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In a week in which the Supreme Court has only begun to grapple with the notion of what is private and what technology can make public (especially if it falls into the wrong hands), Page only has eyes for the possibilities. Speaking of the new, multi-screen world, he told the Times: "Everyone can tell that their lives are going to be affected, but we don't quite know how yet, because we're not using these things -- and because of that there's a lot of uncertainty."Might it be, though, that there's a lot of uncertainty because our new world involves putting more trust than ever in those who hold political and economic power?.

Among these is a company that puts technology above everything else, a company called Google, In an interview with The New York Times, Google's CEO says we should focus on the potential benefits of technology, One often gets the impression that, in Googleworld, technology comes first and people come, well, a little later, There's the feeling that the company will do something because it can, not because it truly benefits sentient beings, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, iphone case off white Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Samsung executives said the Korean company won't overlay its own software -- such as its TouchWiz interface or Magazine UX -- on its Android Wear smartwatch called Gear Live. (Doing so is banned by Google, at least right now, they said.) But the company will take advantage of Google's open software development kit to create its own unique services and features for its upcoming smartwatch and other potential Android Wear wearable devices, they said. "Android Wear is 100 percent built around Google services today on Day 1," Christopher Belter, a director of marketing for Samsung's US mobile business, told CNET in an interview late Wednesday. "I don't know what the time frame is, but I guess it would be our goal to build, like we do on our phones, some of our own services for the Wear environment."Samsung's participation in the Android Wear program is the latest example of the strengthening relationship between the consumer electronics conglomerate and Google. It marks a reversal from just two years ago, when the tech titans privately tussled over their parts of the Android experience.

The Gear Live smartwatch, which offers a purer Google experience than Samsung's previous smartwatches, is proof that Samsung is willing to iphone case off white play nice, Samsung, like all other equipment manufacturers, must walk the line between offering a pure Google experience and creating differentiated services and features to stand out, Android Wear is still in its infancy, On Wednesday, Google and its partners unveiled the first devices with this modified version of the Android mobile operating system that's designed specifically for smartwatches and other Internet-connected wearables, Android Wear promises a simple user interface, instant notifications, and the ability to perform tasks, like texting friends, using voice commands..

Samsung, LG, and Motorola will provide the first three Android Wear smartwatches: the $199 Gear Live, the $229 G Watch, and the yet-to-be-priced Moto 360, respectively. The Samsung and LG smartwatches are available for preorder and will be released July 7. Motorola's will launch later in the summer. Of the three companies, Samsung has the most experience in wearables. The company introduced its first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, in September. The device ran Google's Android mobile OS, but Samsung switched to its own open-source software, called Tizen, for the second generation of Gear and the Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. Samsung even pushed out a software update earlier this month that converted the first Gear's operating system to Tizen. Its Gear Fit fitness band , meanwhile, runs a real-time operating system designed to improve battery life.

In each case, Samsung designed the user interfaces powering the devices, It also created many of the apps and worked with developers to spur interest iphone case off white in its devices, With Android Wear, Samsung takes a step back from that process, but the company still plans to find ways to make its devices different from all the other upcoming Android Wear gadgets, Creating its own apps and services -- and preloading them on the Gear Live smartwatch -- is one way to do that, So is including unique hardware design and features, such as the heart-rate monitor..

Samsung's early software efforts have been mixed, however. Its TouchWiz user interface, which is the software layered on top of Android, has been reviled by many Android purists who want a less cluttered design. When the Galaxy S4 smartphone launched in early 2013, some critics slammed the amount of "bloatware," or pre-installed and unremovable programs such as S Translate and S Voice. And CNET's Jessica Dolcourt called TouchWiz ahead of the Galaxy S5 launch in February. Samsung has taken some steps to improve its software capabilities by creating new businesses such as the Media Solutions Center and by hiring experienced user interface designers. It redesigned TouchWiz in favor of its new Magazine UX, starting with the Galaxy Tab Pro tablets that it unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. And with the Galaxy S5, announced in February, Samsung pulled back on preloading features and services, instead giving users the option to install Samsung-built apps. Reports said Samsung's focus on software had angered Google, and the Mountain View, Calif., Internet giant convinced Samsung to change course.

For Google, Android Wear marks an effort to exert even more iphone case off white control over its operating system, Android is open source, but it's vital for Google to have its services front and center, Since it's not charging companies for using Android, it has to generate money through serving advertisements on popular apps such as Google Maps, However, most Android vendors -- including Samsung with TouchWiz and Magazine UX -- have tended to push their own software features over those from Google, "The core objective of Android has always been to provide the widest possible audience for Google's services, but over the last several years Google has seen a variety of device vendors customize, tweak and fork Android in ways that either submerge Google's services beneath their own or strip them out entirely," said JackDaw research analyst Jan Dawson..

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