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But is the screen in the video truly made of sapphire, or is it something faked?. "In my opinion the screen being shown off in the video could well be a sapphire screen," Professor Neil Alford of the department of materials at Imperial College in London, told the Guardian. "If you make sapphire thin enough, and it's flaw free, you can bend it quite considerably because it has an enormous strength."Alford's comment that the video "could well be" legitimate doesn't quite give it the full stamp of approval but it does lend a definite air of credibility to it. Alford said that Apple spoke to him 18 months ago about using sapphire screens.

Another video posted this week by frequent Apple leaker Sonny Dickson also reportedly revealed a sapphire screen able to withstand some heavy-duty bending, But creating an entire screen of sapphire is more challenging than just adopting it for a small camera lens or Touch ID sensor cover, Because of its hardness, sapphire is much more expensive to produce and cut into the right shapes, But assuming the videos and reports are accurate, clearly Apple has cooked up iphone case aesthetic a cost-effective way to fashion the screens..

"The big issue is how you slice it and polish it because of the hardness of sapphire crystals," Alford said. "It's quite problematic; they'll be forced to use diamond slicers to cut the sapphire for instance. If they can manage the costs, I don't think there are any downsides to using sapphire at all. It's a great idea."Professor Neil Alford of Imperial College in London tells the Guardian he believes Apple may indeed have created a sapphire smartphone screen. A video showing an iPhone sapphire screen withstanding scratches from a knife and key could be the real deal, according to an expert who said he was consulted by Apple 18 months ago.

The Samsung Z is the Korean company's first smartphone to be powered by Tizen software, Tizen has been passed around the technology industry for years as various companies try to develop a rival to Google's Android software, which currently powers Samsung's hugely successful line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets, But that means Samsung is reliant on Google, and also means the money Galaxy owners spend on apps is funnelled to Google rather than into Samsung's pocket, By developing its own software, Samsung wants to break that reliance and see some app money iphone case aesthetic for itself..

Samsung also sees Tizen as a bigger proposition than smartphones and tablets. Tizen already powers Samsung cameras, Samsung TVs, and wearable technology such as the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. Like Android, which is branching out to cars and wearables, Tizen could power all kinds of connected devices. Eventually, anyway. Samsung seems to be having problems with the long, long-awaited Tizen smartphone. The Samsung Z was shown off for the first time in San Francisco earlier this year, and was expected to make its full debut this week at a conference for Tizen developers in Moscow. Sadly, for long-suffering developers attending the event, all Samsung came up with were more prototypes.

It's another delay for Tizen, which was at one stage planned to launch in Japan in March this year, But Japanese network NTT Docomo got cold feet, admitting, "The market is not big enough to support three operating systems at this time."The Wall Street Journal reports iphone case aesthetic that Samsung promises "the smartphone will appear on the Russian market later, when we can offer our users a fullest portfolio of applications." That implies Samsung is nervous about the lack of apps for Tizen, but that's the eternal dilemma for new operating systems: developers don't build apps for phones nobody owns, but nobody buys phones that don't have any apps..

That's the problem that's dogged Windows Phone, which Microsoft has tackled by throwing money at app builders like it's going out of fashion. Samsung has the cash to do the same, as well as a marketing budget bigger than some small countries. Now all they need is a phone to sell. Samsung's first Tizen phone, expected to launch this week, was a no-show in Moscow. Samsung's own-brand Android rival Tizen faces another setback as the Samsung Z failed to make an entrance in Russia this week. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

You can't turn around in the tech world without stubbing your toe on a new piece of wearable tech, We've come a long way from the early days of calculator watches to a whole environment filled with fitness trackers, smartwatches, and Google Glass, Despite the availability of so many options, it still feels a bit rare to actually catch someone using one, Granted, those little Fitbits are easy to stuff out of sight, iphone case aesthetic but Google Glass and wrist-worn gadgets still seem like they belong in the realm of early adopters, Perhaps the advent of the new Android Wear smartwatches will start to turn the tide, The much-rumored Apple iWatch would definitely spark some added interest in the wearable-tech field..

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