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iphone screen protector not glass, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

The button on the side acts as the home button -- press it to be taken back to the main watch face or to launch voice control. LG said this watch has been in development for two years. "The direction we pursue of smartwatches combines high technology with sophisticated design," the company said in a statement. "Our product is functional rather than minimal. It is stylish rather than plain."Next to the square Samsung Gear Live, the G Watch R looks much more like a watch, rather than a smart device. If you want to blend in to the crowd then LG's is the one to go for.

Android Wear will give you weather forecasts for your current locations as well as your pre-set home destination, You can use it to control your music and videos too, A silver model was wrapped around the wrist of one iphone screen protector not glass of LG's executives at my briefing in IFA, but apparently this colour isn't going to be available at launch, It's a shame, as I think the silver, with perhaps a light-coloured leather strap, would have wider appeal than the macho black model, It felt lightweight to hold so you're unlike to feel dragged down on one side while wearing it..

The Android Wear software was always designed to work on both square and round displays. So far, most companies have opted for square ones -- presumably because it's much easier to make. It's not particularly fat, so it doesn't stick out too much when it's on your wrist. It's not as slim as the newly announced Asus ZenWatch, however. Doesn't look too bad, does it?. The G Watch R doesn't have GPS built-in. LG says this was a decision it made to improve the battery life of the watch. GPS, it says, is provided via your phone.

China Labor Watch and Green America on Thursday said a factory owned by Catcher Technology Co, in Suqian, China, was found to have "serious health and safety, iphone screen protector not glass environmental, and human rights violations." The facility manufactures metal iPad covers and other parts for the fifth-generation iPhones, China Labor Watch said, It noted that during its investigation in August, 5oo to 600 workers from Catcher Suqian were transferred to the factory's sister location in Taizhou to work on the upcoming iPhone 6..

"The investigation of Catcher Technology raises serious concerns around working conditions in Apple's second-tier supplier factories," Todd Larsen, corporate responsibility director for Green America, said in a statement. "We knew that we needed to make this information public to encourage Apple to take immediate next steps in addressing toxins and unsafe working conditions in their factories as Apple continues to ramp up production of the iPhone 6."Apple, meanwhile, said it's "committed to ensuring safe and fair working conditions for everyone in our supply chain" and that it makes "it a priority to investigate every specific concern brought to our attention."The condition of workers in the electronics industry has come under intense focus in recent months. Apple, Samsung, and many other large tech companies have faced fire over the treatment of the people building their phones, tablets, and other gadgets. As a result, the companies have pledged to do more to prevent the abuses. Apple even has said it plans to make more of its products in the US.

Thursday's report from China Labor Watch is far from the first time it has criticized Apple, The group has discovered many supplier issues in the past, and Apple has vowed to hold its partners to higher standards, It has done investigations of its own, published supplier reports, and instituted stringent policies on suppliers, In February, Apple's 2014 Supplier Responsibility report showed it had come a long iphone screen protector not glass way in improving working conditions across its international supply chain but that it still had more work to do..

China Labor Watch, which was founded in 2000 and has since conducted a number of investigations in to Chinese factories, said that it investigated the same Suqian factory in April 2013 and found many of the same violations. At the time, the group reported its findings to Apple privately. Apple conducted its own investigation, the group said, and vowed to fix the problems, especially those related to worker safety. "However, the results of CLW's subsequent undercover investigation of Catcher .. suggests that Apple and Catcher have done little to ensure that safety standards and other conditions have improved for Catcher's workers," China Labor Watch said. "In fact, the investigator going into the factory in 2014 discovered numerous additional violations that weren't found in 2013, as well as repeat violations from year to year, suggesting that conditions may actually be getting worse in the factory."The issues found in Suqian in August included locked safety exits, a lack of safety training, hiring discrimination, excessive hours for workers, and forced overtime. China Labor Watch estimates each employee works six hours of unpaid overtime per month, resulting in roughly $290,000 in owed wages for all workers.

The group also found "significant" amounts of aluminum-magnesium alloy shreddings on the floor and dust particles in the air -- which pose a health and fire safety risk, And China Labor Watch said the factory dumps industrial fluids and waste into groundwater and nearby rivers, Employees also don't have proper equipment for handling toxic materials, the group said, "CLW's investigation exposed more than 20 legal and ethical violations at the Catcher factory," Kevin Slaten, program coordinator at China Labor Watch, said in a statement, "This is exploitation by the factory and Apple for the sake of profit maximization."Apple, meanwhile, acknowledged that Catcher's Suqian facility makes aluminum enclosures for MacBooks and iPads and said Apple's inspectors are there "constantly.""We audit the facility's aluminum wet-polishing systems every month and consistently find that they exceed international safety standards," Apple said, "As a result of our quarterly fire-safety inspections, the most recent of which happened last week, Catcher has made same-day repairs of broken and expired fire extinguishers, unblocked corridors and fire exits, and added missing emergency exit signs."Apple noted that its inspectors have found some areas for improvement and are working with Catcher "to develop a corrective action plan." They had scheduled a follow-up visit for next month but iphone screen protector not glass sent inspectors to the factory immediately after receiving China Labor Watch's report..

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