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CNET's Nick Statt took a look at why wearable tech isn't booming as much as manufacturers would like. He found stories of abandoned tech that went from initially interesting to eventually bothersome when it seemed like keeping devices charged and collecting accurate data became issues. Wearable tech hasn't delivered a must-have gadget that appeals to a wide consumer base just yet. I remember marveling at my father's Casio calculator watch when I was a kid. I always imagined getting one of my own someday, but it never happened. The closest I've gotten to adopting wearable tech was to try out a chest-mounted heart-rate monitor for a while. It was uncomfortable, and I soon ditched it.

I'm still hoping for some cool wearable gadget to come out that I just have to have, that I will look at with the same excitement as my father's watch, So far, lightning hasn't struck for me, But I have friends who are hooked on their Fitbits, and Google Glass fans are easy to spot when you see them out among the general populace, Do you use a wearable tech iphone case uag gadget? Vote in our poll and tell us why you (or why you don't) wear your tech in the comments, Fitbits, and LG Gs, and Google Glasses, oh my! There are lots of wearable tech gadgets out there, Have any of them earned a place on your body?..

While earlier reports had predicted that the smartwatch would go launch as early as October, Kuo's note said the revised prediction was the result of challenges created by new hardware and software development. "We have pushed back our estimated time of iWatch mass production from late-September to mid-/ late- November. We also lower our forecast of iWatch 2014 shipments by 40% to 3mn units," Kuo wrote in a note obtained by 9to5mac. The so-called iWatch, which Apple has not officially announced, will have a display likely measuring 2.5 inches diagonally, according to a Reuters report last month that indicated the smartwatch would go into production this month, with launch coming as early as October.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment and will update this report when we learn more, Kuo note also offered some isight into what he expected the much-rumored smart watch to inlcude, such as a flexible AMOLED with sapphire-covered glass, high waterproof standards, and new system-on-a-chip components, While most of those hardware predictions have been making the rounds for a couple of iphone case uag months, the waterproof standard suggests the company is planning to incorporate fitness functionality, If Apple does indeed launch a smartwatch, it will be joining a crowded field, Samsung, Sony, and LG have already pushed out their own watches that allow users to track their fitness, receive notifications, and access apps..

But Apple could shake up the smartwatch market with a device that outshines rival products. Beyond pairing with your iPhone, an Apple iWatch reportedly would serve as a health and fitness tracker by tapping into an iOS 8 app called Healthbook. Ming-Chi Kuo blames delay on challenges created by new hardware and software development. Apple's iWatch will enter mass production in November, according to a research note issued Thursday by noted KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, later than previously predicted.

Controlling technology with voice commands is becoming a part of our everyday lives, When you can talk to a watch, a pair of glasses, a computer, or a smartphone, it's surprising it's still possible to feel alone, (I'm not serious, Or am I?), Even though the overall reliability of voice recognition software has come a long way over the last few years, it's still not perfect, Between environmental conditions and speech patterns, trying to get a device to correctly recognize what you said can iphone case uag be an exercise in frustration..

In an effort to help cut down on your frustration level Google has created a way to correct Google Now. Naturally, it's done with a voice command, making the process seamless and hopefully painless. The next time you find yourself giving a voice command to Google Now and it fails to register what you said, you can say "No, I said" and then repeat only the part Google Now got wrong. For example, when I asked Google Now, "Where is Santa Maria?" it failed to hear "Maria" and instead showed me results for "Where is Santa?"When I then said, "OK, Google" followed by "No, I said 'Santa Maria,'" Google Now was smart enough to relate the correction to the previous query, plug it in to the right spot, and run the revised search. The end result was exactly what I was looking for. Notice I didn't have to say the entire command again; I simply had to correct the portion Google Now got wrong.

US activist group China Labor Watch released a new report (PDF) on Thursday that details children working in assembly lines at a factory called Shinyang Electronics in Dongguan, China, Samsung has responded to the report saying it will investigate the accusations, according to Reuters, "We are urgently looking into the latest allegations and will take appropriate measures in accordance with our policies to prevent any cases of child labor in our suppliers," Samsung told Reuters, In its report, China Labor Watch alleges that several of the seasonal workers in the Dongguan plant are minors who work 11 hours a day, 7 days a week, without overtime pay, In addition to child labor, China Labor Watch claims other labor abuses took place in the factory, including excessive overtime, lack of worker safety, and poor living conditions, Shinyang Electronics is one of Samsung's suppliers for mobile iphone case uag phone covers and parts..

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