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The Internet of Things got its obligatory mention, with Prophet suggesting that Windows was already the perfect system for running a world of connected devices. A little more interestingly, Prophet did note that Microsoft will build a connectivity suite using Microsoft Azure to make it easier for Windows devices to communicate with non-Windows ones in the Internet of Things. With a vision of Windows as an OS capable of offering a unified experience across all type of device, CNET asked Parker at a later press event if he saw a time when Microsoft wouldn't want to work with other operating systems in dual OS devices.

Windows/Android dual boots are nothing new after all, with Asus even launching a new one -- the Transformer Book V -- earlier at Computex, The response was suitably guarded, with Parker carefully avoiding any opportunity to put the boot into Android, "Usually with dual OS devices, it's usually been about providing a user with different capabilities," Parker said, "Whether it's the idea that you want you an environment that's purely about iphone screen protector spigen the consuming media or whether you want to be in a mode where you can crank out word documents or anywhere in between..

"I'd like to think that you can actually provide all of those capabilities through Windows. I think the success of our 2-in-1s proves this and I'd challenge both our developers and our customers to just use Windows in all of those modes."Microsoft comes to Computex to lay out its plan for the Windows platform and a ​common experience across multiple devices. TAIPEI, Taiwan -- In an unsurprisingly bullish keynote address, Microsoft's vice president of OEM partners, Nic Parker, and other Microsoft luminaries have taken to the stage at Computex here to put forward the company's vision for its "next billion Windows devices."Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

In an online sale that started at midnight ET Wednesday and ends at 11:59 p.m, ET Thursday, Motorola has brought down the price of the no-contract 32GB Moto X by $100, Snagging the deal requires that you customize the phone through Motorola's Moto Maker website, where you can choose the features, style, and accessories for your phone, However, there is some confusion regarding your final price tag, When you select the 32GB Moto X via the customization process, Motorola shows the full retail price as $400 ($399.99 specifically), That means your final price with the sale should be $299.99, But when you're prompted to choose your carrier, the site lists the full price as $449.99 with all but Republic Wireless, Even the unlocked GSM variant takes on the iphone screen protector spigen $449.99 price, So that means in all but one case, your sale price upon checkout actually shows up as $349.99..

A Motorola spokeswoman told CNET that the initial page lists the starting price for the Moto X, namely $399.99. But the carrier list shows the actual prices. In the end, the $299.99 sale price is good only for Republic Wireless subscribers. Those of you who purchase the phone for other carriers or buy the unlocked GSM model would pay $349.99 over the two-day sale. Motorola should certainly make the pricing clearer right from the start so as to avoid any final sticker shock. Released last summer, the Moto X has garnered overall positive reviews. But like other smartphone vendors, Motorola faces intense competition from market leaders Apple and Samsung and so is under ongoing pressure to drive sales of its own flagship phone. Motorola may also be prepping a successor to the Moto X, another reason for pushing the current model by trimming the price.

Motorola has dangled sweet-but-short sales of the Moto X before, In early May, the company offered the unlocked 16GB version for $300, but for one day only, And in January, Motorola trimmed $100 from the off-contract Moto X, but again for just one day, (Via Phandroid), But interested consumers won't want to dawdle, The sale lasts for two iphone screen protector spigen days only, Motorola is trying to lure phone shoppers to its Moto X smartphone by offering $100 off the price of the contract- free 32GB edition, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

On stage at the Computex show here, Intel's Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group, demonstrated wireless display, docking and charging features that will close the loop on the final few mandatory cables in the typical PC environment. The high-speed WiGig standard will be used as the short range "docking" technology, instantly creating a connection to a screen and peripherals when a device is moved within range and then swapping back out to standalone usage by just picking up and walking away. WiGig delivers speeds of up to 7Gbps.

A truly wireless -- and potentially tangle-free -- PC has long been coveted, but the idea has been hampered by the practical need for connections with peripherals and the need for power, More recently, advances in areas such as wireless charging have made this more of a reality, For power, Skaugen demonstrated Rezence, the magnetic resonance charging technology, promoted by the Alliance 4 Wireless Power (A4WP), that iphone screen protector spigen Intel is aligned with, The system can be installed under a table surface, with magnetic resonance capable of charging through 2 inches of wood, It can also charge any number of devices at the same time, unlike inductive charging technologies..

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