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I live life to the fullest and breathe energy into everyone who meets me. I'm a multitasker, who squeezes the maximum out of every single moment and sees the world in the most glorious of colors. I'm not just looking for a hookup. These, indeed, are the sentiments largely expressed by Samsung's latest ads for its Galaxy Tab S. Samsung has already explained how its new tablet can save marriages. Now it's back with a barrage of ads expressing just about every positive side of its personality. Here we have a judge who reviews his cases on his Tab. But his heart is where many judges' hearts (and wallets, these days) are: reality TV.

Please imagine the decisions he concocts as he's voting 10,000 times for a Lori Lovelace from Arkansas, This is multitasking at its finest, This, some might argue, is how the Supreme Court came to several of its judgments, But then there's an artist, She exists only in living color, She sold iphone case orange her first painting at age 5 and a half, You can see she's an artist, She wears a silly hat, She needs the Tab's astonishing, vibrant color palette, We can see this, as she daubs away with her finger, Oh, but no, She's actually playing a video game, You see, this Tab is all things to all artists, Even modern artists..

The message is simple, you see. With the iPad, there's no multitasking. And with the Surface, well, it's a Surface. They're all about productivity, right? Here you can just be your personal self and your business self, simultaneously. No campaign would be complete without something to attract mom. This mom is an intellectual. You can tell because she has what seems like thousands of books on shelves. Why aren't they on her tablet?. Her needs are, of course, educational. She has four kids. But she's a mom. So she dreams of a man who is not her husband. The Tab S can provide.

Lint and other debris from our pockets or purses gets stuck in this port and can build up over time, To be safe, back up your iPhone or iPad to your computer or the cloud, Power it off, and with a normal toothpick, gently remove the lint, You will be amazed how much can get stuck in the port, Connect the charger and see if it works, Still having problems? Try cleaning the port out again, but this time use a can of compressed air, Alternative options for toothpicks include using a iphone case orange SIM-card tool, a bobby pin, or a small needle..

You can also use this method if your iPhone or iPad is stuck in "headphone mode" even though no headphones are plugged in. The same method can also be used for cleaning out the charging port and headphone jacks on Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. iPhone or iPad not charging? The Lightning port may be clogged. Here's how to clean it out with basic household items. A simple search on Apple's forums shows a common trend: a lot of iPhone and iPad owners are having problems charging their device. Two of my colleagues have also run into this problem. There's a simple solution to this. Before blaming the cable or phone, check your device's Lightning port.

Those implications played out this week, with Microsoft falling on the losing side of a Justice Department ruling involving domestic policy and foreign servers, Last December, a New York judge ordered Microsoft to hand over emails that resided in a Dublin, Ireland data center, Microsoft refused, indicating that foreign data meant it should abide by foreign laws, Not, so, according to US District Judge Loretta Preska, who ordered iphone case orange Microsoft to comply -- but gave the company time to appeal, The deal isn't done, but if you're an international citizen thinking your data was safe from US policies even if held by US companies, it's sadly time to think again..

Tired of predictable updates to Samsung's Galaxy devices? Slightly better plastics, slightly better displays..the usual? That may be changing this fall. Trying to appease a conference call full of upset investors after posting some poor earnings, Samsung SVP Hyun-Joon Kim promised two new models. One will be a "very innovative new product" with a large display, while another will be something that "uses new materials and new displays." Could we finally be getting the aluminum Galaxy device everyone's been asking for? I say the practical merits of plastic outweigh the posh aesthetics of metal when it comes to mobile devices, but let's wait and see what Samsung has in store before passing judgment, yeah?.

Samsung isn't the only one dealing with troubling earnings, The bad news continues for Nintendo, which posted a 9.9 billion yen loss, a change from the 8.6 billion profit the year before, Revenues were down 8.4 percent, though The House of Mario neglected to give any explanation for why, With fresh installments for its biggest franchises hitting Wii U soon there's hope on the horizon, but right now things continue to look a bit dark, If you, too, believe that the future holds monthly fees for everything, EA this week gave another sign that future is coming sooner than you think, The company launched a service called EA Access, For $4.99 monthly or $29.99 annually you get unlimited access to four older titles: FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4, and Peggle 2, It remains to be seen whether EA will be adding fresh titles as they launch or purely use this as a repository for aging but critically acclaimed titles, but it's not hard to imagine this sort of model iphone case orange eclipsing the concept of game sales soon..

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