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Q: The launch of Secret seemed perfectly timed to a certain zeitgeist. What is it about the app that's connected people in the way they want? Byttow: What's interesting about Secret is that it allows you to share among people that you know, and people that know you. That carries a lot of weight, but not in a way that you may fear retribution or backlash in the future. In society, we're learning a lot about what you put on the Internet, and in general what's attached to your name.. you can feel very judged by it. A lot of times, people fear sharing what they feel at the risk of ostracizing or alienating their friends. Secret aims to provide a safe place for people to have honest conversations. I believe it's really important that we have a place for freedom of expression.

That's the long-term view, The short term, and why it caught on, is that it's so easy to connect to people you know, There's interesting content there -- that's either relevant to you or close to you or said by a friend -- waiting when you join, It's a really connected community, there's a dense social graph that gets created in Secret, There's not too many places on the Internet that offer that kind of security, What kind of reaction has there been to last week's news of the hack? Byttow: Most was positive, The beauty of the Internet is that we can fix iphone case etsy software very, very quickly, In this case, we had fixed the issue, and furthermore I think it was a relatively complex and nuanced issue as well, It does require an intrepid person to exploit that particular thing, Overall, it was generally positive..

Even from the early days, people were, I don't know what kind of word to use here, not waiting but anticipating that any service that gets popular becomes a target for this kind of stuff. This was an important thing, I think, to show we take this stuff extremely seriously. How important to what Secret is and does is the fact that it's not fully anonymous? Byttow: The word anonymous is relatively misunderstood in general. First of all, I believe that anonymous doesn't mean untraceable. If you're going to do something unlawful, or illegal, or something you don't want people to really, really know about, certainly you should think twice about publishing it on the Internet. But I think people..with Secret, when you know it could be someone, it's everyone, but when it could be anyone, it's no one.

The magic of Secret is that you are having conversations among iphone case etsy potentially people in your life, people that you trust, and people that you love, And it kind of mimics what we do naturally, which is have conversations around the dinner table, Having that space to do that is very important in life, having that freedom to express yourself, For example, if you're at dinner with a loved one or a co-worker or with someone who you change how you say certain things -- or we might say more things in private about how we really feel, What happens is that Secret can actually give people a place to share their private thoughts, share their feelings, and get feedback, but you do it online..

People on Facebook or on Twitter might be reluctant to endorse things that might associate them with a piece of content. Secret gives you that honest place. You've spent a lot of time thinking about secrets, and the nature of secrets online. What's the secret origin of Secret? Byttow: When I built this product, I only wanted to focus on the word. It wasn't that I set out to build an anonymous service, it was that I took away everything that I could, until only the word was left. I took away the name, took away the time stamp, everything else.

We started there, with the ability to send an anonymous message to someone, But that didn't feel right, If you get an anonymous message from someone randomly, it feels a bit jarring as the recipient, So we changed the model and allowed you instead to put something out there, and we will handle connecting it to people who might know you, And add iphone case etsy that little bit of context, because that little bit of context really, really matters and it means something, We added the friend, to show that this is someone you know, someone who's potentially in your life..

And then when you have anonymity, and you have people endorsing things because it resonates with them -- not because they're putting their name on it but because that's actually how they might feel or there's something there -- then it spreads to your friends. That was the distribution model, that was the spreading of ideas that I hoped for. You'll see this thing where people will come on, and they're connected to a few friends, and one or two of their friends will like that thing, and then it gains in popularity and it grows and grows and grows. And you end up with these people that will literally publicly go on Twitter and be like, "This is my post and it has 2,000 likes."My mom has one post with 4,000 likes now. They've never had that kind of engagement in their life. These are people with 100 followers on Twitter. So that idea that it creates a meritocracy of ideas is very, very unique, and I love the idea that it just starts with your own community.

I worked a long time ago on Google+, I was there at the very beginning, and the concept of circles was always interesting to me, But in general, we're so complex and there's so much context in our subconscious that we can't manage the deep complexity of relationships, especially digitally, You can't put people in groups and move them out, So instead of tying iphone case etsy your posts together, why not with every post you create you can be whatever personality you want to be? You can change who you really are for each post, That kind of inverts the whole model..

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