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The Moto G is already one of our favourite phones, thanks to its decent set of specs and extremely affordable price. Motorola has given it a spit and polish for 2014, by adding 4G LTE and expandable storage. It'll be hitting stores "globally" in late May (Moto wasn't able to confirm exactly which countries at the time of writing), although the UK will have to wait until 30 June. It's had a small price rise, though, up to £149 in the UK and $219 in the US, unlocked and with 8GB of storage. Prices for other regions weren't available at the time of writing, but the US price converts to about AU$230.

Read our hands-on preview of the Moto G (4G LTE) here, A lack of 4G was one of my main points of criticism of the Moto G last year, It's great to finally see it on board, The other issue was no expandable storage -- again, taken care of with the iphone case best addition of a microSD card slot, You'll get 8GB of storage on board, but you'll blow through that pretty quickly once you start installing apps, so make sure to grab a 32GB card for all your media, Also new is this white variation -- the Moto G was previously only available in black..

It still has the removable, colourful back covers. There are over 20 colours and styles to choose from, including ruggedised cases and flip covers that protect the screen. Physically, the phone remains the same. There's a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera for taking horrendous selfies or, more sensibly, video calling using Hangouts or Skype. It arrives with the latest version of Android on board -- 4.4.2 KitKat. Motorola has done very little to the Android interface. In fact, it's almost stock Android, meaning it's not only easy for existing 'Droiders to get to grips with, but it's easier for Motorola to add updates.

Motorola has loaded its Assist tool though, which is iphone case best able to do cool stuff such as automatically silencing the phone when you have meetings scheduled, It's not a super-skinny mobile by any means, but its rounded back makes it very comfortable to hold, There's a 5-megapixel camera on the back, which on the original Moto G took some good snaps for a low-end device, The 3.5mm headphone jacks sits on the top of the phone, Although the back panels are removable, the battery beneath isn't, so you won't be able to swap it out for a fully charged one in an emergency..

Amazon earlier listed a Moto G Universal LTE smartphone in either black or white, costing $220. Originally spotted by Engadget, the listing has now been pulled, presumably to preserve any surprises for a launch event in London today. Motorola is holding launch events around the world, kicking off with the Moto E just announced in India. Look out for all the first photos, video and hands-on first impressions of the E and other Moto kit throughout the day. As Motorola prepares for a series of launch events around the world, an Amazon listing hints at a 4G LTE version of the budget Moto G.

Mark Randall, head of supply chain and operations for Motorola Mobility, was sitting in a meeting with a Brazilian carrier, The meetup was part of a world tour of carriers that he and then-CEO Dennis Woodside embarked on shortly after joining the company in 2012, Sitting in an office in iphone case best Sao Paolo, Brazil, a poster on the wall caught Randall's eye, It featured a graphic of every handset in the market arranged by cost, and he fixated on one corner, "I looked at the value end of the chart, and I thought to myself, wow, this was terrible," Randall said in an interview late last year, "If you're a consumer who doesn't want to spend $600 on a phone, you're getting a raw deal."That chart, which Randall asked for and received a copy of from the carrier, sparked a discussion with Woodside and key Motorola Mobility product executives including Charlie Tritschler, The result: Moto G , a smartphone that's been praised for offering high-quality components at $179 unlocked, or without a contract..

While high-profile players such as Apple, Samsung Electronics, and HTC have staked their claim at the high end with premium smartphones that retail for around $650 without a contract, Motorola is taking a different route to reach consumers. Motorola Mobility, which is in the process of being sold by Google to China's Lenovo, is making its big calls at the low end of the market and what it calls "the next billion customers" who can't afford a smartphone -- or even access the Internet. While the market is flooded with cheap Android smartphones -- just visit a local Chinese electronics store -- Motorola stands out for phones that run the latest version of Android, use quality components, and offer a build quality that's far better than its price suggests.

"We believe that a quality mobile experience is a iphone case best right, not a privilege," said Tritschler, who took over as senior vice president of product for Motorola after Rick Osterloh, who was promoted to president and chief operating officer, Motorola on Tuesday took another step toward lowering the cost for high-function smartphones with the Moto E, the third member of its Moto product family after the Moto X and Moto G, Part of the company's strategy to get more affordable smartphones in more hands, the Moto E will retail for $129 without a contract, Comparable phones at that price often come with older versions of Android or lower quality components such as slower processors or cheaper glass..

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