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Announced Monday at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, a feature called QuickType will offer predictive suggestions as you type your text messages. The goal is to offer the right suggestions to help you type your messages more quickly. Already available for Android, predictive text is currently an option for iOS only through special apps such as SwiftKey. But SwiftKey limits you in that you have to use the app itself to type your message and then copy and paste it to your IM program. Apple's QuickType will be accessible directly in iMessage.

The more you use QuickType, the smarter it will get as it learns your style of writing and choice of words, Apple also promises that QuickType will work its magic in a way that protects your privacy, as all learning will be local to your iPhone or iPad and not shared in the cloud, The only downside? iOS users who blame bad text messages on unwanted and unnoticed typos may need to find another excuse, This is story is developing, To read more about news from the event, follow along iphone screen protector guide sticker in the CNET liveblog, Check out all of our WWDC coverage here..

Announced Monday at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, one new feature will bring a new Explore tab to help people find specific apps. Another feature called "trending searches" will allow users to follow and tap into the most common app searches. Users will also see related searches and be able to more easily view the latest search results through a continuous scrolling list. Apple itself will try to better highlight what it considers the best apps by tagging them with an Editors' Choice logo.

Developers and users alike will benefit from other App Store enhancements, Developers will be able to create app bundles so that users can buy multiple apps in one shot, With app preview, developers will be able to show short videos iphone screen protector guide sticker of the features in their apps so that users can better judge if an app is worth downloading and buying, And through a beta program called TestFlight, developers can invite select users to test their apps, The new and improved App Store features will appear this fall..

At WWDC, Apple introduced HealthKit, a system that organizes your relevant health metrics from smart devices, including Nike+ gadgets. The idea is to create one space where you can see all of your health, fitness, and diet data. HealthKit powers a corresponding app called, simply, Health. The app, which comes with iOS 8, shows data about your activity levels, blood pressure, calorie burn, and sleep activity from your health and fitness devices. You can get detailed reports on your health in the Health app, and create a wellness plan to stay in shape and eat well.

Last year's bold visual overhaul with iOS 7 was a stark departure for the iPhone maker's core philosophy of tweak and refine, In key ways, Apple both returned to its tried-and-true approach of incremental changes while managing to make iOS 8 a remarkably iphone screen protector guide sticker more substantive upgrade than what we've become accustomed to in the years prior to iOS 7, The focus this time around is not on visuals, but functionality, With iOS 8, Apple is bringing a laundry list of features that many have desired for years, Most importantly, the new software tackles long-standing issues with iOS' notification system, its tie-ins with Apple's desktop OS X software and device and file management software iCloud, and its native SMS client Messages, while still managing to extend Apple's reach into the health and home automation space with a suite of new "Kit" apps and developer tools..

In doing so, Apple is going to great lengths to nullify the influence of competing third-party apps by bolstering the reach of its native features. Notifications are now interactive. For instance, users listening to music can now swipe down on a text message that pops up as drop-down notification and access the keyboard, replying directly from within iOS' Notification Center without having to leave the app you're currently in. With iCloud Drive, Apple is attempting to create a device-agnostic way for users to store files similar to Google's Drive offering and software maker Dropbox. Now, Apple is looping in iOS more than ever before. iOS 8 will bring a Finder-like file repository to all devices, allowing users to access iCloud Drive files. All photos and videos also sync automatically with your iCloud account -- similar to Dropbox's recently released Carousel app -- and the upgraded Photos app allows editing across all devices.

Combined with its next desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, Apple's cross-platform communication is now more seamless, Features like Handoff will let users start text messages and emails on their iOS devices and see the drafts immediately transition to desktop, This will also work on iPad with productivity apps like the iWork suite, Thanks to Handoff, which lets Macs and iOS devices know when they're near one another, the file-sharing feature AirDrop is no longer iphone screen protector guide sticker restricted to Mac-to-Mac and iOS-to-iOS file-sharing, and inter-device file-sharing will let you avoid emailing or texting yourself photos..

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