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To sign up, you'll need to provide your mobile number or email address. You can also sign up using your Facebook account. After you sign up with Talko, the app suggests you allow three permissions to get the most out of the app: link your contacts so you can begin to build your Talko connections, turn on notifications and enable motion activity. To begin a conversation, tap on an existing contact or group, or tap the Add People button to search for new contact or create a new group, which Talko calls teams. For a team, you can give it a name and choose an icon and a background color. For individual contacts, you can see if they are online by looking underneath their name after selecting someone with which to begin or continue a conversation.

When you iphone case x max tap on a contact or team to start a conversation, you'll see five buttons at the bottom of the screen, below a line where you can enter a subject for the call, The big button in the middle records a voice message, and it is flanked by a camera button to add a photo and a keyboard button to reply via text, Above the camera button is a phone button to talk live to a contact or a team, The fifth button lets you adjust your audio preference: speaker, earpiece, Bluetooth and mute, When listening to a voice message or previously recorded live voice conversation, you can tap and hold at its key moments to bookmark them for easy reference, When adding a bookmark, you can add an annotation, including hashtags, A small bookmark icon is added to the voice graph at the bottom of the screen and also to the left edge, Tap on the bookmark on the left edge to jump to its spot in the voice graph, at which point you can tap the play button to listen to that key point, Tap and hold on a bookmark on the left edge to edit its annotations, give it a thumbs up to show you like it or delete it..

Lastly, when in a conversation, you can tap the "i" button in the upper-right corner to update the call details, which lets you edit the title of the conversation and mark it as being Important and New, In Progress or Completed. New iPhone app from Ray Ozzie lets you talk, text and share photos as well as tag and bookmark key parts of your conversations. Lotus Notes creator and former Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie today released a free communication app for the iPhone that aims to replace or at least supplement the Phone and Messages apps you use regularly. It's a tool for one-on-one conversations or collaborating in groups. The Talko app for iPhone is out today; Android and Web apps are in the works.

As a recap: I've lived with my personal Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for about six months now, It replaced a Note 2, iphone case x max which I had for a little over a year, This is my own phone, one which I use personally (surfing Reddit, casual gaming) and professionally (conducting interviews, lots and lots of email), I recently had the opportunity to review the iPhone 6 Plus, and we decided it'd be a good idea to keep the comparisons running, since so many of you inquired about how the two stack up, (And yes, I know many of you are interested in how the 6 Plus compares to the Note 4 , but we're all going to have to wait a little longer to see about that.)..

Last time I talked about the hardware, but today I'd like to focus on the software a bit more. Specifically: widgets. (Yes, I realize this doesn't relate to the plus-sized nature of these phones, but for me it's an important comparison element of the two platforms.). I was quite excited when I learned that iOS 8 would finally be bringing aftermarket keyboards to the fore, as SwiftKey was a major reason for my continuing to stay with Android. Widgets, too, are an incredibly useful piece of the puzzle, so again I was glad to see them coming to iOS -- in a fashion.

Android has of course had desktop widgets since the beginning, and even Mac OS has had them for ages, But, for some reason, they've remained taboo on Apple's mobile operating system, That remains iphone case x max true, but the veil is being lifted, slightly, allowing them to appear as so-called extensions in the notification window -- itself a recent addition to iOS, you may recall, On my Note 3, I use a lot of widgets spread across five desktops, They are (in no particular order), As of now, little of this functionality exists as extensions to the notification window, Granted, it's early days and I expect much of that functionality to come along eventually, but what's out there now is largely disappointing, For example, Strava is my favorite fitness app and Amazon Kindle my favorite reading app, Both now offer extensions, and both extension do little more than launch their respective apps, (Update: A Strava representative wrote me to say that there's a bug that is preventing the extension from always working as designed, It should be starting to record and, once recording, it will display information on your current ride.)..

However, Evernote's new extension is fairly handy, with quick links for creating text notes, capturing photos, etc. And of course there are the basic extensions including weather, calendar, reminders, stocks, etc. Given time, extensions will match the functionality that Android's widgets presently offer, but one big problem will remain, and that's how they're presented. On Android, if discover some wonderful new widgets I can add an additional home screen and tuck them away, placing them exactly where I want. (For example, I have a page of travel-related widgets and app shortcuts.).

With iOS 8, the more extensions I add the longer that notification window will get, Eventually I'm going to be scrolling a long, long way down to find the bottom, For now, this is a clear win for the Note 3, and for Android in general, We'll get closer to parity as more devs find more ways to make extensions work, but it'll never quite match until we get proper widgets on the iOS desktop, If I had to guess, I'd say that, too, will come in due time, Living with the iPhone 6 Plus, part 3: In our latest post-review check-in, Tim Stevens compares the look and iphone case x max feel of his two favorite phablets..

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