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What does Secret look like without Friends? Just Friends of Friends and Strangers, since the nature of the hack was to exploit those relationships. Byttow: I think [Friends] is a really important aspect of Secret. We're committed to making that aspect of it work because it's so powerful. That's a product and a technical challenge. I don't have a good answer for that because it's not an option at this point. Any secrets you wouldn't share on Secret? Byttow: (Long pause.) Interesting question. I think there are things that are important to keep to ourselves. You have to go back and look at the intent as to why you want to share something online. I generally use Secret to share what I'm feeling that moment, or to, you know, understand myself more deeply.

What we're trying to do with Secret is create iphone case bottle opener more honesty and empathy and ultimately awareness in the world -- certainly self-awareness, What kinds of secrets should people not share on Secret? Byttow: First of all, you have to define what a secret means, I put the general concept of a secret, or the things that can be shared, into three buckets, One is gossip, which you need only a third party to share, Two people talking about something else, That's among all social networks, or life in general, There's private thoughts, the things that you don't feel you'll be judged for, but you don't really share, And then there's secrets, things you keep to yourself that you think you may be judged for, I think Secret can cover that spectrum..

The things that you shouldn't be sharing on Secret are things that are illegal, or anything you absolutely don't want anyone to find out. The Internet by definition is not untraceable. People need to be careful about what they put on the Internet. If somebody posted something illegal on Secret, and if law enforcement came to you and said, "We need the record of who this is," what would be the outcome? Byttow: It depends on the content itself, but certainly if we're compelled to do so, especially to keep someone safe, we will absolutely turn that over. If the user had opted to unlink their post, and we can't obtain the information, we would turn over what we had. That's in our terms, our privacy policy, and it's standard.

At the end of the day, we want to protect our users, That's why, when people do posts, we iphone case bottle opener do take extra steps in the product to remind people and give people the reflective moment to consider what they're posting, Whether it's referring them to the guidelines of what Secret is about and what you should be doing, That actually goes a long way -- when people are confronted with a dialogue [box] that says, hey, are you sure you want to post that?, We don't allow posts that are defamatory in nature, We're seeing promising results for people simply deciding not to share something that's negative or defamatory..

Prevention is key. It's one thing to find something and take it down after the fact. The best thing is just to prevent it outright. When you say prevent it outright, do you mean that when you see people create posts, but before they actually go through the act of posting them, they?.. Byttow: Edit it or cancel it outright. We've also seen in the past people will post something and 10 seconds or an hour later go back and delete it. Are there any secrets at Secret that you wouldn't mind sharing? Byttow: There are no less than six to eight dogs running around the office at any time, and only 20 employees.

What's coming for Secret? Byttow: We're finding ways for people to connect more deeply, When two people connect, it's hard for them to have a private conversation, And one thing we don't want to do is just throw a random direct-messaging service, where anyone can message anyone, It needs to feel deeper, where you've already made a connection with someone and it's safe, If you were going to have an anonymous, private chat with someone, you want it to feel safe, iphone case bottle opener So we're working on something like that..

We just launched polls, so you can ask yes or no questions. Response has been phenomenal. It launched in the last couple of days. It seems as if nobody can resist a good poll. More than 50 percent of content creators are creating polls. Content creators are 20 percent plus [of people on Secret.]. Why do you think people are such jerks? Byttow: I don't. I think you have to look at the intent behind the intent. That's why we're not quick to assign and say that somebody's a bad actor. You have to question what is their intent. I may be dodging the question, but ostensibly not everything's what it seems.

Secret-keeper-in-chief David Byttow talks about why people love the app, why the definition of "secret" changes on the Internet, and whether people are jerks, SAN FRANCISCO -- Everyone's got secrets, and the co-founder of the secret-sharing app Secret, David Byttow, believes that most people want to share them, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete iphone case bottle opener comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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