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Notice your recent contacts in the app switcher since upgrading to the latest version of iOS 8? Want to get rid of it? Here's how. Prior to iOS 8, when you double-clicked your home button you would only see an array of app thumbnails, allowing you to quickly switch between apps. With iOS 8, avatars of your recent and favorite contacts will now show up as well. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

AirVR is a head-mounted display that works for the iPad Mini or iPhone 6 Plus, The prototype looks like a weird set of goggles with straps that go over your head, The iPad or iPhone slips into a mount on the front and you look through two lenses at the screen, It works in conjunction with apps that have been optimized to display in two parts so that each eye gets a separate image feed, An extra strip of screen real estate is turned into a touch interface for controlling your AirVR experience, Functions include calibration settings that make it possible to quickly adapt the iphone screen protector film headset for different users, AirVR's creators plan to bundle the gadget with photo, movie and panoramic-image apps..

An AirVR headset costs about $45, which may be the product's strongest selling point, though it's not as cheap as Google's Cardboard VR creation. If it gets made, it could be a relatively inexpensive introduction to VR for the iOS crowd. The future success of AirVR depends not only on raising funds through Kickstarter, but also on iOS developers embracing the platform and updating apps and games to work with it. That's a tall order, but not completely impossible. With 28 days left to go on the project, AirVR has attracted about $5,500 toward an approximately $18,250 goal (converting from Canadian dollars).

On one hand, it would be pretty sweet to play a game like Dark Meadow using your iPad as a headset with a separate game controller for navigating the action, On the other hand, strapping a whole iPad (even iphone screen protector film if it is just the mini version) onto your face looks kind of weird and it seems to hang down a bit in front of your mouth, If you're OK with the oddity of the situation, it could be a fun new way to interface with your iPad, Otherwise, you might want to wait for the Oculus Rift or Google's Cardboard to go mainstream..

AirVR wants to make virtual reality accessible to iOS device owners by mounting iPhones and iPads right in front of their eyes. Raise your hand if you already have an Oculus Rift. Not many of you, huh? Raise your hand if you already have an iPad Mini or have ordered an iPhone 6 Plus with a Retina Display. That's a lot. The creators of the AirVR project on Kickstarter did the math and decided the quickest way to get virtual-reality-headset technology to the masses would be through adapting existing iOS devices.

The app offers the ability for you to monitor iphone screen protector film your physical activity using the iPhone's motion sensors, enter your body measurements, and create an emergency medical ID, Outside of that, it would appear there's not much else to be done within the app, And until third-party developers and hardware manufacturers release updates for products, there's not a whole lot that can be done, What the Health app is supposed to do, and eventually will, is aggregate all of your personal health information using different apps and fitness devices into one place, The result makes it easy for you to paint your entire health picture, without having to bounce among numerous apps and collect the data yourself..

As you add apps that either want to share or access information stored in the Health app, you'll be prompted to grant the app permission. For each type of data an app would like to access or share, you'll need to grant it access. The Dashboard tab of the Health app is where you can pin the different data types you want to have quick access to. To pin something to the dashboard. A card containing a graph for the corresponding data type will be placed on the Dashboard tab. Tap and drag the cards to rearrange them into your preferred order.

The Sources tab is where you can find the different apps or services currently streaming your health information into the Health app, The last tab in the Health app is where you can enter your personal medical information to create a Medical ID, During the setup process you can enable access to your ID on the lock screen; something EMS workers will undoubtedly learn to look for in the near future, Otherwise, your Medical ID will be stored in the Health app in case of an emergency, What's most appealing about Health on iOS 8 is that it allows iphone screen protector film you to buy whichever fitness product you want, instead of having to commit to an ecosystem (e.g., Fitbit or Jawbone), So long as the developers of the fitness trackers, scales, and other health-related accessories enable sharing of data with iOS 8's Health app, you can use the products that best fit you..

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