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Llama Mountain sports a 12.5-inch screen and is 7.2mm thick (0.28 inches) with the keyboard detached and weighs in at 670 grams (1.47 pounds). "The majority of designs based on this new chip are expected to be fanless and deliver both a lightning-fast tablet and a razor-thin laptop," Intel said. When a device is fanless, it indicates that the silicon is highly power efficient. Smartphones and tablets using processors from ARM -- an Intel rival -- are fanless, for example. Update: Asus showed off the Transformer Book T300 Chi , whose dimensions are similar to Intel's Llama Mountain.

Other highlights of her keynote include, Foxconn tablets: Foxconn executive Young Liu showcases more than 10 Intel-based tablets available now or coming soon, Those include tablets based on the Bay Trail processor and "many" will include built-in 3G or LTE communications, Fast LTE silicon: Category 6-capable Intel XMM 7260 "LTE-Advanced" chip is now shipping to customers for interoperability testing, This new technology is expected to appear in devices in the months ahead, Intel said, Quad-core SoFIA: A quad-core version of the SoFIA LTE system-on-a-chip for low-cost phones and tablets is due in the first half of 2015, This comes in the wake of an agreement with Rockchip to "add a quad-core 3G derivative for entry-level tablets" to iphone screen protector causing problems the SoFIA family, also due in the first half of next year..

4GHz for gamers: The fourth-generation Intel Core i7 and i5 processor "K" processor. "The first from Intel to deliver four cores at up to 4GHz base frequency. This desktop processor, built for enthusiasts, provide higher performance and enable new levels of overclocking capability. Production shipments begin in June of this year."Chip giant shows off its hybrid mobile PC chops by tapping its next-generation "Broadwell" processor at a Computex keynote. Other highlights include new gaming Core series chips and a tiny quad-core SoFIA processor with LTE.

On Monday, the company announced at iphone screen protector causing problems its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco that it has added functionality in its upcoming release of iOS 8, through the HomeKit software platform, to integrate control for door locking, light dimming, and other home automation gadgets and features to iOS devices, "There are a lot of great home automation devices coming on the market these days," Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said during the keynote event, "And they all have apps."Of course, each of these apps uses its own network protocol, Federighi pointed out, Now Apple is offering a way to make it easier for these app developers to integrate their apps' functionality with iOS devices, The integration will also allow app developers to use the Siri personal assistant software so these devices can be adjusted simply by speaking a command..

Smart home users will also be able to group their devices together, so that a single command can control them all. For example, Federighi said that just by saying, "Get ready for bed," to your iPhone or iPad could result in automatically dimming the lights and locking the doors. Apple is also planning to run a certification program for HomeKit that will help ensure that products leveraging the HomeKit software will support new features enabled by iOS. Apple highlighted several companies it's already working with on HomeKit, including August, which offers smart door locks, and Philips, which makes connected light bulbs. There are at least a dozen other companies listed as partners, including Honeywell and iHome.

"August is thrilled to be developing door locks that will work with Apple's new iphone screen protector causing problems HomeKit Accessory Protocol," the company said in a statement, "HomeKit will allow August to provide a simple and easy experience for their customers, with the ability to securely pair and control devices throughout the house including integration with Siri."The company added that integration with Apple's HomeKit software will not affect the shipping date of its products, The company plans to offer more details in the coming months..

The home is viewed by many as the next big battlefront for tech companies. That not only includes TV but also a home's security system, lights, washing machines, and other appliances. All of the devices would connect in a so-called Internet of Things that can be controlled by a person's smartphone or tablet. Apple isn't the only company making a push to control the smart home. Google in January revealed plans to buy Nest Labs, the maker of the Learning Thermostat and the Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector, for $3.2 billion in cash. And Samsung that same month unveiled a new foundation for the smart home that would allow users to manage all of their appliance and devices through a single application.

In a similar fashion to what Samsung has introduced, Apple's HomeKit is more of a platform for managing and facilitating the function of the iphone screen protector causing problems gadgets, This is an important problem to solve, since compatibility among smart home devices has been a big issue for many consumers, Apple's HomeKit looks like it's meant to help smooth out the integration issues while making the iPhone or iPad the remote control for each of these gadgets, Update, 3:12 pm PT: This story has been updated with additional information about the HomeKit offering as well as with additional background information..

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