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A handful of the new Glassware apps are exercise and sports focused, like 94Fifty Basketball, which helps people with their shots; Runtastic, which assists users with fitness goals; Zombies Run, which helps runners keep going; and Goal.com, which lets users keep up to date with the World Cup and other soccer events. Besides Shazam, which debuted for Glass in the UK on Monday, there are a couple of other music-oriented apps. The Livestream app lets users broadcast live video, and musiXmatch recognizes music and shows users song lyrics.

Other apps iphone case kevlar that Google rolled out to Glass on Tuesday include The Guardian newspaper, Duolingo language learning, GuidiGo city tour guide, and Starchart, which lets users map the night's stars, planets, and constellations, In addition to the 11 new apps, the cooking-centric AllTheCooks app also got an overhaul, Other Glassware that recently became available on the device include Foursquare, Tripit, and OpenTable, A Google spokesperson told CNET that in the last six months the number of Glassware apps in the MyGlass app store has grown by 80 percent..

Google Glass is the company's foray into wearable computing. The device comes in the form of eyeglasses that let wearers record video, take photos, chat, get directions, look up facts on the Web, and more. Glass arrived on the market for the general public in May. Users can add the new Glassware to their devices through the MyGlass app. Getting sporty, musical, and educated, the tech giant makes 11 new Glassware apps available on its computer-enabled spectacles. Google is steadily increasing Google Glass' cache of apps. The company announced Tuesday that it has made 11 new apps available on the device, including Shazam, Duolingo, Livestream, Runtastic, and more.

On the eve of this year's I/O, which kicks off Wednesday at San Francisco's Moscone Center, Google has announced new Glass hardware for those that enroll in its Explorer Program, The prototype product's public beta switched from an invite-only system to an open online marketplace last month, where it sells four different colors of Glass as well as eight different types of companion eyeglass frames to anyone with $1,500 to drop on a wearable face computer, The updated Glass now comes with 2GB of RAM, up from 1GB in the previous model, that will iphone case kevlar make it speedier when running applications, It also has a bigger battery that, when mixed with the firmware updates Google has periodically released over the last two years, yields 15 percent longer battery life in between charges..

The battery upgrade has been baked into Glass devices since March but hasn't yet been able to achieve the 15 percent bump until the software update released today, Google told The Verge. Also packed into Google's latest software update is a new viewfinder interface for taking photos with Glass and two new cards for Google Now that help you track shipped packages along with where you parked your car. Now is Google's anticipatory personal assistant software that's increasingly reliant on the search company's advances natural language processing. With the keyboard-less Glass, Now is a key feature for allowing users to perform searches via voice and for Google to format information in a way both useful to you and suitable to the device's tiny floating display.

Google's refreshed Glass hardware is available to anyone who purchases the device starting today, as well as those who began ordering the device in the United Kingdom, which gained access to the Glass store on Monday, Though there is one unlucky iphone case kevlar group in Google's ongoing beta testing phase for Glass: unlike its last hardware update last fall, Google will not let you send in your device to get the newer, faster version for free, On the eve of I/O, Google unveils new Glass innards with 2GB of RAM and 15 percent longer battery life..

Google is still keeping up in the air the eventual release date of a consumer model for Glass, its controversial head-mounted display that first debuted on the face of co-founder Sergey Brin at the Google I/O developers conference in 2012. But privacy implications and release dates aside, Google has continued to chip away at its ever-expanding list of Glass improvements. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

LoopPay uses a technology that works with regular magnetic credit card readers, duplicating the effect of a card being run through, but transmitting it via a magnetic loop inside the device: LoopPay calls it Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), It works at any credit card terminal that uses a standard swipe, sending out a code that matches what a credit card reader would receive when a card is run through it, Hold the Loop fob close enough to a credit card swipe-slot, and it magically works, LoopPay launched this past winter in the form of a little fob-sized plug-in device, called the LoopPay Fob: it pops into your Android or iPhone headphone jack like a Square card-reader, scans credit cards into a LoopWallet app that stores the information, then effectively use those cards to pay at stores, It costs only $39, which iphone case kevlar directly converts to about £20/AU$40, The new ChargeCase costs more at $99 (£60/AU$100), but it also doubles as a full iPhone 5 or 5S case, and can recharge up to 60 percent of its battery..

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