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After reporting lower sales for the quarter ended in June, the Taiwanese mobile-device maker announced on Monday a nearly 33 percent drop in its revenue in July, compared to the same month last year. For July, HTC took in revenue of 10.6 billion New Taiwan dollars ($353 million) vs. 15.7 billion New Taiwan dollars ($522 million) in July 2013. Compared to June, the decline in monthly revenue was nearly 52 percent. Like many smartphone vendors, HTC has been clobbered by Apple and Samsung, which together own most of the market. Competition from Xiaomi and Lenovo has also been heating up to steal away customers from players such as HTC. Further, the company's latest flagship phone isn't winning over enough buyers, at least according to one analyst. In a recent investors note, Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley cited surveys from his firm that labeled sales for the HTC One M8 as soft.

Walkley blamed the dour results on "intense high-tier Android smartphone competition" and said that such competition is expected to increase for HTC in the second half of the year, At that point, HTC will face an arena of Samsung smartphones, phones from Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Lenovo, and Apple's expected iPhone 6, In discussing the second-quarter results last week, HTC Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang iphone screen protector best acknowledged the company's current woes, confessing that the "initial excitement" for the HTC One M8 and other new devices "have settled at a lower level." But he added that he believes the slide has come to an end..

Beyond mobile phones, HTC has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve in an attempt to revive sales. On August 19, the company will hold a media event in New York City where it's expected to unveil its 8-inch Nexus 8 tablet. A much-rumored smartwatch called the One Wear may also be on the agenda. But with Apple's iPhone 6, new iPads, and potentially an iWatch launching later this year, HTC's offerings could get lost in the crowd, especially as those critical holiday sales start to heat up in November.

The Upp comes in two parts: the hydrogen cartridge on the left iphone screen protector best and the charger on the right, The Upp fuel cell charger converts hydrogen to elecricity for your phone, It's eco-friendly and comes with a clever app that should point the way for all phones, but it has a few problems too, Here you can see how big the Upp is, which isn't ideal, Despite being designed for travel or camping when you're away from mains power, the Upp is far from portable, The two snap together to form the charger, The only by-products of this environmentally friendly device are heat and water vapour, which is vented from the charger..

The charger is about the size and weight of a sturdy torch. The Upp charges most devices with a USB connection. The charger comes with a clever app that allows you to fine-tune the charging process. In the left-hand screenshot you can see the remaining power in both the charger and your phone, and on the right you can see stats on the battery. The hydrogen cartridge attaches magnetically to the charger. The hydrogen cartridges can be refilled but must be exchanged for new ones, which isn't cheap, at £10 (around $17).

During the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi was the most popular iphone screen protector best smartphone maker in China, earning 14 percent of the market, according to new data from research firm Canalys, Samsung, which has held the top spot in China since 2012, is now in second place with a 12 percent share, Lenovo took the third spot, Xiaomi's success has been due to its unique ability to capture the attention of the burgeoning consumer market in China, The company builds a wide range of high-end smartphones and offers them in somewhat limited quantities to build up demand, More importantly for Chinese customers, the devices come with nice designs, high-end features, and prices that are much lower than those from competing firms..

Late last month, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi 4 smartphone. The device, which looks surprisingly similar to the iPhone, has a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, and up to 64GB of onboard storage. The handset comes with a full-HD 5-inch display. It costs just 1,999RMB ($322) for the 16GB model, making it notably cheaper than the iPhone 5S, which is several hundred dollars more expensive. Despite Xiaomi's achievements with high-end devices, the company is still working to capture budget consumers. Xiaomi shipped 15 million units of its low-end Redmi series of devices last quarter, according to Canalys, representing a large portion of the 26.1 million handsets it's sold so far this year. Xiaomi is the fifth-largest smartphone vendor in the world, according data from Strategy Analytics.

For consumers, the big question is what will the future look like for Xiaomi, The smartphone maker is expanding to several international markets this year, but it has not yet made the leap to the US, It's not clear whether the company will be making that move the coming years, As for Samsung, it's just the latest bit of bad news for the Korean electronics giant, Samsung last week reported a tough iphone screen protector best second quarter for its mobile devices as operating profits dropped 25 percent, The company also warned that the second half of 2014 "will remain a challenge," as competition in the mobile market leads to lower device prices..

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