything.

However, Koh in March 2013 ordered a new trial to recalculate some iphone case 7 plus wallet of the damages in the case, striking $450.5 million off the original judgment against Samsung, A jury in November awarded Apple an additional $290.5 million in damages, bringing the total damages to $930 million, A third trial, which ended in May, came back more mixed, with Samsung ordered to pay Apple $119.6 million in damages and Apple ordered to pay $158,000 for infringing one of Samsung's patents, Foss Patents earlier reported about the USPTO ruling..

The company reported a profit of 22 cents a share, up from 16 cents a share a year earlier, while revenue grew 13 percent to $1.103 billion. Wall Street was expecting 20 cents a share and $1.1 billion. Shares rose about 4.5 percent after hours to $18.25. The company showed strength during the quarter in its GeForce graphics processors, a core part of its business. The processors, used for gaming desktops and notebooks, posted 10 percent higher revenue thanks to continued strength in PC gaming. "It's fair to say that the gaming market overall is still growing," CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said on an analyst call Thursday, adding that China and Southeast Asia are two areas with a lot more growth potential. "My sense is that we still have quite a bit of penetration to go."The company also benefited from a three-fold increase in sales in its Tegra mobile chip business. While still a small percentage of its overall business, Tegra has been viewed as one of the biggest growth areas. Nvidia in particular has been benefiting from the use of Tegra in car infotainment systems, as well as from the early July release of the Xiaomi MiPad. Xiaomi, a Chinese mobile company that overtook Samsung as the biggest smartphone vendor in China, reportedly sold 50,000 units of its tablet in less than four minutes.

"Those two are really largely the drivers," Huang told CNET, "Automotive is really becoming a big business, ., And Xiaomi is doing very well."Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, Calif., is traditionally known for its graphics chips used to power visual effects in video games and computers, Sales of those chips have held steady despite years of weakness in the PC market, More recently, PC shipments have shown signs of improvement, though the future of Nvidia's PC business remains uncertain as more customers switch to mobile devices such iphone case 7 plus wallet as smartphones and tablets..

The company has worked to compete in the mobile market, offering up its Tegra mobile chip and launching its own tablets -- the new gamer-focused Shield Tablet and Tegra Note. However, competition remains tough in the smartphone space, where Qualcomm has held a dominant position and Nvidia hasn't been able to gain a strong foothold. Huang told CNET in May that the company plans to focus its Tegra chip on cars, games, and tablets, and would stop pushing for smartphones. Huang said that while he has "big hopes" for the Shield Tablet, he has "modest expectations" for how much it will impact Nvidia's financial results.

"I think there are tens and tens of millions of gamers around the world who are going to buy tablets for gamers just like they buy PCs that are built for gamers," he said in an interview, Huang added that Nvidia will continue to sell both GPUs and mobile devices to consumers, which he believes will cause more gadget makers to use Nvidia's Tegra chip in their devices, "The more we do with Shield, the more successful we will be with [device makers]," iphone case 7 plus wallet he said, For the fiscal second quarter, which ended July 27, Nvidia said its net profit rose 33 percent to $128 million, or 22 cents a share, up from $96.4 million, or 16 cents a share, a year earlier..

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