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However, a July report from Chinese media claimed that mass production of a 4.6-inch iPhone 6 was already slated to start in July, while production of a 5.5-inch model would kick off during the second week of August. So which report is correct, assuming either of them are?. One possible explanation is that the July report may have been accurate at the time but that Apple ran into issues that led to a delay in actual mass production. Another explanation is that one or more of the sources for these two reports simply has the facts wrong.

The source of the newest report is Xiang Ligang, a former professor at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and currently CEO of a Chinese publication called CCTimes, according to G for Games, As such, G for Games gives him some credibility based on his expected knowledge of Apple's Chinese supply chain sources, For now, though, iphone case john lewis take all of this with the usual grain of salt as these items are still firmly in the rumor stage, Whether it's already reached mass production or is just about to reach it, the next iPhone needs to be ready soon, The iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled next month, most likely at a media event on September 9, according to Recode, If true, that means Apple must be prepping production of the new iPhone in time for a consumer rollout later in September or early October at the latest..

A spokeswoman for Apple declined CNET's request to comment on the mass production reports. (Via MacRumors). But a prior report claimed that production was already set to kick off last month. Which report is true?. The iPhone 6 is now facing its final test phase in preparation for mass production. At least, that's the latest scuttlebutt from Chinese media. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

In Google's latest Android Developer Dashboard released on Wednesday, version 4.4 of Google's Android mobile operating system, called KitKat, scooped up a market share of 20.9 percent, Using data collected via visits to the Google Play store over a seven-day period ending August 12, the latest figures showed a rise for KitKat from 17.9 percent in July and 13 percent in June, Mobile carriers have been striving to roll out Android 4.4 KitKat, which debuted in October 2013, to more customers, But the Android update process is fraught with challenges, especially in comparison with Apple's iOS, Updating the iPhone or iPad requires just one player -- Apple, So the process tends to be relatively quick and simple, Creating an update for an Android phone or tablet requires the initial work of Google followed by testing and customization by phone makers, Wireless carriers then have the iphone case john lewis final word, performing their own testing as well as planning and implementing the actual rollout, With so many cooks in the kitchen, Android fragmentation is a frustrating but inevitable part of the process..

Jelly Bean remains the top dog among Android devices with more than half of the market at 54.2 percent. That number breaks down into 26.5 percent for version 4.1.x, 19.8 percent for version 4.2.x, and 7.9 percent for version 4.3.x. Android Gingerbread, which was unveiled back in 2010, is still hanging tough with a 13.6 slice of the market, a clue that a lot of older Android devices have not or more likely simply cannot be updated to a newer version due to compatibility issues. Ice Cream Sandwich slurped onto the list in fourth place with a share of 10.6 percent.

Froyo's days on the Developers Dashboard are most likely numbered as the 2.2 version of Android eked out only a 0.7 percent share, The Dashboard automatically cuts out any versions with a share less than 0.1 percent, But Jelly Bean remains the most popular flavor as fragmentation continues to dog Google's Android mobile OS, Android 4.4 KitKat continues to climb up the food chain of Android devices, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can iphone case john lewis be closed at any time at our discretion..

Korean mobile case and accessory maker Spigen has unveiled a dedicated product page touting its iPhone 6 cases with rendered images illustrating how the cases themselves would fit snugly into Apple's next iPhone. Spigen said it based the look of the iPhone 6 on leaked data to help it create the renders seen on its page. Reports have been flying that Apple will announce a 4.7-inch iPhone, upping the display size from the current 4 inches. A recent report from Recode said that Apple will unveil the iPhone 6 at a media event on September 9.

The company is also rumored to launch a 5.5-inch iPhone, but reports are sketchy as to whether that version will be ready for takeoff this year, Either way, with the current consumer craze for big-screened iphone case john lewis phones, Apple needs to bump up the display of its flagship phone to lure in consumers, win back market share, and stay competitive with Android rivals, The cases displayed by Spigen are specifically designed for the 4.7-inch iPhone with four different variants: two thin-fit cases selling for $15 each, an ultra-hybrid going for $25, and a tough armor edition costing $35, Each case is available in a variety of colors, Spigen also tried to cook up some audience excitement about the next iPhone or iPhones via the following blurb..

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