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We've been asking similar questions for years, and vendors at Computex keep trying to reignite the PC fires. Some are also shifting significantly toward mobile as a focus and so the shape of the show itself is changing. This year we'll see a greater focus than ever on mobile chipsets, mobile form factors, laptops, hybrids, and tablets. Acer has already announced a slate of new smartphones instead of its usual PC hardware and they should also give us more on their wearable Liquid Leap . There'll be no surprises if some other big names from the region also add wearables to their mix of products on show this year too.

While the big splash is expected in some of the above areas, the PC will still be here in force, Most users around the globe are still contending with less-than-stellar broadband, keeping the cloud out of reach as a core storage destination, Whether the answer for those users is a traditional PC, or an All-in-One, or a Network Attached Storage box, each year we see these machines battling to be considered the "perfect" home hub device for the widest range of users, What is unique about Computex compared to other trade shows is a less scripted, more honest approach to revealing ideas -- many that still are not ready for market, Many big Asian companies are willing to open up and look for feedback on crazy ideas at Computex, and by doing so we get a real peek behind the curtain of various possible futures before some are sent to the scrap heap, It can be confusing and a little chaotic, but a pleasure to iphone case xs clear watch, Which concepts will make the cut?..

Computex officially begins Tuesday here in Taipei, with press conferences starting Monday. Asus, Gigabyte and Dell will hold the first press events, followed by the annual Intel keynote on Tuesday, a second "mobility" event from Intel on Wednesday, and AMD and Microsoft holding court on Wednesday. We have members of our Australia & Asia team -- Nic Healey (@dr_nic), Aloysius Low (@longadin) and myself (@seamus) -- on the ground in Taipei covering all the news as it happens at Computex. Stay tuned.

Like the rest of the world, Computex is shifting inexorably toward a more mobile take on the PC world, So how does that shape what we'll see out of Taipei this week?, TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Computex is Asia's biggest IT trade show, a show traditionally focused on desktops, laptops, and the many devices and accessories that revolve around those ecosystems, But with sweeping changes in user interests and behaviours moving well beyond a short-term blip, can Computex -- and the iphone case xs clear Taiwanese manufacturers that take centre stage here -- change to stay relevant to the modern tech marketplace?..

But according to a statistic quoted by Microsoft itself, iPad users don't seem to have too much difficulty adapting. Microsoft claimed that 96 percent of iPad users also have a MacBook; Surface chief Panos Panay half joked that the number might even be closer to 100 percent. Still, even if Apple users seem to have little problem adjusting between the interfaces of OS X and iOS, the challenges of dealing with two potential productivity devices could be addressed better by the company. Smarter cloud file management. Like its competitors Microsoft and Google, Apple offers a cloud service to help customers keep documents and media in sync across multiple devices. But as with OneDrive and Google Drive, iCloud offers limited free capacity, and so we're stuck with having to manage what is synced versus stranded. More intelligence in the operating system, though, might move frequently accessed files automatically to the cloud so that they could be accessed and edited anywhere. Of course, one also could use an alternative like Box or Dropbox, but for now it's up to individual apps to support those services.

Apple offers Back to My Mac as a way of remotely accessing files that are stored on devices back home, but there is no way to use it from iOS, Using remote screen-sharing products such as TeamViewer or Splashtop presents the kind of clunky UI compromise one would want to avoid, A MacBook Air 4G option, Furthermore, a cloud solution can be invoked only if a product has connectivity, That's not an issue if you happen to be in a Wi-Fi hot spot, But while Apple offers iPads with cellular connectivity, it has steadfastly refused to offer the option in a MacBook, despite the Air's excellent portability and ever-accommodating cellular plans, This decision iphone case xs clear may be due in part to carrier channel differences between the iPad and MacBook Air, but plenty of cellular-equipped iPads are also sold via the Apple Store, Of course, one can tether a MacBook Air to a cellular device (including the iPad) and one could argue that this is even an example of the products "working together," but obviously integrating 4G would create a more streamlined option..

iOS Keyboard support. It's now little more than a footnote in iPad history, but Apple did offer a keyboard accessory for the first iPad; no one would praise it as bringing the iPad closer to a laptop.These days, dozens of Bluetooth keyboard models are used with the iPad, including Apple's own. However, iOS' offers minimal keyboard UI support beyond nearly universal cut and paste. Apple might fear a slippery slope of being asked for mouse/trackpad support as well in iOS, which doesn't support a cursor. But Android and Windows' Modern UI do, without appearing to compromise the touch experience. Now that Apple has embraced buttons for game controllers, perhaps it might be willing to offer better support for devices with QWERTY buttons.

AirDrop improvements, Apple first offered AirDrop only on the Mac; it came to iOS with the release of iOS 7, The feature promises to be a simple way to exchange files between OS X and iOS devices, However, perhaps in part because security settings, user interface (though it's featured well at least on iOS), or the lack of an iOS file system, it hasn't emerged as an ideal bridge, A future version might provide a more visual representation of the devices to which a file is being transferred, use Bluetooth to prompt AirDrop sharing, or recognize that multiple devices are signed in to the same Apple ID account iphone case xs clear and so therefore can trust and recognize each other automatically..

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