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Valor could use the Insight headset to send commands by thinking certain words, such as "down" or "right." Those commands were then transmitted over to a tablet computer and processed through Accenture and Philips software to control a handful of Philips products, including the Lifeline medical alert system, a television, and lighting. The commands also appear on an eyeglasses display device, providing feedback to Valor. Valor said there were obvious advantages to the Emotiv headset. He noted that the headset seems to work in sunlight, when the infrared eye-tracker could be more challenging. In more serious cases, two of his friends lost the ability to move their eyes, and thus their last mode of communication.

Valor and others affected by ALS have a spectrum of technologies available so they can function as much as possible like they did before the disease hit, Once a patient loses more motor abilities, they can transition to another type of technology, such as switching from tapping on a tablet to visual inputs with an eye-tracking sensor, However, once full paralysis takes iphone case design place, there often is no way to reach out anymore, Jacquellyne Hengst, director of development at the Philadelphia-based ALS Hope Foundation, said that for those patients served by her organization, she will sometimes simply sit with them, hold their hand and look into their eyes..

For those cases, brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs, hold promise, though the technology remains mostly in the research phase. Such technologies could allow people with extreme physical disability -- including those with ALS, brain-stem strokes or cerebral palsy -- to type out an email, operate a robotic arm or wheelchair, or move a cursor by using their thoughts. Sara Feldman, a physical therapist and assisted-technology professional at the MDA/ALS Center of Hope clinic, which is funded by the Philadelphia foundation, said many patients most fear losing the ability to interact with others. Any technology, she said, that could provide a channel of communication for patients who can't move would be life-changing.

"It is so important, because communication is so important to people," said Feldman, who wasn't involved in the Emotiv project, While her organization takes part in projects involving brain-computer interfaces, she noted, "That's taking a lot of time and research."So far, the next step for Philips, Accenture and Emotiv is unclear, The team said they were able to prove their idea works and wanted to talk about it publicly to draw in more ideas and attention to see if that concept can one day reach the market, But there remain more questions, including how to ensure iphone case design the system can function for patients at differing stages of ALS, Also, converting Emotiv's Insight headset into a medical product would require substantially more reliability and stress testing, Emotiv CEO Le said..

"There's definitely a lot of excitement about what we've built," she said. "It makes all the work really humbling and very worthwhile for our team."Valor called the system the team developed "revolutionary and technologically ahead of its time."He added that there was great potential for a brain-wave-reading headset like the Insight, saying the technology could offer a path for scientist Stephen Hawking, who has lived with ALS for decades, to continue producing works. "The potential for this technology to reawaken and restore multiple beautiful minds to this world is staggering," he said. "We are writing the pages of science fiction becoming fact. It is amazing to be a small part of it."ALS patient and advocate Eric Valor is part of an experimental project to test out a brain-wave-reading headset, technology that could one day give paralyzed people more independence.

Apple, of course, is deadly serious when it comes to protecting its intellectual property -- just ask Samsung, But the iPhone maker has borrowed good ideas from competitors, too -- plenty of things in iOS 7 and the forthcoming iOS 8 first appeared in competing Android and Windows Phone models, In my book, that's a good thing -- consumers are getting better features across the board, regardless of their OS, To that end, I'm hoping that the iPhone 6 has picked up a few of its rivals' iphone case design other tricks as well..

We already know we're getting home screen widgets (of a sort) and swappable keyboards, courtesy of iOS 8 . Beyond those, rumors of NFC (near-field communication that pairs devices in a tap) and a larger screen make that spec almost a given, not to mention the undeniable industry shift in these directions, supported by consumer demand. Do you have a wish list of your own? Share with us which specific hardware or software features you'd like to see carried over from other phones, in the comments below.

Apple doesn't hold the patent on good ideas, These hardware and software goodies from other phones would make Apple's next iPhone even better, One could argue that the entire modern smartphone market has been largely built around aping Apple's revolutionary iPhone, which first appeared in 2007, Indeed, that phone still looks remarkably "current" in some ways: the minimalist rectangular design, the no-keyboard glass touchscreen, and tap and swipe interface are all iphone case design mainstays of the marketplace now..

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