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Because of the Apple partnership, the LiNX has some impressive integration with iOS. A triple press of the iPhone's button at any time -- even from lock screen -- opens up an interface for basic sound adjustments on the hearings aid as well as the option for a 'live sound'. In this mode, the hearing aids directly relay anything coming from the iPhone's mic. Hogan suggests that this is particularly good for lectures and talks where an iPhone could be placed on a lectern and someone wearing the LiNX could get a clear sound even from the back of a noisy conference room.

In the short time I had the LiNX in, it's hard to tell if my hearing iphone screen protector touch sensitivity was any better -- voices certainly seemed a little clearer -- but the sheer level of control and options, as well as the comfort of the hearing aids themselves, was impressive, One possible concern would be battery life, however, The LiNX uses Bluetooth LE, but it's a still a big drain on the battery, which is the standard hearing aid size 312, Hogan says that the normal battery life is about a seven to ten days, but that the Bluetooth functions can drop that to just four days..

There's also the price. ReSound don't like to discuss the cost, saying that the company is a wholesaler and it's up to suppliers to set price. Speaking to the people back at NS Audiology, they also don't want to give exact pricing, but they do say that in general a top of the line hearing aid, such as the ReSound LiNX, can run anywhere from $9,000 to $13,000 (£5437 to £7853, AU$9661 to AU$13955). Back in November 2013 when my colleague Dara Kerr reported on the LiNX, the estimated US price was $3,000 (£1817, AU$3220).

So, definably not a cheap option, but the tech savvy (and, obviously, Apple fans) among the hearing impaired might find that the extra features and additional level of control to be well worth the cost, The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and even phone calls, It works., After a month with the Fitbit Versa, we're looking past its limitations and finding there's., Weeks-long battery, iphone screen protector touch sensitivity always-on screen, and yeah, $80, This slim "smart" activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen...

It’s got everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, including cellular connectivity --.. A 'smart' hearing aid that built to work directly with your iOS device via Bluetooth. A hearing aid isn't something I'd normally expect to try out while working for CNET, but in fairness, the ReSound LiNX from GN ReSound isn't your standard hearing aid. Also, it's Hearing Awareness Week here in Australia, so it all sort of makes sense. First making the news late last year, the LiNX is the world's first Made for iPhone hearing aid, developed in partnership between Apple and the Danish company, ReSound. The hearing aid will pair with an iPhone (or iPad, or iPod) and allow users to access detailed controls, as well as functioning a bit like a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Apple hasn't had a brand-new phone design since the iPhone 5 in 2012, when the company made the leap from a 3.5- to a 4-inch screen, But that'll change soon: the iPhone 6 , said to be debuting at a September 9 media event, is expected to be a major overhaul, a long-overdue response to the increasing Android competition, We've heard tons of rumors and seen plenty of leaked pics purported to show the device, What we expect seems increasingly clear: a new A8 processor; a larger, higher-res screen -- perhaps in iphone screen protector touch sensitivity two different sizes; and of course, a new iOS 8 operating system , which Apple has already showed off back in June, But to me, the next iPhone's opportunity -- and challenge -- runs beyond mere processing power or screen size, It's about turning the iPhone into an even more reliable and durable tool, Here's what I want to see..and what's really most important to me..

Yes, more important than screen size or anything else, it's battery life. I've been annoyed, every year, at how the iPhone's battery life starts acceptably but finishes midyear with me plugging in two or three times a day to recharge. The iPhone is a mission-critical device for me, and for many others, but it has the worst battery life of any of Apple's mobile products like the MacBook Air and iPad. Sure, that's because the iPhone's always on and frequently connected to LTE and Wi-Fi, and for me, to a litany of Bluetooth gadgets. And it's small. But I want an iPhone that lasts longer, manages power better, and doesn't send me into a battery-pack panic. While a larger chassis would theoretically accommodate a larger battery, Apple's tendency to go thinner -- and the power demands of a larger high-res screen -- could make longer battery life a challenge, unless Apple can come up with some smarter power management in iOS 8, and/or a more power-efficient A8 processor.

The next iPhone will have a larger screen -- and that's something that most iPhone users will welcome, You can fit more on a page, see things in a larger presentation, and enjoy apps more, Maybe a larger screen would even allow the iPhone to take on more of the functions the iPad is best for, But it doesn't work if the phone isn't easy to hold, Apple has placed a premium value on compact hand feel on the iPhone: the iPhone 5 and 5s were modest bumps in screen size, but still with a pocket-discreet form, But that size is way too small in the world of 5- and 6-inch Android phablets, It's possible to make a iphone screen protector touch sensitivity larger-screened phone, especially a 4.7-inch one, feel good to hold: take the Moto X , for example, It's probably the best larger-screen middle ground, (It's in the center of the photo above, with the 4-inch iPhone 5 to the right, and the 5-inch Galaxy S4 to the left.)..

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