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Truth is, all three CEOs have a large stake in seeing a proliferation of new computing devices, whether they be smartphones with more sensors and more intelligence, or a variety of connected wearables that fall under the rubric of the "Internet of Things," or more servers to store the data. The problem -- to state the obvious -- is: if the data isn't succinct, highly personal, and easily digestible, it's just heaping more extraneous data on top of the already-high data loads that many of us deal with daily.

The other problem is that tech conferences rarely ask these hard questions: the assumption always being that more devices, more data is intrinsically good, (And note that this question was posed at the very end of a session, as almost an afterthought.), But, iphone case on sale as their answers show, more data from more devices isn't -- or at least, shouldn't be -- the goal, Whitman offered probably the most candid answer, "I wonder if we're wired for this? [If] the human brain and our emotional state can actually sustain this? I feel a lot more stressed than I did 10 years ago because I'm always on, I wake up in the middle of the night, reach over for my phone, and I check my email, This is probably not a good thing," she said..

Buried within Krzanich's and Nadella's responses were admissions that the problem of data overload isn't solved yet. "[If] it's cumbersome or difficult for you to get the data..to understand how it operates, then that is not adding to your life but actually is a burden. It's a problem we have to solve but I don't think we're all great at it yet," Krzanich said. "In it's current form, it is inundating," added Nadella. But all three companies are in the business of providing solutions, not just adding to the load. And Krzanich asserted that we are ready for more data.

"We are absolutely wired for iphone case on sale this," according to Krzanich, "If you think about the way the brain works, The ability to take in data at phenomenal rates.""[We have to] make it a more personal experience, If [the devices and software are] smooth and seamless, you'll appreciate them," he said, Nadella offered an example of how it doesn't necessarily have to be more information but better information, "I was coming over to the studio today to join this meeting and my intelligent agent -- we have this thing called Cortana which runs on our phones -- and it basically woke up and said, 'hey the traffic is crawling, you may want to leave now.' Being able to have something like that [is helpful]."The solution is to streamline the growing stack of data feeds that can potentially lead to overload, said Nadella..

"I don't want to be triaging my email and [then] add my Facebook feed, and add to that my SMS," Nadella said. "What's scarce is attention. In a sea of data and information [it's important] to be able to have someone help you, I think this is the world we need to get to. Solutions have to come and I think we will definitely will break through," he said. Whitman closed on a high note. In the end, "we're pretty adaptive," she said. Are our brains wired for data overload? Is it overload? Intel, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard CEOs have some thoughts.

First, the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain demanded that any Glass wearers should remove them before the trailers begin, Then, for reasons best known to their egos, six infamous Glass-wearers allowed themselves to be iphone case on sale eviscerated for their self-righteousness by "The Daily Show."Currently, therefore, if you're peddling Google's visually painful gadget, it's best to shave your head bald, so there's no hair left to tear out, Still, Google's peddlers espied that Father's Day is upon us, so they thought they'd try and sprinkle a little fragrant pixie dust into the acrid atmosphere..

They released an ad that essentially declares real dads don their Google Glass before they swing their kiddies round and round. Because, you see, you couldn't swing your kiddies round and round and clutch a cell phone. Google's latest strategy is to insist that Glass is merely a cell phone that you wear on your head. Because you've always wanted to wear your cell phone on your head, haven't you?. So here we have happy, smiling kiddies being lifted and swung and loved by men wearing the eyewear of Lucrezia Borg.

Interestingly, Google offered this comment about dads on its own YouTube video: "They teach you how to ride your first bike, sneak you the last cookie when no one's looking, and they make sure there are no monsters under your bed."It's always good to ensure that there are no under-bed monsters, I wonder, though, whether there'll be any kids scared witless by weird, monster-looking glasses suddenly being worn by a man who vaguely looks like their dad, If you're not wearing Google Glass, you'll miss recording the joy iphone case on sale of your kids as you're swinging them around, That's the suggestion of Google's latest Glass ad..

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