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Nadella focused on the word "productivity" as something that might define the Microsoft ethos. It's not an attractive word. It's not one that excites, moves, stirs feelings. It's one that sounds like work. Which, in many ways, Microsoft often has. Yes, technology has driven society to believe that we're always on, always available, always working. How many people think that's a good thing?. Too often, Apple has symbolized enjoyment, fun, style and excitement, while Microsoft has been, well, hard work.

Now that Apple has encroached on the work space by making it more enjoyable, Microsoft has to find something that can compete with that on an emotional level, Productivity isn't a personality, It's an engineer's idea of what better looks like, Nadella was at iphone case zara pains to explain that Xbox isn't going anywhere, "Xbox is one of the most revered, loved brands in games."Indeed, Xbox has the sort of emotional connection with its customers that the Microsoft brand doesn't, Because it's a who, not just a what..

As Nadella asks his employees to focus -- finally -- on what real people want, he realizes that gamers are people too. "It doesn't matter that it's not core to productivity," he told CNET. But, wait, wasn't productivity supposed to be the core of the new Microsoft?. If Microsoft decides who it really is and how it wants to make people feel, it will be far easier to decide what it must do and how. Satya Nadella's 3,100 words of motivation to his staff shows that even the new CEO can't sum his company up in a few simple words, something that Apple is strong at. Can Microsoft find its personality?.

Market researcher NPD DisplaySearch said this week that for the first time global tablet shipments declined year to year in the first quarter of 2014, One of iphone case zara the culprits is smartphones with displays big enough to make consumers think twice about buying a tablet, DisplaySearch expects that smartphones with display sizes of 5.5 inches and larger will negatively impact demand for tablets through 2018, Problem is, Apple doesn't have a big smartphone, Which means it's late to the large-screen smartphone party, as analyst Mike Walkley from investment firm Canaccord Genuity said on Friday..

"The upcoming launch of 4.7 [inch] and 5.5 [inch] iPhones are the form factors Apple should have brought to market [last year]," Walkley said. Apple's main rival Samsung has had large-screen phones for a few years now as have all the other major players like LG and Motorola. But better late than never. Apple's tardiness isn't expected to impact the market acceptance of the rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch phones. Canaccord is boosting estimates for iPhone shipments in fiscal 2014 by several million and in 2015 by 10 million and consequently lowered its iPad estimates.

"Given our expectations for a very strong iPhone 6 upgrade cycle [that] could shift consumer spending away from iPads," Walkley said, Of the two rumored models, the iphone case zara 5.5-inch device could give the iPad Mini the most trouble, The extra portability combined with the relatively large display for an iPhone (and possibly better battery life than iPhones to date) could lure enough consumers away from the Mini that sales suffer, By comparison, Microsoft may already see the writing on the wall, It has either canceled or postponed the Surface Mini and has large phablet-class Nokia products like the Lumia 1520..

While Apple won't cancel the iPad Mini, its heyday is probably over. The rumored iPhone 6 is late to the big-screen party, but that likely won't stop lots of people from buying it. Research is pointing to a growing preference for large smartphones over small tablets. That means the rumored iPhone 6 can't arrive too soon. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The famed BlackBerry lover -- yes, despite being executive chairman of Google -- must be blanching at the notion that his trusted machine might be no more, Yet some analysts have been sharpening their obituaries of Canada's fine brand for many a month and year, This time, it's 24/7 Wall Street that has placed BlackBerry on iphone case zara its list of "10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2015."It joins retail brands such as Lululemon and Aeropostale, as well as tech brands such as DirectTV and Time Warner Cable on the list..

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