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iphone case yellow, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

It was way past time for an upgrade, so I went big and laid down a whole $10.99 on a set of iMicro Pure USB speakers. What led me to these plucky little peripherals were the stellar Amazon reviews for the inexpensive set. What I got was good sound quality in a compact package, with plenty of oomph to handle my simple computer audio demands. Amazon reviews are the secret weapon of my budget geekery. I look for glowing praise, but also check for the complaints. The speakers passed my test, but that's not always the case. My search for a stool to use at my standing desk led me to a cool-looking colorful tractor-style seat. With four out of five Amazon stars, it seemed like a good prospect. But when I read deeper, I found way too many quality issues to feel comfortable with the $45 buy. Cheap is good, but cheap with decent quality is much, much better.

Discounts calling I've written before about my $30 per month no-contract smartphone plan using Page Plus Cellular, a Verizon network reseller, The good: For $30 I get 1,200 minutes, 500MB of data, and 3,000 text messages, The so-so: The selection of compatible smartphones is limited and it helps if you're comfortable being self-sufficient with managing your plan and your phone, You don't have a network of Verizon stores to help you out in a pinch, Personally, I'm fine with these trade-offs, Why I geek on a budgetI don't penny-pinch every aspect of my technology life, I bought my iPad and MacBook Air at full price because they had the features iphone case yellow I wanted at a cost I could live with, Saving money on some aspects of my hardware purchases gives me room to spend the money on other tech, I enjoy the small triumphs of tracking down killer deals, like a Lagotto Romagnolo sniffing out truffles, but it's really about the bigger picture, It's about laying out the cash on major purchases and not letting the little things add up..

Tell me in the comments about how you set your tech budget. Is it a free-for-all, or are you chasing wild bargains through the dark forest of the Internet? And look for a related post Thursday on how I turned to tech to plan my budget wedding. From a $0 standing desk to a $30-per-month smartphone plan, Crave's Amanda Kooser is exploring the less expensive side of technology. Hey, I just saved a few bucks on a case for my phone. I also saved a lot of cash on computer speakers and a standing desk. And my calling plan.

Popping up on YouTube, a new video posted by iPhone security expert Stefan Esser (aka i0n1c) takes us on a tour of an iPhone 5C running iOS 7.1.1 as he taps into various iOS apps and features, The tour includes a trip to the Cydia suite, which jailbreakers use to tweak their device and download apps not available through or approved iphone case yellow by Apple, Esser then goes on to shut down and power up the phone, after which he's still able to access Cydia, evidence that the jailbreak is untethered and still in full force after restarting the device, Jailbreaking an iPhone 5C shows that the process works on one of Apple's latest phones..

Video proof of an iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak actually surfaced a few days ago, as reported by Redmond Pie. Fellow iPhone security expert and hacker "winocm" posted a video demoing an untethered jailbreak of an iPhone 4 last Saturday. In just a few months, though, iOS hackers will likely turn their attention away from iOS 7 and toward iOS 8. Apple is expected to take the wraps off the upcoming new version of iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2. Assuming Apple follows the same pattern as last year, we should see iOS 8 roll out in September.

Apple is hardly a fan of jailbreaking and has warned users that the practice violates the end-user license, But the company apparently is a fan of some of the talent behind jailbreaking, Hacker winocm has reportedly landed a job with Apple to start later this year, Cult of Mac and other sites said in February, (Via Redmond Pie), The video shows a jailbroken iPhone 5C restarted and then still able iphone case yellow to access Cydia to manage the device, The latest version of Apple's iOS has successfully been jailbroken, as seen in a new video that surfaced on Wednesday..

How about one that livens up the way you receive notifications? That's the Sparkbeats in a nutshell: it's an iPhone 5 / 5S case that lights up and flashes whenever there's an incoming call or text. And because it leverages a little-documented feature in iOS, it requires no external power to do so. Sparkbeats began as a Kickstarter project in Australia, but is now available for sale via BiteMyApple.co, which provided my review sample. Available in black or white, the case sports two clear, raised channels that run from the camera LED all around the back and sides. To take advantage of this, you need to delve into your iPhone's settings (General > Accessibility) and enable LED Flash for Alerts.

With that done, the LED will flash whenever a call or text message comes in, And with your iPhone inside the Sparkbeats, that iphone case yellow entire channel will flash as well, The effect is pretty cool, and it certainly has practical value: even if your phone is set to mute, you can see the flashing, making it less likely that you'll miss an important call or message, There's also a "pass-through" switch that allows you to use the LED for its intended purpose (i.e, flash photography), And if you want to have a little more fun with the case, the free Sparkbeats app lets you enable Flash Light mode (complete with an SOS option), a motion-sensitive flash, and Follow the Beats, which makes the LED strobe in response to sound picked up by the microphone..

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