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A list detailing all 310 patents can be found here. In an April 8 blog post, Microsoft said MOFCOM's antitrust investigation concluded the company "holds approximately 200 patent families that are necessary to build an Android smartphone." However, the patent list sees to suggest these patents are not so much families as singular patents necessary to Android technology. Earlier this month, Microsoft struck a deal with Chinese security vendor Qihoo 360 to develop mobile Internet and artificial intelligence technologies. Microsoft's Beijing-based Asia Internet Engineering Academy -- the unit working with Qihoo 360 -- researches search engine technology, advertising, and mobile Internet services, while Qihoo 360 focuses on mobile security, browsers, and Android applications.

Despite a recent strengthening of relationships between the Redmond giant and Chinese firms, the PC maker has been placed under scrutiny by the country's government, alongside IBM, Google, and Apple, Chinese state-owned media has reported on the dangers inherent with US technology, and by way of example, Windows 8 has been branded a cybersecurity threat, In June, Ni Guangnan, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, labeled the operating system a threat due to its ability to collect data and transmit information through the cloud, This, in turn, means that Chinese citizen data could end up in the iphone screen protector how to remove hands of the US government, according to the academic, As Microsoft has not given the government its source code, China has banned the system from use on new government computer systems..

Recent accusations and suspicions have stemmed from the release of confidential documents by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, revealing the US government's involvement in wiretapping, zero-day exploitation, and bulk data collection worldwide. Hundreds of patents which secure Microsoft lucrative Android licensing deals have been published by the Chinese government. While Microsoft and Google are rivals in many arenas, Microsoft makes a substantial profit from patents used by Android vendors. However, despite Microsoft's commitment to transparency, these agreements have only been revealed in legal surroundings -- until now.

It was easy to understand that the Galaxy Note was big -- even the biggest at the time, Since then, though, the positioning of the Note subbrand has continued to shift, And with Samsung's release of the Galaxy Tab S, it's again searching for a defined proposition, The smartphone that pioneered the phablet category was a polarizing device that set off an arms race -- that is, a contest to see which company could produce phones that did the most to tire one's arms, This resulted in beasts such as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Nokia's Lumia 1520 , Nowadays, iphone screen protector how to remove 5-inch-plus phones are so common that we've started to see something of a backlash with devices such as LG's G3 making the case that resolution has become the new battlefront in the war for display supremacy..

Indeed, with the release of the Galaxy Mega, it became clear that the Note was large not for the sake of largeness, but for better accommodating its S Pen input device. Nonetheless, even as Samsung outsized the Note with its own Galaxy Mega, the Note retained an air of being Samsung's top of the line. The proposition of the Note subbrand became even more murky with the release of the Galaxy Tab Note tablets. Now, Notehood's association with a larger screen size was completely gone, but the Note still stood for the high end. And then Samsung added another subbrand -- Pro -- that spanned its Tab and Note line. It was at least easy to cordon off the Pro as being aimed toward, well, professionals -- similar to the MacBook Pro or Surface Pro devices, many pros were drawn to the Note features (hence the Tab Note Pro line).

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets, Samsung has on one hand rationalized its tablet and phone brands on the high end, The Tab S shares an even closer industrial design with the Galaxy S5 than previous Samsung tablets did with phones, And Samsung is doing more than ever to link the two -- not only with similar bundled content and features, but with Wi-Fi Direct-based linking features such as taking calls from the tablet similar to those Apple has announced for iOS 8, But on the other hand, with the Tab S now clearly defined as Samsung's premium tablet line (at least for content consumption) that once again leaves the Note brand in the weeds, iphone screen protector how to remove Samsung has promoted Note features in TV commercials, But with other product subbrands now standing on what was once its stage, Samsung has a few options..

It could kill "Note" as a subbrand and just use S Pen as a feature, or it could paint a new positioning map: Tab as the value offering, Tab S as the premium one, Pro for business users, and Note -- perhaps -- for creatives and students. The former option is unlikely after the investment Samsung has made in Note, and the latter product line segmentation isn't perfectly clean. But they beat leaving customers unguided to figure out if a Note product is right for them. While Samsung says the Note is still important, the marketing for its features is getting lost in the shuffle.

Three-quarters of Kindle Fire HDX tablet owners are using the Mayday button for IT support and other forms of customer service, Amazon announced on Friday, The average Amazon response time to those calls for help is 9.75 seconds, Amazon introduced the Mayday feature with its Kindle Fire HDX last year, The company's Kindle Fire HDX tablet line allows users to tap a "Mayday" button on their device to get help from customer service, The feature was designed to replace unnecessary calls and make it easier for Amazon's tech support to fix issues, Once users grant access, Amazon's tech support can, if preferred, get on the device to fix problems without requiring any user input, Amazon's tech support can also draw on the screen and walk users iphone screen protector how to remove through a fix..

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