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CNET has contacted Samsung for comment on the licensing deal. We will update this story when we have more information. Update 5:17 a.m. PT to include new details on InterDigital. The companies had fought for years over licensing terms on patents held by InterDigital, but it appears that battle is now over. Samsung and InterDgitial, a company that licenses patents to other companies, have formed a licensing deal that will put an end to their litigation. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Starting this fall, developers will be able to release third-party keyboards for iDevices and to integrate TouchID fingerprint scanning into any iOS app, and widgets will be able to populate the hampered and scarcely utilized Notification Center to overhaul its handiness by allowing interactive notifications, And that's just the beginning, says Apple, There's a slew of features baked into the app-building toolkit for iOS 8 that Apple hopes will empower a wave of iphone screen protector magnifier services to talk to each other and leverage iOS in all new ways..

"With more than 800 million iOS devices sold worldwide, the opportunity for developers is huge," Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said in a statement following Monday's keynote address during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. "This is the biggest iOS release since the launch of the App Store. The iOS 8 SDK delivers more than 4,000 new APIs including amazing new frameworks, greater extensibility and a revolutionary new programming language."The strategy on display is a two-fold assault. Apple wants to be as friendly and accommodating as it can be to its developer community of more than 9 million coders and established companies with which it has a symbiotic relationship. But the iPhone maker is also being overtly clear concerning the app areas in which it wants to squash competitors big and small -- namely messaging and personal media, which also includes cross-device sharing and storage for files.

Because targeting those key sectors is how Apple beefs up the value proposition of sticking with its platform and selling a complementary iphone screen protector magnifier Mac and iPad for every iPhone, You're far less likely to switch to Android if more of your life is tied up not in Google or Dropbox or Facebook, but in iCloud and iMessage, "Apple is not going to make themselves a multiplatform company," said Van Baker, an Apple analyst with the research firm Gartner, "These enhancements, the whole continuity thing, this is them saying, 'The Apple platform is the best platform across OS X and the Mac and iOS devices, If you want all these wonderful benefits, you need to buy into our platform.'"So on one hand, it's clear that Apple is taking a step in the right direction, acknowledging that opening up its mobile OS can be beneficial, On the other, Apple is drawing a line in the sand over which parts of its garden it wants to cultivate alone in its battle to admonish Android users and the staggering mobile OS market share Google commands..

"It was clear that [Apple CEO] Tim Cook was much more aggressive relative to Android than I've ever seen him before," Baker said. "I think that's a sign that they're going to take them on aggressively and that they believe they've got some competitive differentiators."Anyone who's ever endured a robust group message in Apple's native text client, Messages, knows a universal pain: the constant buzzing of your phone, a never-ending avalanche of notifications that occasionally become so overwhelming that you give up on participating at all.

There's a "Do Not Disturb" feature, but it doesn't function unless your screen is off, You constantly have to swipe away new texts if a conversation is plowing forward while you're checking iphone screen protector magnifier Facebook or trying to read a website, Turning off group messaging in the iPhone's settings panel doesn't solve the problem because your phone number is still tied to the texts your friends keep sending, Frankly put, it's a nightmare that has sent iMessage fans running for the hills -- or at least to competing standalone services like WhatsApp or GroupMe..

That's why Apple, with the messaging overhaul baked into iOS 8, has staked out a bold position on texting that it hopes can trump third-party offerings. Apple wants Messages to be the paramount text experience and one you use freely across Mac, iPad, and iPhone. So it's giving users a slew of power features to not only mute conversations and leave group messages, but to also share audio, video, and location data more freely and intuitively than ever before. It also built in a direct response to the explosively popular Snapchat: texts in Messages can now be made ephemeral with a designated time limit until they poof into nonexistence.

Whatever your take on the sustainability of iMessage -- an iOS-exclusive messaging solution may be a losing battle in the long run -- Apple sent a clear signal: We want to own messaging on our platform, Federighi said as much onstage, outlining that Messages was the most used iOS iphone screen protector magnifier app, Services like WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook, the social network's own Facebook Messenger, and the growing number of messaging upstarts -- from Snapchat and Kik to WeChat and Line --are carving up the globe in a war against SMS, With Messages, Apple is increasingly pulling up walls to avoid that fight altogether..

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