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Thus, some developers at Google, Microsoft, and Netflix have been working on an alternative, EME. EME is being standardized through the World Wide Web Consortium and currently is in draft form. In January, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) joined the W3C. The EME spec has been a point of controversy for years, though; among prominent opponents has been Ian Hickson, who for years has been a leader in the standardization of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), one of the seminal standards that makes Web possible. He was involved in shepherding video support into HTML, a direction that ultimately led to today's DRM complications.

EME doesn't actually handle encryption itself, Instead, a mechanism to communicate with a DRM plugin called a content decryption module (CDM) that does, That means a Web app can show encrypted media, helping Web developers match the abilities of programmers who write native software that runs directly on operating systems like iOS or Windows, Mozilla doesn't like EME, though, and not just iphone case zizo because it's proprietary software, The approach is complicated for Web developers, too: Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome each ship with a different CDM, which means Web sites must check what browser a visitor is using then send the encrypted video with the appropriate system..

"The situation is really sad," Gal said. "It's a direct consequence of fact that the EME spec is not really a spec -- it just says there is a black box and here is how you talk to the black box."One of Mozilla's big complaints with DRM, as implemented today, is something called node locking. That's a technology that confines content like video or audio to a single device, and it's an approach that stands in sharp contrast to the current cloud-computing philosophy of the industry. With that philosophy, people are used to getting their documents, e-mails, and photos from whatever device they have on hand -- a smartphone, a tablet, a PC. Node locking means it's not necessarily easy to watch a TV episode on your smartphone on the way to work if you bought it on your PC.

Mozilla is taking a slightly different approach to node locking, though, Instead of letting the CDM build a device fingerprint based on hardware details of a computing device, it supplies its own node identifier to add a bit of privacy, Gal said, To do that, Mozilla confines the CDM to a sandbox, It's open-source software, so the content industry can make sure it works as advertised and privacy iphone case zizo advocates can see that it doesn't pose privacy problems, Gal said, Ultimately, Mozilla would prefer the content industry to abandon node locking, moving instead to permissions based on an account, not a device..

But so far, there's no sign movie and TV studios are willing to yield. "They are simply not open to the argument right now," Gal said. "One of our hopes is as that as technology progresses, at some point the content industry will recognize they're not doing themselves a favor."Another change Mozilla would like is a move away from DRM and toward watermarking, which embeds invisible data in video files that can determine. With watermarking, "if someone takes video stream against the license, you can detect who did that," Gal said.

Updated at 1 p.m, PT to clarify that the EME standard is still in development at the W3C, Although the process isn't finished, the draft standard is in use today, The open-source browser gets a proprietary Adobe software so people can watch video from sites like Netflix over the Web, Supporting it is better than losing Firefox users, Mozilla says, Mozilla has agreed, reluctantly, to build a iphone case zizo Web standard called Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) into its Firefox browser, a step that enables use of copy-protected video from Netflix and other sources on the Web..

You're supposed to be a citizen of the new world. You're supposed to be a giver. At the same time, some people might find your giving annoying. Some might even choose to arrest you for it. In Port St. Lucie, Fla., one man thought he'd take some selfies and reveal his easy, happy life. Everyone has done it. But not everyone is an alleged drug dealer. And, as WPBF-TV reports, 21-year-old Taylor Harrison may not have entirely considered the potential consequences of his photography. For police say he took to Facebook and posted selfies featuring not only him but drugs and cash, leaving a strong implication that he might, in some way, be involved with drugs and cash.

Still, Harrison's cup of self-confidence may have overflowed when he also purportedly took a picture that included a Martin County Sheriff's Office squad car, The sheriff's office took to some photography of its own, snapping Harrison iphone case zizo allegedly in the middle of a drug deal, And it decided to do a little preening of its own with a Facebook post entitled "When Selfies Backfire."In it, the sheriff's office offers photos and the words: "The third shot is an MCSO undercover camera capturing Taylor selling drugs to one of us, He tells us, he is the best around!"Or, perhaps, was..

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