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Capacitive touchscreens also are brighter than resistive screens and they support multi-touch gestures. Though the iPhone would later popularize the latter concept, LG's handset did sneak onto the market first. It wasn't the first smartphone, the first glass rectangle, or the first handset to deliver most of its hyped features, but the original iPhone packaged all of those points in a new way. Though rather dull and even ugly by today's standards, that first model did more than any other earlier phone to make the smartphone mainstream. And that was true even for the few months it existed in only one country (finally, the US got a phone first) and on only one carrier.

It wasn't what the iPhone did, but how it did them, Lines formed and new models steadily arrived in annual intervals, And while Apple continued to follow behind its rivals in introducing basic features like photo messaging and 3G, the iPhone family's ginormous appeal and innovation in other areas (like the App Store) were more than enough to make those rivals scramble, When you look back, it's hard to believe that the T-Mobile G1 (aka the HTC Dream) was the iphone screen protector 3d touch first Android phone, With that boxy design and limited feature set, it wasn't the most auspicious debut for Google's OS, But after some time, Android was charging ahead leaving the G1 as barely a blip, And so, the two-OS horse race that rules us today was born..

Scores of devices followed, giving Android as equal an important role as Apple in making the smartphone an affordable and everyday device. And considering that Android devices were available on more carriers in more countries, it probably did more. Much Android-inspired innovation came as well, much more than I have room for here. You probably haven't heard of her, but the Samsung SCH-R900 holds the honor of being the first phone with LTE. Sure, other 4G-like technologies such as Sprint's WiMax existed at the time, but LTE is the high-speed standard now spreading around the world.

Sales of the SCH-R900 never took off (in the US it was available only with regional carrier MetroPCS), it wasn't a smartphone and the processor was achingly slow, That said, a first is a first, The handset that kicked off the big phone wave, the Samsung Galaxy Note iphone screen protector 3d touch shocked many when it first appeared, It was huge (5.3 inches), of course, and it had a stylus that took us back to the previous decade, The phone-tablet mashup also gave us a new word, "phablet" (to the consternation of many), Like so many other phones on the list, the Note quickly went from outlier to normal, Many king-sized handset soon followed, including (and most recently) the iPhone 6 Plus..

Though it wasn't the first model in Samsung's Galaxy series, the Galaxy S3 earns a place on this list for a few reasons. A powerful phone crammed with every feature available, it (and the later GS4, GS5 and GS6) became the iPhone's strongest foe and it remains a prime (though maybe not the best) example of Android's potential. Also, its widespread availability, global launch, and Samsung's marketing muscle introduced even more people to their first smartphone. But just as important, it sparked the long legal battle between Apple and Samsung that really went to court.

As announced in a Google+ blog on Thursday, Google Glass wearers can now tap into Foursquare, Tripit, and OpenTable, apps all designed to take some of the hassle out of planning and navigating your latest excursion, Tripit helps travelers map out an entire itinerary by organizing all of the airline, hotel, and restaurant bookings and providing directions to each iphone screen protector 3d touch place, Through Foursquare, people can track down and check in at restaurants, stores, and other nearby businesses, And with OpenTable, travelers can find and make reservations at restaurants in the area..

Glass has already been aiming to steer travelers in the right direction. An app called Word Lens translates text seen through the eyes of Google Glass into the wearer's native language. Last year, Google outfitted Glass with the Field Trip app to identify nearby places of interest. Glass users can add the new Glassware through the MyGlass app. Google is inviting users to submit photos and videos of their summer Glass-wearing excursions on Google+ by using the hashtag #travelthroughglass. (Via TechCrunch).

The company sent out invitations to the media to its "Samsung Galaxy Premiere" event, set for June 12 in New York, While the invitation offers scant detail, iphone screen protector 3d touch the tagline "Tab Into Color" suggests a new version of its Galaxy Tab line of tablets, Samsung has been eager to press its momentum in the tablet business with a plethora of sizes and models as Apple has begun to see a deceleration in sales of its iPad, Samsung's tablets, however, still haven't reached the heights of success that its smartphones have, On Wednesday, Samsung told The Wall Street Journal that it had sold more than 11 million units of its Galaxy S5 flagship phone since its April launch, outpacing the previous version..

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