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To me, it feels like the early days of the platform when companies would constantly push out hardware "firsts" and tout the best-in-class specifications. The problem, as I see it, is this can lead to confusion and irritation over which model to buy: Do I buy now or should I wait a few months for the even "better" version?. One thing we might also consider when dealing with refreshes and variants is general availability. Some models could be relegated to specific markets, while others are offered more broadly. But, with only a few weeks to go before the rumored new-and-also-improved G3 arrives, we should find out LG's intentions sooner or later.

LG's latest flagship device hasn't even gone on sale, yet rumors of a more powerful version are already circulating, For all the leading-edge hardware that makes up the forthcoming LG G3 , it may not be enough for the hardware-maker, Indeed, before the flagship smartphone has even gone on sale, there are already rumors of a more powerful refresh in the works, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which iphone screen protector no bubbles we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

When Sony first unveiled its SWR-10 SmartBand at CES 2014, I confess I had a bit of a "whiskey tango foxtrot" moment. While what Sony was showing off looked like a pretty standard fitness tracker, according to CEO Kunimasa Suzuki this was "smartwear", and it would combine with the Lifelog app to help people with "entertainment, communications, ideas and recommendations."To be honest, it all came across a little confusing. After using the SmartBand and the Lifelog app for a couple of weeks, I'm a little less confused -- but not by much.

While the wrist-mounted device certainly includes some fitness tracking capabilities, Sony's overall goal with the SmartBand is a little more ambitious than just competing with the Fitbits and Jawbones of the world, Combined with the Lifelog app, Sony's aiming for a device that, well, logs your entire life, The SmartBand is out now in Australia and the UK for AU$159 and £79.99 respectively, In the US you'll iphone screen protector no bubbles pay $99.99, At the heart of Sony's SmartBand is the Core, a tiny tracker roughly the size of a USB drive and weighing just 6g, It fits neatly into the silicon wristband, a bit like the Fitbit Flex, The design of the Core is quite simplistic, It's a slightly curved bit of white plastic with a Micro USB port on one end for charging, a single button on the side, and three tiny white LED lights beside the button..

The Core of the Sony SmartBand. The silicon wristband has a little bulge for the Core's button, plus three pinholes that let the lights shine through the band. The stretchy silicon means that it's quite easy to put the Core in the wrong way, so it's worth watching out for that. The button is how the SmartBand switches between day and night modes, with the lights flashing in a specific way to let you know which is which. Double-tapping the button lets you add a Life Bookmark, which we'll get to a bit later.

The band fastens using a pair of metal pegs attached to a round buckle bearing the Sony logo, Sadly, the buckle the classiest thing about the band, which is otherwise a fairly boring rubber strap, It looks like you can only get the SmartBand in black in Australia, although we've seen examples of other colours -- purple, yellow, red, pink, white, and 'Brazil' green and yellow -- overseas, A pack of three iphone screen protector no bubbles will set you back $24.00, In a nice touch, the SmartBand ships with two sizes of bands, Unlike the Jawbone Up and Up24, where you'll need to buy the correct size, Sony's including small and large options right out of the box..

The SmartBand is waterproof -- by that we mean the Core itself, not just when it's in the band, which is surprising, given the open Mirco USB port. It's IP58 rated, meaning its "dust protected" and can handle being submerged in over one metre of water for long periods of time. Finally, the top of the SmartBand is tap-sensitive. You can assign different apps to the tap function, such as a 'find my phone' to make your smartphone ring on command, or changing songs on your media player. First and foremost, the SmartBand requires two apps to be installed on a paired device. These apps only work with Android 4.4 or later, and require Bluetooth 4 Low Energy. If you don't meet those requirements, then the SmartBand will just be a fairly bland bracelet for you.

The two apps are Sony's SWR-10 connect app and Lifelog, The latter provides all of the functionality of the SmartBand, but it's the SWR-10 app where you'll find all the settings for the SmartBand, so both are definitely required, (Of course, Lifelog is where you put your personal settings, such as height and weight, just to be a little confusing.), The devices uses Bluetooth for connectivity and has NFC, Turning it on and tapping it against a iphone screen protector no bubbles NFC enabled phone should take you directly to the Google Play store to download the Smart Connect app and get you started..

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