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LONDON -- Apple's flagship shop in London's historic Covent Garden played host to a typically enormous queue this morning, as eager Brits lined up to get their paws on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple has implemented a digital queueing system this year, which sees those in line assigned a QR code that tells employees in the shop exactly which model, size and colour iPhone that customer is after. This speeds up transactions inside the glassy walls of the store itself -- and gives Apple a better grasp of which models are most in demand.

Based on a straw poll of those in the queue, neither the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus appeared to have an edge in terms of popularity, iphone case x designer Brad Karp was one buyer waiting to pick up a reserved 128GB iPhone 6 in gray, who told me he'd opted for the more diminutive model as he "didn't want to have to buy new pants for bigger pockets."Also opting for the iPhone 6 was Laurie who went for a 64GB model in gray and said the 6 Plus was a bit too close to the iPad Mini for his liking, Another customer named Graham said he felt the same way, noting that the Nexus 4 he'd been using previously was big enough, iPhone buyer Clarence, by contrast, chose the 5.5-inch 6 Plus, As an app developer, he said he wanted access to Apple's biggest smartphone screen..

NEW YORK -- A line of hundreds of people filled the sidewalks for blocks around Apple's marquee Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan early Friday morning. Some had been waiting near the store's giant glass cube for weeks. Among them were Manhattan residents Nama Matheus and Hunter Kemp, who became friends after meeting near the front of the line about two weeks ago. Before the store opened, the two joked about the difficulties of having to wait outside for days. "Horrible idea -- never doing this again," Kemp, 25, said with a laugh. Both planned on buying an iPhone 6 Plus with 128 gigabytes of storage.

Further away from the cube, Jonathan Lawrence, a 23-year-old college student from Brooklyn, said he iphone case x designer had waited since 4:30 p.m, local time Thursday and had spent a sleepless night outside, Still, he smiled about the idea of getting his iPhone 6 Plus before most of his friends, saying it would make him "very, very happy."Nearby at Grand Central Terminal, two long lines stretched from either side of the entrance to the train station, The night before, Noah Selling, a 31-year-old IT professional, was sitting on a camping chair, waiting patiently since the early evening for his chance to buy an iPhone 6 Plus, He had already preordered the phone through AT&T, but found out his device wouldn't ship to him until October, so he decided to try getting it earlier by camping out for the night..

"I thought I'd take a risk here," he said, but lamented that it was "going to be a long night."As the Fifth Avenue store was about to open, a group of Apple employees surrounding the entrance cheered and then counted down, as a crush of television cameras crowded the sidewalk nearby. The first two in line were Mississippi residents Moon and Jason Ray, who were there to promote the Video Medicine app, which lets you video-conference with doctors. They weren't originally first in line, but then their company paid $1,250 each to the first two people -- Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz -- so that Moon and Jason Ray could step into the first slots.

Still, the first out of the store was Andreas Gibson, a preorder customer who only had to wait outside since around 3 a.m, local time, He ecstatically held up his iPhone 6 Plus as he came out of the store and the media swarmed him, as has become tradition, It wasn't all smooth sailing, At around 7 a.m ET people lined up near the back of the line on 59th Street started running in an attempt to skip, The line appeared to be on the verge of breaking down, but Apple employees slowed iphone case x designer them down, and were able to halt the rush..

SAN FRANCISCO -- As of 2 p.m. PT on Thursday, only 30 people waited in line at the Apple Store near San Francisco's Union Square. By 8 a.m. Friday, the line had swelled to what appeared to be more than 1,000, and people just kept joining the line. People who've been to previous iPhone launches at the store said the line appeared to be much longer than earlier years, stretching around all four sides of the block. Huong Dinh, the first person in line, arrived at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, along with five companions. Some were buying devices to send to family members. Further down the line, Marco Abella and Raj Kaur arrived at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday in the midst of the first rainstorm San Francisco has seen in weeks. The 25-year-old nurses, wielding umbrellas, said they planned to buy the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus in gold.

"I've wanted to try a bigger phone since the Samsung one first came out," Kaur said, "Now I can rub it in Samsung peoples' faces that the iPhone's bigger too."Cassidy Szarnicki, a 19-year-old student about to start her freshman year at UCLA, arrived at the store at 1 a.m, to be about 10th in line, She bought the 64GB iPhone 6, "I originally was going to preorder online, but it said it iphone case x designer was backed up," Szarnicki said, "I didn't want to wait."Anil Dharni, meanwhile, "virtually" waited in line with his friend, Andy Keidel, The two entrepreneurs live in the Bay Area, but Dharni was traveling in Switzerland on Friday, They originally planned to pay someone to wait in line for them but were worried about the risks involved, Instead, Keidel waited in line, and Dharni talked with store employees through Apple's FaceTime videoconferencing app, running on an iPad fixed onto a cardboard robot..

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