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Apple also eliminated about 200 of Beats' 700 full-time positions, a person familiar with the matter said in August. The cuts largely come from human resources, finance, and other positions that overlap with current Apple workers, the person said. The people in eliminated positions have time to find other jobs within Apple, and some been given support for up to a year to find other jobs. Apple launched iTunes Radio with fanfare in September of last year as its arrival to the streaming-music scene. Streaming music, while still a small part of the bigger recorded music industry, is growing rapidly. Global revenue from subscription and streaming services increased 51 percent to top $1 billion for the first time last year.

Though iTunes Radio notched 20 million users listening in to a billion songs in its first five weeks, the service has dropped off the radar since, Its prime competitor, Pandora, didn't see much difference in its audience growth in the months after Apple rolled out iTunes Radio, iphone screen protector ee Other streaming services have also made splashy entrances to divert attention away, like Amazon Prime Music in June and, of course, Beats Music in January, The addition of Beats Music to the Apple family was an about face for a company that for years dismissed a subscription model of payment for entertainment, Beats Music provides all-you-can-eat access to a catalog of 20 million songs for about $10 a month..

Dawson said there were likely parts of iTunes and Beats Music that were redundant, and that Apple could shut down elements of Beats Music without tampering with the core of the service. Apple could make a splash at its rumored October event, he said. "That would be a good opportunity for them," he said. "There's no reason they couldn't resurrect that old theme of iTunes launches in the fall."Updated at 4:15 p.m. PT with comment from Apple and background information. There are conflicting reports about what Apple will ultimately do with Beats Music, with Recode reporting a potential name change, and TechCrunch calling for the service to be scrapped completely. Apple says TechCrunch's report is inaccurate.

Falcon Luxury, the same outfit that brought us a $48.5 million dollar iPhone 6 with a iphone screen protector ee pink diamond, now offers something at a more "reasonable" price to commemorate the Chinese e-commerce giant's big day, For a relative bargain of just $2 million, you can lock down a platinum-covered unlocked iPhone 6 with 128GB and a golden imperial topaz slapped on the back, That also buys you a five-year warranty, but apparently Falcon isn't throwing in its $300,000 gilded earpods, as the phone explicitly comes with "standard Apple headphones."This "Alibaba Limited Edition" model will be limited to just 25 units, a clever little tie-in to the $25 billion raised by the company that's almost worth the asking price on its own..

If you grab one of these collectible beauties and find it doesn't quite satiate your need to be over-the-top ostentatious while taking calls, Falcon offers plenty of other ways to hold the cumulative pay of an average school teacher's entire career (or 10 of them) in your hand. For example, an iPhone 6 with a nice emerald cut diamond will give you that nice, ice-y bling look for just $4.25 million. But if you really want to add some personality and color to your ensemble, you'll need to invest more seriously with a blue ($32.5 million), orange ($42.5 million), or pink ($48.5 million) diamond.

Personally, I'd prefer a different approach to disposing of that pesky disposable income, Why put something small and precious on the back of an iPhone? Why not put an iPhone on something a little more practical but still luxurious? Once I track down the right spot, I plan to beginning taking preorders on a limited-edition series of iPhone 6 tropical islands -- $50 million gets you your own iphone screen protector ee island with a new iPhone hidden somewhere on it, Because even the ultra-rich love a good scavenger hunt, (Via Luxury Launches)..

We've seen a $48 million iPhone 6, but what if you're a little more thrifty when it comes to multimillion dollar luxury gadgets sure to become obsolete in two years? We've found just the thing for you. How does a wealthy capitalist and iPhone fan celebrate the recent Alibaba IPO, which raised $25 billion to become the most successful initial public offering in US history? By dropping $2 million on a new luxury iPhone 6 with a huge diamond-encircled topaz on its backside, of course. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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