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In this case, police tracked the man and stopped him some 30 blocks away. A gun battle ensued and the man, 45-year-old Scott Kato, was shot dead. The use of these so-called bait bottles is a concerted attempt by the NYPD to fight drugstore robbers who can sell each pill for up to $80. NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced last year that the use of GPS-equipped pill bottles was part of an effort to combat a problem that the force described as severe. The New York Times reported that this was the first time that a police department was being open about its use of such a device. Kelly believed it would deter perpetrators.

The dummy bottles are manufactured by OxyContin maker, iphone case crossbody Purdue Pharma, They don't contain any pills, but if you shake them, they rattle, The GPS device is embedded in the bottle cap, A Purdue Pharma spokesman told the Times that, so far, 111 suspects in pharmacy robberies across 33 states have been arrested thanks to these devices, A man robs a drugstore on the Upper East Side in New York, Police quickly track him down because the OxyContin bottle he was given was actually a dummy bottle equipped with GPS..

(Update: Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 on Tuesday.). Does Microsoft need a smaller Windows RT 8.1-based tablet?. Mini mania passed: One obvious problem is that a Mini would be very late to the 7- and 8-inch tablet party. That fad has passed (even Apple's iPad Mini is now losing ground to its larger cousin, the iPad Air). As tablet growth rates drop like a rock, momentum in corporate America is shifting toward larger "productivity" tablets and hybrids like the ThinkPad 10, Dell Venue Pro 11, and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. And don't forget that Apple is rumored to be working on a larger tablet for professionals.

So, would it be worth Microsoft's while to devote considerable resources to a small tablet, if the market is past its prime and the device is running the unpopular Windows RT operating system, to boot?, Only if Microsoft has something else planned that would expand RT's reach beyond the Universal Apps announced at the Build conference, Pro 3? Microsoft has not redesigned the Surface Pro since the tablet debuted about iphone case crossbody a year and a half ago, A larger Surface pleases professionals and business customers who tend to like larger displays because it provides more real estate for the screen-intensive work they do..

And it would also provide a counter weight to an "iPad Pro" product that Apple may announce. Other design changes? Let's face it, the Pro will never be the thinnest and lightest tablet around. Microsoft wants the Pro to be very fast (which it is) and so a svelte Sony Xperia Z2-like design probably isn't in the works. That said, Microsoft could get the 2-pound tablet closer to the 1.6-pound Dell Venue 11 Pro. And, if Microsoft goes large (e.g., 12 inches), that would also necessitate a thinner design (it would be too heavy at the current thickness).

But Microsoft shouldn't alter the fundamental design too much, just improve it, Microsoft is ahead of tablet market leader Apple in the the hybrid tablet-laptop market (Apple doesn't have one), Let's see if it can stay ahead, Updated on May 20 at 3:00 iphone case crossbody p.m, PDT to reflect Surface Pro 3 announcement, Updated at 8:30 p.m, PDT: Revises speculation about larger Surface Pro happening either Tuesday or later this year, Microsoft's Surface tablet has been the focus of intense speculation in the past couple of weeks, What could be next and what's necessary?..

"Android-on-Intel tablets' costs are already lower than those of the same level Android-on-ARM models," Digitimes Research said in a report published Friday, referring to the Android operating system that runs on both Intel processors and ARM chips and on devices from companies like Qualcomm and Samsung. The report also said Intel will lean more on Android than Windows 8.1 in 2014 "since the Android tablet market's scale is far larger than that of Windows tablets."Digitimes Research predicts that 60 percent of Intel's tablet processor shipments will be adopted in Android-based gadgets and 40 percent in Windows machines, with a lot of those Android tablets coming from Asus.

But don't necessarily expect Intel to hit its oft-stated mark of shipping 40 million tablet processors, Rather, it should be around 32 million, according to the report, Intel doesn't agree with that, of course, The company's CEO, Brian Krzanich, is "laser focused" on reaching 40 million tablets this year, Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith said during the company's most recent earnings conference call, Subsidies and support for device makers will continue -- in order to reach that goal, "Intel started offering technology support, marketing subsidies, and CPU price cuts for Android-on-Intel tablets in the iphone case crossbody second half of 2013 and has been nurturing China's supply chain to provide low-price components," Digitimes Research said..

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