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Plenty more needs to be studied. In the meantime, Lapointe and his fellow researchers are working on patenting the temperature sensor and authentication system, and they're looking for industry partners to continue developing the technology. With a focused effort, there's a chance those two tools could be integrated into smartphones within a year. "We are at the point where people are starting to care about it," said Evans, of Corning," and potentially pay money for it."Researchers are working on glass that could detect fluids simply through contact, which may hold medical benefits.

"TSMC will be supplanted by Samsung" for the production of next-generation 14-nanometer processors for both Apple and Qualcomm, starting sometime in the second half of 2015, Reuters reports, citing comments from KGI Securities analyst Michael Liu, The comments were made in a research note from Liu to clients after a iphone case qi charging TSMC investor conference on Wednesday, CNET reported in March that the Apple-Samsung chip partnership is still strong despite Apple's deal with TSMC, In that deal, TSMC is manufacturing, for the first time, processors for Apple that are expected to be used in next-generation iPhones debuting later this year..

Until the TSMC deal, Samsung had been the exclusive supplier of processors to Apple. During a Q&A session at the TSMC conference, analysts tried to probe TSMC's relationship with Apple, without mentioning Apple by name. One analyst, for example, referred to "one important customer."That line of questioning prompted TSMC Chairman Morris Chang to say, "We are not going to comment on specific customers."One of the comments during the conference call that concerned analysts was Chang talking about the 16-nanometer generation of chips.

"In 16-nanometer, TSMC will have a smaller market share than a major competitor in 2015, But we'll regain leading share in 2016, 2017 and onwards," Chang said, In the most recent quarter, TSMC reported its biggest profit since the last quarter of 2006, TSMC may still have to compete with Samsung for processor orders from Apple, according to a report, Samsung will challenge Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world's largest contract chip manufacturer, as a iphone case qi charging supplier of processors to Apple next year, a Reuters report claims..

A report from Taiwan-based Digitimes on Wednesday said that the battery in the next-generation iPhone has a thickness of only 2 millimeters versus 3 mm for the iPhone 5 series battery. "But both feature a similar capacity," the report added. If true, that would indicate an emphasis on thinness over capacity -- boosting capacity can indicate an increase in the size of the battery. The Digitimes report echoes a report in April from Commercial Times, also a Taiwan-based publication, that claimed the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 would have 2 mm-thick battery.

Overall, Taiwan-based component makers are "facing difficulties" reducing the thickness of components including panels, chassis, and battery packs for upcoming iPhones, Digitimes said, Those difficulties stem from trying iphone case qi charging to make thinner parts but not achieving satisfactory production yield rates (the ratio of good parts to bad parts), The Digitimes report adds to a growing list of reports that highlight the challenges Apple and its chain of suppliers are facing to create the thinnest iPhone to date..

A report earlier this week said that 5.5-inch model could be delayed because of issues with the in-cell touch display panel. That technology has allowed Apple to make its devices thinner. And earlier reports cited issues with a new backlight, which would also contribute to a thinner phone. Digitimes added that 60 million to 70 million new iPhones are expected to be sold by the end of 2014. All signs point to a very thin next-generation iPhone. But that also means plenty of headaches for parts suppliers.

According to a new survey by market researcher Counterpoint, the iPhone 5S sold 7 million units in May, making it the bestselling smartphone in the world, Coming in second was Samsung's Galaxy S5, which sold 5 million units, To get this data, Counterpoint culled sales data from surveys of major retailers and distributors across 35 countries, These numbers may come as a blow to Samsung, seeing as how it fired up sales of its Galaxy S5 iphone case qi charging in April and the iPhone 5S has been on sale since last September..

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